Join the Campaign to Revive the CMEdge Podcast!

Since I started actively blogging and networking online with other children’s ministry professionals,  I have come to admire and appreciate the work and resources of many in this field.  A couple of individuals who I have come to admire immensely for their willingness to share their insights and wisdom with others in the children’s ministry community are Kenny Conley and Sam Luce.  Their blogs are included in a list of very short blogs for which I make sure to read each and every article which is published.

A couple of months ago, I was listening to one of the very few good children’s ministry podcasts available out there today when a random thought popped into my head.  The thought went something like this:

“Sam Luce and Kenny Conley ought to do a podcast.  I think that would be a great blessing to the kidmin community.”

It was a bit of a fleeting thought and as quickly as it came, it was gone.  Well, it went away for a little while anyhow.  Over the course of the next several weeks, the thought kept coming popping back into my head over and over again at the oddest times.  I chalked it up to bad shell fish at first.  Did I say shell fish, I meant selfishness.  It was something I wanted – a new podcast and a chance to gain some additional insight into the thoughts and ideas of other people with a passion for children’s ministry was an appealing idea to me.

Anyhow, I kept ignoring the thought until I eventually became convinced that it might not be a me idea but a God idea.  Now I’m not normally one of those “God spoke to me this morning and told me which tube of toothpaste to use” kind of people, but if God can create the world and everything in it, he can certainly plant a thought in my head.  Regardless, I decided that whether it was my idea or God’s, the least I could do was pass it along to Sam and Kenny and let them figure it out.

Then it happened!  I caught a glimpse of a facebook comment from some random who said they had just finished listening to a podcast from Gina McClain.  She is another one of those people whose insights I value, so I went on ITunes and found a podcast called CM Edge. There were only five episodes in total, and were recorded sometime last summer.  Gina McClain had contributed to the fourth and fifth episodes of that podcast.

Then I noted that the podcast was hosted by Henry Zonio, yet another person in the children’s ministry community who I have a great deal of admiration for.  As I read through the descriptions of the individual episodes, I found out that the list of contributors and co-hosts included a number of people who fell into my “highly respected” list of kidmin people I had crossed paths with online including:

Then I realized that both Kenny Conley and Sam Luce were also co-hosts of this seemingly short lived podcast.  As it turned out, I wasn’t the only person who thought these guys should be doing a podcast, and in fact Henry Zonio has brought together not only these two but others as well.  As I listened through the five episodes that were recorded and available on ITunes, I confirmed my suspicions about how useful such a podcast could be.  I was blessed from the five episodes, and when the last one was done, I was left wanting more.

So, starting today, I am officially launching a BRING BACK THE CM EDGE PODCAST campaign.  I e-mailed Sam and Kenny last week to let them know it was coming.  Now, I am putting them all on notice. J  If you agree and would like to see the podcast revived, I encourage you to do three things:

  1. Leave a comment on this post.
  2. Go to the individual blogs linked above and let them know you want to see CM Edge back in action!
  3. Post a comment here ( on the CM Edge site letting Henry know you want to see the podcast started back up again.

I know these guys are all busy, and what we’re asking them is to devote some more of their limited time to this endeavor, so let’s make this a grassroots effort to let them know how much we appreciate them.  Never mind the elections in November, throw your support behind something that can make a real difference – bring back CMEdge!


  1. As someone who has no idea what it takes to put together a podcast, I think this would be great. I too stumbled on CM edge a while back and wondered why it ended. If your schedules allow it, I can honestly say there is a lot I could gain from a podcast like this.

  2. Wayne,

    Thanks for your kind words. CMedge was fun. Henry is in the midst of a big move perhaps Kenny and I could carry the torch. What kind of stuff would you guys find helpful?

    My recent post Stuff Kid’s Pastors like #105: Superheros

    • I think puppets – all puppets all the time. 🙂 Just kidding. I think what benefits me most personally is just hearing the interaction between all of you guys as you bring your different experiences and perspectives to bear on issues affecting children's ministry. Whether that is all things Orange and family ministry, cultural trends impacting ministry, technology, specific events in children's ministry, time management, or dealing with issues of discipline and recruiting, I think you guys offer a fresh perspective on those issues that can valuable to the children's ministry community as a whole. You guys offer a wealth of information and insight in your blogs, but I think the idea of engaging in a dialogue related to those issues as we all "listen in" could be a great asset. Your resource picks where also very helpful as it turned me on to several resources which I now use quite frequently.

      Thanks for considering it.
      My recent post Join the Campaign to Revive the CMEdge Podcast!

      • I'm going to zero in on two things Wayne said. I think specifically trends and technology are needed. And how those things are being applied in specific churches (like Gateway and Redeemer).
        It also might be nice to offer perspectives from pastors in various church sizes. What works in a multi-site megachurch might not always work in a mini church or medichurch. This might be a little selfish on my part, but I'd love to hear how others in smaller churches are applying the concepts and ideas of larger churches (and innovating new ideas).

  3. I just saw your tweet about this. Wow! Thanks. I've been thinking about starting it up again especially after meeting all of these wonderful people in person… yes, we'd been doing all of that before actually meeting in person (at least me). Then Amy Dolan brought up at Orange that it needs to come back. I am in the midst of a big move, but the shift allows me to pusue things like CM Edge and some other projects that I've had on the backburner. It ended simply because of a lack of time, and, to be honest, not really knowing if it was benefitting anyone. Thanks for the encouragement. Maybe… just maybe… CM Edge will get it's second wind really soon.

    • I don't know how I managed to miss the podcast for the last year. I'm usually all over that kind of thing. I hope you do find the time to start it back up. You guys did a great job, and I found it insightful just to be able to listen in as you guys conversed on issues related to children's ministry. One of my regrets this year was not getting to go to Orange and meet some of the people I have been "conversing with" online through twitter, blog posts, facebook, etc. Through your podcast, I was at least able to put a voice with some of the names and faces. Hope you and the family had a good time at Disney! Good luck with your move. At the very least, it should be warmer. 🙂
      My recent post Join the Campaign to Revive the CMEdge Podcast!

  4. Anthony Prince |

    CM Edge was a blast to contribute to!
    Wayne, thanks for pushing us to consider relaunching!
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  5. Yep bring it back. Believe it or not, some people won’t reads blog but they will listen to a podcast. Plus it’s fun to hand someone a podcast file on a dial and say “you have got to listen to this, it will completely alter your life” that’s much more fun than emailing a link haha.

    But seriously bring it back, please. Pretty Please!