GOD’S KIDS WORSHIP DVDs (A Dad in the Middle Review)

GodsKidsWorshipDVDs Earlier this summer on Dad in the Middle, I reviewed a series of CDs from God’s Kids Worship and gave away a set of the CDs to one lucky reader (GOD’S KIDS WORSHIP MODERN CD 3-PACK (A Dad in the Middle Review).  Since that time, I have had a chance to meet Bob Singleton (founder and president of God’s Kids Worship® at the CM Expo, and I am grateful that God’s Kids Worship® became the very first sponsor of Dad in the Middle.  In order to celebrate, I am giving away a set of DVDs from God’s Kids Worship this week – but more on that later.  First I want to tell you a little bit about the DVDs.  These DVDs contain 14 songs each and feature the music of God’s Kids Worship.  I wrote extensively about the music itself in my last review of the modern worship CDs, so I won’t reiterate all that here, but as I explained in my last review:

The songs are engaging and fun to listen to and make for a great worship experience.  They are also perfect for parents to listen to with their kids in the car or at home as both are sure to enjoy the music.

What I do want to tell you about is some of the awesome features included on the DVDs themselves.  For this review, I watch the 3 DVDs which are part of the June/July/August Modern Worship Summer DVD set.  Down to the packaging, which is pretty cool, the attention to detail on these DVDs is amazing.  Everything is designed to help you use the DVD’s in your children’s worship services as easily and effectively as possible.  Each DVD loads quickly as there are no FBI Warnings or company logos to wait through in order to get to the music you need.  This might not seem like a big deal until you are standing in front of 30 5 & 6 year olds waiting for you to get the DVD player working.  The songs can be selected individually, or you can choose from one of four ready-to-go worship sets (containing four songs each) on each DVD.

Even the DVD menus themselves are also designed to help you as much as possible.  They are easy to read with the name of each song and an indication of the tempo of each song.  The videos consist of a variety of moving backgrounds along with the lyrics of the songs.  The videos include large, easy to read, lyrics which work both on large and small screens.  The music, and the videos, are energetic and geared specifically to kids including a variety of well know songs along with a number of original songs from the award winning team at God’s Kids Worship®.   In addition to the songs and videos, the DVDs contain two countdown clocks which count down from five minutes to mark the start of your service.  Each DVD contains a more upbeat “fun” countdown and a more subdued countdown depending on your tastes.  Finally, the DVDs contain wallpaper screens you can use during your lesson and prayer time.

Bob Singleton, and the team at God’s Kids Worship® have put together a top notch product in these DVDs with attention to every conceivable detail.  These DVDs will be a great addition to your children’s ministry or for your family to enjoy, and here is the great news – God’s Kids Worship® has been gracious enough to give me a set of the three Summer Modern Worship DVDs to give away to one lucky reader.  Here’s how you can win:

  1. Leave a comment below telling me how you would use these DVDs in your ministry or family.
  2. Tweet the following – “RT @stocksohio is giving away 3 DVDs from God’s Kids Worship, check out http://wp.me/pN5Ju-13G for your chance to win! #kidmin #cmconnect”

Do both for two entries in the giveaway.  I will pick a winner at 6:00 PM next Wednesday, August 11, 2010.

In the interest of full disclosure, I was provided with a free copy of these DVDs in order to complete my review.


  1. Julie willingham |

    I wld use these dvds before children’s church begins while we play get to know you games and they wld be great for our worship.

  2. I would look at using the DVD set for children's church, Awana, or wherever they would be beneficial to enhance worship.

  3. I would give them to my sister to use in her Sunday school class. Also at Bible camp if they got here in time!

  4. These songs are great, and I like using DVDs so the kids can see the videos and the lyrics while they sing along. Probably would be used for VBS and maybe at church on Sundays as well.

  5. I would use the videos to lead worship with k & 1st graders. They have to meet away from the older kids in preschool rooms. DVDs would enable me to do “cooler” stuff for them.

  6. I'm a little behind, but I'm a glad to say that, based on a random number generator, the winner of these CD's is Commander Bill. You can check out his website at Commander Bill.net. I hope you like the DVDs Bill!

    Thanks to all who entered by commenting here and Tweeting, and thanks to God's Kids Worship for making these DVDs available!
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