The Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol (June 2010)

Childrens Ministry Blog Patrol

Welcome to The Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol. Every month we gather links from around the blogging world related to Children’s Ministry and issues important to those who work in Children’s Ministry. As always, there were a lot of great articles published this month in the world of Children’s Ministry. I hope you will take a few moments to check them out.

With the makeover of the blog this past month, I was hoping to update the look of the Blog Patrol as well, but I decided to go on a Daddy/Daughter date with my seven year old instead.  I will work on it for next month!

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To help identify what I view as the best of the best, or most important, articles of the past month, I’ve added this little graphic next to titles of particularly pertinent posts. I think they’re all must-reads, but if you’re running short on time, you should make sure that you check out these articles at a minimum!

We’ve added several new categories over the last several months to make things easier to find. AS the number of posts increases, I’ve felt it necessary to add additional categories. If you have any category ideas, please let me know!

We are introduced a new feature a couple of months ago called “Featured Article of the Month.” As I explain in the introduction to that section, “The idea of this section is to pick the one article (or series) each month which had the greatest impact on me and I thought would be the most useful to the readers of The Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol. That said, I know myself, and there is a good chance that I may include more than one article each month where I found it impossible to pick just one. I do promise to keep it to three or fewer though! (Note: These articles are also included in their proper categories below).”

The following is a quick guide to the various sections of this month’s Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol:

As has become a custom here in on the Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol, I’ve included this graphic to warn you / let you know where a post came from Dad in the Middle. I am also now writing for and Those articles are scattered throughout the Blog Patrol.

With that introduction, let’s have a look at some articles you might have missed this past month:

Featured Article of the Month

The idea of this section is to pick the one article (or series) each month which had the greatest impact on me and I thought would be the most useful to the readers of The Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol. That said, I know myself, and there is a good chance that I may include more than one article each month where I found it impossible to pick just one. I do promise to keep it to three or fewer though! (Note: These articles are also included in their proper categories below).

Blog Series – Toy Story 3: What We Can Learn From a Great Story

Donald Miller explores Toy Story 3 as an example of great storytelling.

On Teaching & Working With Kids

One of the critical roles in Children’s Ministry is that of teacher and shepherd of kids. These articles offer tips and advice on teaching and doing presentation for kids as well as general information on working with children.

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Where is Jesus in this Bible Story?
  • In this article I wrote for I discuss the importance of making sure that Jesus is at the very center of your children’s ministry.
Does Quality Time Always Have to Be Spiritual Time?
  • In this article written for I discuss the time we spend with kids discussing “non-spiritual” matters,
Memory verses: Out-loud learning really works
  • Lin Pearson shares some advice on how to help kids memorize verses by repeating them out loud.
4 Tools a Preschool Sunday School Teacher Can Use to Add Zing
  • Acacia in the Desert shares four tools you can use in preschool ministry to add zing to your classroom.
Learning style
  • Brenna Phillips shares a link to a site to test your knowledge on what kind of learner your kid is.
Training Your Children to Manage Money
  • Justin Taylor provides an outline and link to the full article by Randy Alcorn on how to help your kids manage money.
10 Way to Get Kids Excited About the Bible
  • In this article for, I share ten things you can do to get children excited about their Bibles.
Children in Worship
  • Greg Priebbenow offers some resources related to children’s worship.
Stuff Kid’s Pastors Like #104 – Forcing Object Lessons
  • Sam Luce shares some bad ideas for incorporating object lessons into your children’s ministry.
Summertime = Playtime. Playtime = Building Relationships with Kids.
  • Kristi West discusses the importance of playing with kids.


Anyone who knows me or follows this blog probably knows that I feel storytelling is an essential element in conveying the meaning and veracity of the Bible to kids. I’m hoping to find enough posts to have a separate section for posts related to storytelling. So, let’s see how it goes.

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Blog Series – The Art of Storytelling

Jared Kennedy offers this series on telling good stories based on a two part lecture given by Andrew Peterson. Read this series, and make sure you listen to the talks from Andrew Peterson as well. It will be time well spent!

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Blog Series – Toy Story 3: What We Can Learn From a Great Story

Donald Miller explores Toy Story 3 as an example of great storytelling.

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What kind of story are you writing?
  • Sam Luce wonders what kind of life we’re living in front of our kids. Is it the kind of life that demonstrates faith in God?
Creative Bible Teaching: 5 Bible Storytelling Ideas
  • Amy Brown offers five ideas for creatively telling stories on

Children’s Ministry Issues

This category is a bit of a catch all for everything that doesn’t fit under another category. These articles deal with all kinds of different issues relevant to Children’s Ministry and those who work in that ministry.

