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CollaborateA while back, I wrote a series of posts representing my review of the book Collaborate: Family + Church by Michael Chanley and the Group of 34.  Those posts included:

In that review, I wrote:

“The list of authors of this book reads like a who’s who of children’s ministry in the world today, and though I know that many of them would humbly object to such a title, these really are the cream of the crop in terms of role models and visionaries in children’s ministry.  The articles offer a plethora of thought provoking ideas, practical advice, and convicting insights.”

Now, you have a chance to join in the conversation.  In a recent e-mail, Michael Chanley explained that they are now entering phase 2 of the Collaborate project.  This new phase is wide open to anyone to join in the discussion and share their story of working together with families to impact the home for Christ.  In order to do this, just join the free group for Collaborate.

You can join by clicking here.

Once you’ve joined, or if you are already member, simply start a new discussion by Clicking here.

Then, answer one of these questions:

“What is working to get parents and families involved in your church?”
“What is your vision for the families in your church?”
“What lessons have you learned about ministering to children and families together?”

The more people that we can get involved, either answering one of these questions, responding to someone who has, or both; the better the discussion will be.  I encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to be part of the Collaborate conversation which is shaping and reshaping the way we do children’s ministry today.  Let your friends and colleagues know about this opportunity as well!

By the way, if you work in Children’s Ministry, or know someone who does, and you still haven’t picked up a copy of this book, don’t wait another day.  You can get a copy at Amazon using the following link: Collaborate: Family + Church

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