What Are You Excited About This Summer?

image Summer is here, and if you ask my kids this is the most exciting time of the year.  This year, they are off at the beach for several weeks while dear old Dad is left behind to work and continue the normal routine.  That said, there are a number of things coming up soon which I am very excited about this coming summer.  I’ve written about many of them here before, but I thought I would list them out again here in chronological order.  God willing, these are the things I am looking forward to this weekend:

1. June 13 is promotion weekend. This weekend at New Life Church Gahanna, I get a whole new set of Kindergartners in my K-1 room, and I can’t wait.  We celebrated our new 2nd graders moving up last weekend, and we get a whole new crop to sow this weekend.  It’s always a fun time of the year!

2. June 14 is a significant day in the kidmin world.  That the day the free e-book What Matters Now in Children’s Ministry? is available in hard copy form.

3. June 16 is my son Joshua’s 17th birthday.  So it ain’t so Joe!  Can I really be the father of a 17 year old?  If nothing else, it has taught me a lot about prayer, and that is all I have to say about that!

4. June 18 is a big day.  That’s the Day Toy Story 3 comes out in theaters.  My kids will be out of town, so I may just have to go see it by myself!  You might be in children’s ministry if…

5. Week of June 21.  This is the week I am expecting to receive some materials from God’s Kids Worship.  I have researched this resource before, and I was ecstatic to be asked to review some of their materials and write about it on the blog.4. June 20 is Father’s Day.  My family will actually be out of town this weekend, but my wife reminds me that quiet time for an entire weekend is the best Father’s Day they could give me.  I’m not so sure about that. 🙂  We did get to celebrate Father day on June 6th instead though, and that was fun.

6. June 21 & 22 is the CM Tele Summit. I wrote about it here.  They have a top-notched lineup of speakers, and the conference is available for free.  I’m excited about listening to a number of the presentations without even having to leave the house!

7. July 2nd is my youngest son Nathan’s 3rd birthday.  My youngest is already three, and he is a riot!  That said, we are experiencing some of the “lasts.”  Some are great – like the “last” of diapers.  Some are a little bit sad – like the “last” of the crib.

8. July 4th is one of my favorite holidays.  Every year, we celebrate with my best friends at their annual Fourth of July BBQ and at Church with Food, Fun and Fireworks.  I am looking forward to both.

9. July 15 and 16 is the CM Expo in Lexington, NCI’ve written about that here on the blog as well.  I can’t wait to see some of the exhibitors and participate in the Scoops and Sit-In’s.  That said, I am most excited about meeting people who will be there like Jim Wideman, Tony Kummer, Yancy, Michael Chanley, Roger Fields, Amy Fenton Lee, Tamera Kraft, Bob Singleton and Wendy Douglas amongst others.  I am also excited because my wife and I are turning this into a four day weekend away from the house and should have some good quality time by ourselves.

10. Week of July 19.  I don’t know for certain, but based on past experiences, this is the week I will be receiving the July/August Issue K! Magazine.  That is a always a highlight, and I’m sure this one will be no exception.

11. July 25 is the weekend my seven year old daughter Lyndsey is getting baptized. Very little in life surpasses the feeling of watching our children walk in the path God has laid out for them.  Words can not adequately describe the feeling.

12. August 2 through 6 is VBS week at our church. I can’t wait!  Whether I run games again this year or serve in some other capacity, I can’t wait to spend five straight nights with the kids.

13. An as yet undisclosed (and undetermined) week in August. I haven’t decided which week for sure yet, but sometime during August I will do the 2nd annual “Go Dark” week in which I give up everything electronic for one week.  I learned a lot last year, and I hope to repeat that again this year.

14. August 26 is my 38th birthday.  It seems like I feel a year older each time it roles around, oh well!

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