Blog Series – What Matters Now in Children’s Ministry

I continued my review and comments on various submissions to the E-Book “What Matters Now in Children’s Ministry?”

Blog Series – Kids Ministry Champion of the Week

Tony Kummer continues his series on highlighting selected champions of the Children’s Ministry community.

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Blog Series – Large Group / Small Group

Jonathan Cliff explores the dynamic between large group and small group time.

Blog Series – Hiring in Children’s Ministry

Jonathan Cliff shares some of the criteria he uses in hiring people.

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Blog Series – Do You Lie About Yourself Online?

Sam Luce, in an effort to share that we are all human, shares some of the mistakes he has made in ministry.

Blog Series – Time Gobblers

Mike Johnson writes about things that can needlessly eat up your time.

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Blog Series – Developing Depth in Your Ministry

Jim Wideman shares his thoughts on the importance of, and methods for, developing depth in your ministry.

Reaching Out to Children: Do You Have a Plan?
  • Kids Ministry 101 offers advice on developing a plan for reaching children.
Nothing Is Actually Free
  • Carey Nieuwhof reminds us that there is really nothing in life which is truly free.
Life Is Not Fair (and Neither Is God)
  • In this article written for, I examine the problems with the cultural trend towards mandatory fairness.

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Giving advice on a subject you know nothing about
  • J.C. shares an experience in Children’s Ministry where he was called upon to give advice in an area where he has no personal experience. I think this is something most of us have experienced this in ministry at some point or another.

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Verbs Not Nouns
  • This is an interesting article about how kids approach the world as a verb and not a noun.
Weekend Recap: Inadequate Facilities
  • Jared Massey discusses the facilities at his church and God’s provision.

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Forward Momentum
  • Gina McClain discusses the need to build momentum in order to accomplish goals in ministry.
Questions to Engage the Parent of a Child with Special Needs
  • Amy Fenton Lee shares a list of questions you can use to engage the parents of a child with special needs.
A Servant’s Heart
  • This article offers some advice to Children’s Pastors about how they can serve their Senior Pastors.
5 Ways to Make Sure You’re Always Insecure
  • Anna Light shares five things that, if you do them, will always keep you feeling insecure.
Weekend Recap: “Dear God, I Love You”
  • Jared Massey shares a wonderful story about the kids and prayer.
(not yet hatched) creative ideas
  • Amy Dolan shares some great ideas that she has been mulling over.
Cut The Bull: Where’s Your True Passion
  • Todd McKeever explores the importance of passion in your ministry.
Success! What our Preschool Minister Did Right
  • Amy Fenton Lee shares how a preschool minister in her church did all the right things for her autistic son.

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What Do You Do When the Pressure Is On?
  • The Inside North Point Kids blog offers advice on how to handle the situation when the pressure gauge is turned up extra high!

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Now That Was a Good Confrontation
  • Larry Shallenberger shares a confrontation he had in which the other person approached it with a biblical model of confrontation.
5 Ways To Balance Family and Church Ministry
  • Kristen Charles from shares five ways to helps balance your ministry to your own family with your ministry to kids at church.
Using Music Beyond Sundays
  • Joy Bowen looks at ways to incorporate kids’ worship music throughout your week.
The Need for Control
  • Anna Light examines the relationship between fear in women and a need for control.
Get Your Head in the Game
  • Wendy Douglas, in her first published article for shares some tips on how balance work and ministry.
Discussing Death with Children
  • In this article, Greg Priebbenow offers practical advice on talking to children about death.

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parents oppose security?
  • Amy Dolan wonders why some parents oppose the security procedures in place to protect their kids.
The Antidote for Control
  • Anna Light explores the antidote for a controlling personality.
First Impressions
  • Joy Bowen writes about the importance of making a good first impression, and no this article has nothing to do with dandruff. 
Family Focus
  • Wendy Douglas shares her thoughts and ideas on how to put your family first.
Weekend Recap: Impact
  • Jared Massey shares a story that reminds us why those of us in children’s ministry do the things we do.
Organization tips for children’s ministry
  • Theo-Ann offers some practical suggestions about how to stay organized in ministry.

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Pixar on Collaboration
  • Matthew Guevara links to a great video from Pixar University Dean Randy Nelson discussing finding the right people and collaboration.


