What Matters Now in Children’s Ministry – Kingdom by Anthony Prince

image image In the book What Matters Now in Children’s Ministry, Anthony Prince chose the Word “Kingdom.” 

Collaboration is a common theme in the world of Children’s Ministry.  In fact, one of things I learned very quick about most of the Kidmin people I interacted with online is that they love to share.  They like to share their thoughts, their ideas, and their experience to help you reach more kids for the kingdom of God.  In fact, it is one of the things that really drew me in to this community.

Anthony Prince asks, in this day and age, what is more important to you as a church?  Is it building your own castle where people can walk by and marvel at all the you have done, or is it building the Kingdom of God?

Anthony explains,

Castle-minded churches are often at the end of a road. They gather information and ideas for their own use. They build giant walls to keep those inside safe and to keep outsiders away. Castles do not share and don’t understand why they should.

A kingdom-minded church is gutsy. It’s bigger than itself and shares in the creative process with those outside its walls. These churches will have a greater impact on the world around them because the work they are a part of is simply bigger than themselves.”

Implicit in Anthony’s observation is a challenge to church’s to share what they have learned and be part of the bigger church universal rather than just a local church.  Anthony concludes his article with this observation:

In this new era, you need to be willing to share and collaborate with churches in your community. You need to be less concerned with where a family ends up going to church and more concerned that families in your community are deciding to follow Jesus. You need to think bigger than yourself.”

Questions for further discussion

The stated purpose of this book is to spark further conversation.  I have included some of my thought above, but like other chapters I have included a listing of additional questions to spark further conversation.  Here are the questions I came up with:

  1. What resources do you take advantage of in Children’s Ministry which would not have even been available to you five or ten years ago?
  2. How do you give back to the community that shares information and ideas?
  3. How can you better harness the information that is available out there?
  4. Do you ever feel information overload because of all the resources which are available to you?
  5. What do you do about that?
  6. In what ways do you feel you are “building a castle” when it comes to your ministry?
  7. In what ways are you building a kingdom? 

By the way, I borrowed the images for this post from the actual e-book which you can download here for free!  The stunning artwork was developed by Imago.

You can find a link to this, and all the other articles I’ve done related to this book, on my What Matters Now in Children’s Ministry Page.

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