Our Home Is Like A Little Church (A Review)

This book originally published by Sojourn Community Church, in Louisville, Kentucky, was written by Lindsay Blair and Bobby Giles and illustrated by Tessa James.  It was originally published under the title “Pastor Daddy,” but has since been picked up by Christian Focus Publications and republished under it’s new name Our Home Is Like A Little Church.

In the introduction to the book Jared Kennedy, the Children’s Minister at Sojourn Community Church writes,

“God intended the home to be the front line of ministry to children – not the Sunday school or public church gathering alone.  The church and the home are partners.”

Accordingly, many of the practices which we find included in an adult Sunday worship service should correspond to normal everyday practices in the home.  This book brings those practices to the forefront by juxtaposing the church against the home on adjacent pages.  Ultimately, this book was written to teach young children the truth that their home should be like a little church where Dad teaches them the Word of God and instills a biblical worldview.  In actuality, it also serves as a great reminder to us Dad’s of what God calls us to do in our God-given role and husband, father and pastor of our family.  Written in engaging rhyme that will keep young minds captivated, this book contrasts the roles and practices of the church with those of the family.  The second page summarizes the entire point of the book,

“We pray and praise God at our house.
He makes our family glad.
Our home is like a little church.
The pastor is my Dad.”

Successive pages cover such important topics as:

  • Reading God’s Word to our kids
  • Worshiping and praising God through music and song
  • Our redemption through the death of Christ
  • Prayer
  • Leading kids in their walk with Jesus

At just shy of 300 words in total, this book makes a critical point in easy language that kids can understand and parents will appreciate.  The whimsical font and great illustrations make it fun to read and captivating to kids.  My two, almost three year old, made me read it to him no less than four times in a row the night it came in the mail.  My seven year old daughter and nine year old boy both really enjoyed it as well.  My sincere prayer is that every father in the church would have the opportunity to read this book and learn from it.  Further, I pray that every child, with and without an earthly father, could learn from this book how their houses should run.  Lindsay Blair, Bobby Giles, Tessa James and Sojourn have done a great service to the worldwide church in producing this book.

But, don’t just take our word for it.  Here is what others are saying about this book:

One of the most  important features of a father’s leadership in his home is his responsibility to train his children in the Scriptures and the Christian faith, and to  nurture them in knowing and loving God.  In this sense, fathers are  pastors (i.e., shepherds) to their  children, and they would do well to embrace this truth as their own.  Our Home is like a Little Church helps both children and fathers see some of the beauty and richness of this relationship.  How good it will be when an increasing number of Christian fathers own their roles as their family’s pastors.  May this little book  be used by God to serve that end – Bruce A. Ware, Professor of  Christian Theology, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, KY

Our Home is like a Little Church beautifully illustrates the Biblical role that each father is called to play  in the lives of his children.  The apostle Paul states in 1 Thessalonians 2 that he has dealt with the Thessalonian church the same way that a father deals with his children….”encouraging, comforting and urging [them], to live lives worthy of God.”  I pray that every father that reads this powerful  little book will have the courage to lead his family to live life for the  Glory of God and nothing less.  I LOVE the book because it provides a  beautiful picture of what it looks like for a father to be the spiritual leader in the home.  It simplifies this profound truth in a way that can be easily understood by everyone in the family. – Jason Houser, Seeds Family Worship, Nashville, TN

“This little gem waters the beginning seeds of a Christian worldview by intertwining ideas that could easily remain separate in the mind of a child–and all too often, our own thinking. Each spread opens to a simple yet profound comparison of events and principles learned at church that extend to the home and back again. Child-like drawings and a rhyming rhythm hold great appeal for young readers and listeners, while reminding adults that worship is not just restricted to the adult realm. Every father should read and reread this book to his children, to encourage him to fulfill his calling as a Pastor-Daddy by the grace of God.” – Westminster Bookstore

“This grand truth [of father as “pastor” of the home] seems so far removed from the common Christian worldview that a book like this is necessary not just to introduce 3-year-olds to the idea, but their dads as well.” – Counsel on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, Gender Blog

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Thank you to Sojourn Community Church who was kind enough to provide me with a complimentary copy of this book in order to participate in this book blog tour.  As with all other reviews on this sight, the fact that the book was provided to me free of charge has not in any impacted my review.

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