How to discipline in Children’s Ministry is an oft discussed question, and this section is dedicated to all things related to discipline.

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Blog Series – Where the Wild Things Are

With an apt title for an article on discipline in children’s ministry, this series explores “how we can better minister to our “wild things” with behavior management strategies.”

Discipline Policy for Children’s Ministries
  • This article offers some ideas on discipline for various age levels.

Leaders and Leadership

Running a ministry takes leadership at all kinds of different levels. This section is for articles about and for leaders.

It’s Time Again – Announcing The 2nd Annual “Go Dark” Challenge
  • It’s time for the Go Dark challenge again this year where I turn off everything electronic for a week. You can get all the details here. I hope you will consider joining me in Go Dark!
Blog Series – Build A Better Meeting

Amy Dolan of Lemon Lime Kids continues her Monday morning series on building a better meeting.

Blog Series – Renew and You

Jim Wideman examines the importance of personal renewal.

Blog Series – Eleven People You Need to Beware Of

Perry Noble give a synopsis of 11 different types of people you need to beware of.

Blog Series – Project Management for Children’s Pastors

Tamera Kraft shares advice for children’s pastors about managing projects.

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Blog Series – Leaders Are Examples

In this series, Jim Wideman writes about the need for leaders to be examples to those they lead.

Two Quick Leadership Thoughts…
  • Perry Noble offers two brief insights into being a leader.
Young Leadership Lesson #1 – Humility
  • J.C., young in years but wise beyond his age, shares his insights into humility.

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“This better work”
  • Seth Godin explores the difference in attitude between “This might work.” and “This better work!”
The Fine Art of Delegation
  • Christine Yount Jones reflects on the consequences of poor delegation.
10 Random Leadership Thoughts!
  • Perry Noble shares exactly what the title implies – 10 random thoughts on leadership. They may be random, but they are definitely useful.


Most Children’s Ministries are made up principally, or entirely, of volunteers. I am amongst that number. This section includes articles related to volunteers both for volunteers and about volunteers.

Kidmin1124 – A New Perspective on Children’s Ministry
  • Along with several other volunteer and bi-vocational children’s ministers, we launched a new blog called this month. Here is my article announcing the launch.

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More Than “Just a Volunteer”
  • In my very first article for, I write about why we are so much more than “just volunteers.”
Great Tips for Recruiting Volunteers for Ministry
  • J.C. shares some tips on recruiting volunteers.
Stepping Stones
  • Wendy Douglas reminds us that all volunteers are stepping stones to something great.
I Couldn’t Find It
  • This article explores the value of having kid volunteers in your ministry and the importance of accepting that that will sometimes mean you face challenges.

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Asking them to do MORE, not less
  • Orange Leaders asks whether or not you are asking too little of your volunteers.
New Blog in Town
  • Jared Massey promotes the new group blogging known as at Kidmin1124project done from the perspective of volunteers and bi-vocational children’s ministers.
Leadership Nugget–Firing Volunteers
  • Andy Johnson, from Free CM Stuff, offers advice on how to fire volunteers.
Kidmin 1124: Help for Non-Paid Ministry Leaders
  • Tony Kummer, the founder of, wrote a nice article announcing the launch of
The Week of Sacrifice
  • Commander Bill writes about the importance of remembering your volunteers and the sacrifices they make.

Family Ministry / Orange

Family Ministry is a growing trend in the field of Children’s Ministry wherein worship services and teaching are not segregated by age. Instead, the whole family is the core. This section includes articles specifically related to Family Ministry.

Southern Baptist Statement on Family Worship
  • Tony Kummer shares a resolution from the SBC on family worship. Regardless of your denomination (or lack thereof), this is worth a read.

Kids & The Bible

Jesus should be at the center of any Children’s Ministry. That means teaching kids about Jesus, about the BIble and about theology. This section is for articles that discuss and assist with teaching kids about the Bible, theology and theological concepts.

Prepackaged Goodness!
  • Henry Zonio asks is we are restricting God to a small box in how we teach kids in our children’s ministries.

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Bethlehem Baptist’s New Youth Baptism Policy
  • Jared Kennedy, from Sojourn Church, shares a paper exploring different views on child baptism.
Biblical Support for Intergenerational Ministry
  • Kara Jenkins from provides walks through the support for intergeneration ministry.
One of the Marks of God’s Creation is Infinite Complexity
  • Donald Miller on the complexity of God and why we can’t figure everything out.

