Kidmin1124 – A New Perspective on Children’s Ministry

BlueRedPeople Today, I am excited to announce to start of new project in the world of Children’s Ministry.  This morning marks the launch of a new group blogging project known as Kidmin1124. “Oh, that’s just what we need,” you might say, “another blog about children’s ministry.”  To that I would say two things.  First, we can always use another children’s ministry blog from people willing to share their wisdom and experience in Children’s Ministry.  Secondly, those of us involved in Kidmin1124 hope that this blog will offer a fresh perspective on Children’s Ministry.

Here is what we are all about.  Kidmin1124 brings together a group of volunteers, part-time and bi-vocational children’s ministers who share a passion for children’s ministry.  We learn a lot from the great blogs that are out there, but there seems to be a void in blogs written from the perspective of those who are not full-time ministers.  We hope to fill that void.  In addition to our passion for kids, we all share a passion for equipping and sharpening others who serve in children’s ministry.Kidmin1124Logo

Our sincere hope is that God will use this new venture to be a blessing to the Kidmin community in general.  While it will be written primarily from the perspective of volunteers and part-time or bi-vocational children’s ministers, we hope that it will also grow into a useful blog for those in full-time ministry as well.

So, now for the million dollar question – why Kidmin1124?  What’s up with the name?  As described on the About Page:

The name of this site is based on Proverbs 11:24 which reads:

“One gives freely, yet grows all the richer; another withholds what he should give, and only suffers want.”

As volunteers and bi-vocational ministers, we give freely to God’s children, and we find that we are blessed abundantly through that work.  Even those who are in a full-time vocational position recognize that the personal time devoted and sacrifice in children’s ministry can far exceeds that in other ministries.  That is what this site is all about.  We aspire to give back to those who give so freely to God’s kids.

We currently have four authors signed up to contribute regularly to the blog and hope those numbers will grow soon.  You can read more about the authors on the Author Page.  We have additional writers who plan to contribute from time to time, and we have others who considering joining the site.  We are always looking for more authors as we hope to offer a diverse group of views.  If you are a volunteer, bi-vocational, or part time children’s minister with a passion for children’s ministry, and you would like to contribute to Kidmin1124, please send me an email at  If you are in full-time ministry to children and would like to contribute to the site on issues you feel are relevant to the site, we would welcome that as well.  You can reach me at the address above.  I would personally like to thank our authors for volunteering there time to this new site.  We are all busy, and I personally appreciate their willingness to give away even more of their time to bless others in children’s ministry.

In addition to the Kidmin1124 blog, you can follow Kidmin1124 on twitter at You also join our brand new Facebook page here: Kidmin1124.  We hope that you will share this new resource with the workers in children’s ministry as well as other fellow workers in ministry to God’s children.  With your help, we hope to make the site known as many children’s ministry workers as possible.  Whether or not it becomes a blessing to them will depend on them and God. 🙂

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