An Orange 2010 Blogging Extravaganza – UPDATE

A week ago Thursday and Friday was the 2010 Orange Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. Sponsored by the ReThink Group, the conference focuses on all things children’s and family ministry. Over 4,000 people involved in children’s ministry showed up and learned from the conference. Unfortunately, I wasn’t one of them. I was grateful that many of those who did attend shared what they learned through twitter and their blogs. On Saturday, I posted My Favorite Tweets from Orange 2010, in this post I shared all the blog posts related to Orange 2010 from the last week or so. Last Monday, I posted an initial listing of blog posts from Orange 2010. However, as the week progressed, a number of bloggers started to post additional thoughts and notes from Orange as they unwound after the conference. So, I decided to do an update this week. The posts included in last week’s update are in a normal font below.

Orange – Children’s Ministry Online (Kenny Conley)

Orange – Elemental Children’s Ministry (Henry Zonio)

Orange – Lemon Lime Kids (Amy Dolan)

Orange – Chad Swanzy

Orange – Jonathan

Orange – Orange Leaders

Orange – West Coast CM (Anthony Prince)

Orange – Dan Scott

Orange – Gina McClain

Orange – Sam Luce

Orange – Iblogo (Kelly Dolan)

Orange – Michael Blayne

Orange – Saved Sister (Wendy Douglas)

Blog Series Orange – Other

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