What Matters Now in Children’s Ministry – Confidence by Amy Dolan

image imageIn the book What Matters Now in Children’s Ministry, Amy Dolan chose the Word “Confidence.”  I think her article hits on both the passion and the inherent trepidation involved in working in children’s ministry.  She writes:

I hope with everything in me that I’m good enough, smart enough, educated enough and experienced enough so that God will see me raising my hand and choose me to lead and love for the sake of children.

I appreciate Amy’s candor and openness in discussing the issue of confidence.  Teaching and leading God’s youngest disciples is an awesome opportunity and an awesome responsibility.  I know that I have had these same thoughts, the same doubts, and the same reservations about serving God in this capacity.  What we do week in and week out comes with a heavy responsibility.  God is ultimately in control, but he has called us to be his light to the youngest members of society.

I also appreciate Amy’s reassurance in the form of words that God might speak to us when we doubt our own ability:

Today, I raise my hand again and imagine Him choosing me‚ whispering to me, “You are the one I need. You are the one who will make a difference. Lead strong and with great confidence. I have seen you and have chosen you.”

We must never forget that God has chosen us for this endeavor.  I think the only other thing God would tell us would be something to the effect of “… I have seen you and have chosen you, and I will equip you.  Remember that I am in control, now Go!”  Thanks again to Amy for this amazing article.

Questions for further discussion

The stated purpose of this book is to spark further conversation.  I have included some of my thought above, but like other chapters I have included a listing of additional questions to spark further conversation.  Here are the questions I came up with:

  1. What are the dangers of losing your confidence in children’s ministry?
  2. What are the dangers of having too much confidence in what you are doing?
  3. What verses do you refer to when you are having issues with confidence?
  4. How do you know that God has chosen you to do what you do?
  5. Are there particular events or circumstances which lead to decreased confidence?
  6. What do you do to regain your confidence when it begins to slip?

By the way, I borrowed the images for this post from the actual e-book which you can download here for free! The stunning artwork was developed by Imago.

You can find a link to this, and all the other articles I’ve done related to this book, on my What Matters Now in Children’s Ministry Page.


  1. Wayne, You are a beast! I appreciate all the posts you've been doing around What Matters Now. I, too, appreciated Amy's vulnerableness in talking about confidence. I think we all feel like that sometimes. One thing that I try and do to remember God's calling in my life is to remember back to the times he's reminded me of his calling.
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  2. great post, wayne! i'm reminding myself of these very words today! blessings on your day –
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  3. Superb stuff Wayne. Can't wait to hear your thoughts on other contributions.