Jesus Came to Save Sinners (Free Worship Music for Kids)

Folder The Village Church is a great church in the Dallas, Texas area where Matt Chandler is the lead pastor.  I have listened to the podcast of his sermons for the last couple of years and have a great deal of respect for him and his work for God’s Kingdom.  They also have some solid blogs related to their Children’s Ministries at their different campuses.  Recently, I discovered that they have made a worship album for kids called “Jesus Came to Save Sinners.”  The entire CD is available for download at:

The album features five songs including:

  1. Jesus Came to Save Sinners
  2. God is Good
  3. God is in Charge of Everything
  4. God Wants to Talk to Us
  5. God Made Everything

These songs teach kids about the character and nature of God as well as his plan of salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ.  In addition to the music itself, you can download the lyrics and the chords for the songs.

These are top notch songs for Children’s Ministry and would also be great to listen to with your own kids.  I appreciate that The Village Church was willing to share these songs with the rest of us.  While you’re on their site, make sure to download their free “adult” worship album called “Village Worship.”  It is packed full with wonderful worship music as well.

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  1. Gloria Gonzales |

    I love this cd. Our Great Grandkids love it!!! When we pick them up to come over to our house, they both sing these songs to and from our house. We are so blessed to hear Luke and Jake singing to JESUS!!!! PLEASE notify me when there is a new kids CD. Thanks!!!1