Kids & Christ

In all about Christ! This section is for articles about bringing kids to Christ, bringing kids back to Christ, salvation and children, and anything along those lines. I’ll warn you that I love stories about kids being saved. So, don’t be surprised if you see quite a few of those hear too.

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What Can a 2-Year Old Teach You About Prayer?
  • In this article I share some basic principles about prayer that I learned from my two year old son.

Kids & Culture

Kid are multi-million dollar target market. Is it any wonder that kids these days have their own culture? This section looks various cultural trends and issues with kids and that affect kids.

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Modesty guidelines for girls.
  • Sam Luce offers some practical advice on modesty for young children.
GameShift: Winning Isn’t Everything Anymore
  • Matthew Guevara looks at a trend in video games where it is no longer about winning but the game play that has become the most important factor. He also offers a suggestion about how this might be applied to children’s ministry.
Seven Questions to Help Engage the Culture
  • Carey Nieuwhof offers up seven questions he and his team use to gauge how they are engaging the culture.
Meet the New American Family, Digitally Deluged
  • Albert Mohler explores the new digital family.

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Creating or Consuming Culture?
  • In this insightful article, Larry Shallenberger explores Philippians 4:8 and whether or not God intends us to apply the verse merely to consuming culture or to creating culture.
Can you dial-up and play?
  • Brenna Phillips writes about some interesting ways young kids are using technology to stay connected.
Technology, Friendships, and How It’s Changing Online Ministry
  • John Saddington asks how the use of technology by kids may impact the ministry they will do.


With VBS getting closer and closer, the number articles related to the topic warrants its own category.

Creative VBS/Summer Ministry Ideas
  • Andy Johnson offers some fun ideas that you can incorporate into your VBS.


One of the fun things about working in Children’s Ministry is playing games with kids. As Games Leader in AWANA each week, this is near and dear to my heart. In this section, I have accumulated articles about and links to various games.

On a Bug Hunt – free PowerPoint review Game
  • Effective Children’s Ministry offers this free Power Point review game
Scavenger Hunts for Youth, Children, and Adults
  • This article offers ideas for a fun family scavenger hunt.
25 Things To Do When There’s Nothing To Do
  • Julie Cantrell shares a list of 25 fun things you can do with kids next time they announce “There’s nothing to do!”
Top 5 Way to make games into Super Duper Games
  • CentriKids offers suggestions on making your games as much fun as possible.
3 Group Building Games
  • Children’s Minister Blog shares three fun, and easy to do, games which are great for group building with kids.
Ideas for games to play
  • Brenna Phillips links to a resource with a listing of excellent games for kids.


There are lots of great books out there about Children’s Ministry and lots of great books for kids. In this section, we accumulated reviews and recommendations to such books.

CONNECT WITH YOUR KIDS – By Jim Wideman (A Dad in the Middle Review)
  • Here is my review of a great book by Jim Wideman that every parent and person who works with kids should read.
A Million Miles in a Thousand Years
  • Sam Luce shares what he learned from Donald Miller’s book A Million Miles in a Thousand Years. This article inspired me to read the book, and I didn’t regret it.
Pastor Dad–Free PDF Download from Mark Driscoll
  • Free CM Stuff shares a link to Mark Driscoll’s free e-book called Pastor Dad.

Other Resources (Music, Conferences, Etc.)

One thing I have learned since getting involved in Children’s Ministry is that those who work in Children’s Ministry are generous to a fault. This section is full of useful resources for those working with kids.

Blog Series – CM Telesummit

I shared my notes from the CM Telesummit this past month. Here they are.

GOD’S KIDS WORSHIP MODERN CD 3-PACK (A Dad in the Middle Review)
  • Check out this review I did of modern kids’ worship music from God’s Kids Worship.

Jesus Came to Save Sinners (Free Worship Music for Kids)
  • This article showcases free children’s worship music from The Village Church in Texas.

Check It Out

Blog Series – Merge2day

Amy Dolan shares her thoughts from the Merge2day conference.

Blog Series – Merge2Day Conference

Ivy Beckwith also shared her thoughts from the Merge2Day Conference.

Church Bulletin Insert: The Faith Focused Family
  • Nicole VanderMeullen wrote an insert for your church bulletin to give parents tips on developing a faith focused family.
New KidMin Conference
  • Christine Yount Jones offers some more details on a new conference which Group Publishing will be putting on this October in Chicago.
Free Bible Lesson – Genesis “God Created Me”
  • Sam Luce has begun to share some children’s lessons he wrote from his file, and what better place to start than the book of Genesis?
The Rizers: Family Worship and Scripture Memory that’s fun
  • J.C. writes about a source of music for helping kids memorize scripture and provides a link to a site where you can preview some of their music.

Curriculum and Object Lessons

Curriculum was part of the Resources section before I started to see more and more object lessons as blog posts. I don’t put them all here do to time constraints, but I will link to some of my favorite every month. If you’re looking for more, trying searching the blogs that show up under this section. Many of them frequently post object lessons.

FAITHWEAVER PARENT CLASS (A Dad in the Middle Review)
  • I reviewed a new product from Group Publishing – a parent class that goes along with their Faithweaver series of products.
Lesson for Children about Prayer
  • Kristin Charles from shares a lesson on teaching kids to pray.
Free Bible Lessons – Exodus “Jesus My Redeemer”
  • Sam Luce share a children’s lesson he wrote on the book of Exodus.

Parenting and Marriage Issues

The Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol would not be complete if we did not pay attention to family issues that affect the kids we minister to. This section includes various articles and parenting and marriage.

Blog Series – Real World Parents

Various authors contributed to Lemon Lime Kids’ series based on Mark Matlock’s book by the same name

Bible Verses for Father’s Day
  • In this article written for, I share 15 Bible verses which should guide Dads in their role as father.
Teach Motivation, Not Just Morality
  • This articles looks at why parents must teach their kids not just that they should behave, but why.

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  • Parents need to agree on punishments. This article offers up 14 things which parents should discuss when it comes to discipline.
12 Ways Ephesians 1:3 Should Impact Our Marriage
  • This article shares twelve ways that the verse Ephesians 1:3 should impact your marriage.
Marriage: When Ordinary Becomes Counter-Cultural
  • Trevin Wax writes on the importance of marriage.
Reframing Reality
  • I love pictures – photographs, especially family photos. To the outside world they are just a reflection of a great vacation, a fun birthday, or a magical moment. But, for me, each photo has a much bigger story. It brings back the memories of feelings and emotions before and after the photo. Oftentimes, those memories are a lot more fun in hindsight than they were at the time of the photo. I think Carey Nieuwhof hit son that phenomenon in this article.
Biblical Parenting: 10 Tips for Fathers
  • In this article I wrote for, I explore ten bits of advice for fathers gleaned from Corinthians 4:14-21.
The Myth of the Perfect Parent
  • Larry Shallenberger reflects on a January 2010 article from Christianity Today on the myth that there is such a thing as a perfect parent.

  • This article looks at the difference between punishment and correction.
Like Lightning
  • Reggie Joiner writes on the importance of quantity time with your children.
The Case Against Marriage, Courtesy of Newsweek
  • Albert Mohler comments on a Newsweek article that takes aim at the institution of marriage.
Rethink Your Family Rhythm
  • How do we make things part of our daily family rhythm? What does your family’s rhythm look like?
Don’t Waste Your Summer: Read with and to Your Kids!
  • The Gospel Coalition blog offers some suggestions for books parents can read with their kids.

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Fathers: Talk with your children!
  • Greg Priebbenow writes about the importance of fathers talking to their kids.

Devotions for Kids & Families

There are great sites out there with devotions for families and kids. These are great resources which we can point families too.

Repent = Change Direction
  • This devotion for kids based on the verses from Joel 2:12-19 teaches kids what repentance really means.
Accurate Predictions
  • Based on Joel 2:28-32, this devotion for kids explores Biblical prophecy.

Just For Fun

This section includes posts from various Children’s Ministry blogs from the last month that were lighthearted, useful or just made me chuckle.

Dear America
  • David Wakerley shares this fun video to help those of us on this side of the pond learn the Queen’s English. If it’s all the same to you, I could less if it’s the same difference.
Microsoft wins the bid to package the new iPhone 4.
  • This is a funny take on how Microsoft would have “improved” the packaging of the Ipod. The humor in this one is found in the element of truth included in it.

Check It Out

One liners – not just for laughs
  • Funny Man Dan lives up to his name with these well thought out one liners that you can work into conversations.
And you thought twitter was a waste of time.
  • I love this. I really think this is the way some people view Twitter. Articles

This section includes a listing of my posts on Dad in the Middle alerting readers to new articles which I have published on

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think of “The Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol.”

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