The Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol (April 2010)

Childrens Ministry Blog Patrol

Welcome to The Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol. Every month we gather links from around the blogging world related to Children’s Ministry and issues important to those who work in Children’s Ministry. As always, there were a lot of great articles published this month in the world of Children’s Ministry. I hope you will take a few moments to check them out. I made another slight change this month. In prior months, if a series continued into the next month, I would simply wait until that month to include the article. Since this Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol is not published until the 1st Tuesday of each month, I have decided to include any additional installments in blog series that are published through the Monday preceding publication. Articles not part of a series will still have to wait until the following month.

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To help identify what I view as the best, or most important, articles of the past month, I’ve added this little graphic next to titles of particularly pertinent posts. I think they’re all must-reads, but if you’re running short on time, you should make sure that you check out these articles at a minimum!

We’ve added several new categories again this month to make things easier to find. AS the number of posts increases, I’ve felt it necessary to add additional categories. This month, we added categories for Storytelling and Discipline and renamed “Kids & Theology” to “Kids & The Bible” to more accurately describe the articles contained in that section. If you have any category ideas, please let me know!

We are introducing a new feature this month called “Featured Article of the Month.” As I explain in the introduction to that section, “The idea of this section is to pick the one article (or series) each month which had the greatest impact on me and I thought would be the most useful to the readers of The Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol. That said, I know myself, and there is a good chance that I may include more than one article each month where I found it impossible to pick just one. I do promise to keep it to three or fewer though! (Note: These articles are also included in their proper categories below).”

The following is a quick guide to the various sections of The Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol:

As has become a custom here in on the Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol, I’ve included this graphic to warn you / let you know where a post came from Dad in the Middle. I finally updated the graphic this month to match the new look of Dad in the Middle. I am also now writing for You can find links to those articles below under the section titled Articles.

The last couple of days of this month were dominated by posts related to the Orange Conference. Rather than include all of those here, please check out the following two articles which I posted related to Orange:

With that introduction, let’s have a look at some articles you might have missed this past month:

Featured Article of the Month

The idea of this section is to pick the one article (or series) each month which had the greatest impact on me and I thought would be the most useful to the readers of The Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol. That said, I know myself, and there is a good chance that I may include more than one article each month where I found it impossible to pick just one. I do promise to keep it to three or fewer though! (Note: These articles are also included in their proper categories below).

So you wanna work for me?

  • David Wakerley shares his list of what he looks for in people who work for him. I think all of us could use this list as a goal for how we lead our Christian lives and ministries.

Incredible Resource for Teachers!

  • Check out this chart from Dr. Daniel Ray of the various teaching methods employed by Jesus in dealing with others.

On Teaching & Working With Kids

One of the critical roles in Children’s Ministry is that of teacher and shepherd of kids. These articles offer tips and advice on teaching and doing presentation for kids as well as general information on working with children.

Blog Series – Tips for Large Group Teaching

Earlier this year, I started a new series in which we look at various tips that can be used in Large Group Teaching situations. The entire series can be found at this link. The following were the entries to the series this month.

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Blog Series – 12 Secrets for Developing Creative Ideas

Roger Fields is a creative genius, and in this article he offers 12 secrets to assist you in being creative as well.


  • From Youth Leader, this article provides some insight into how one pastor prepares his talks.

On Prizes, Drawings and Giveaways

  • Children’s Ministry Monthly offers some advice on prizes and such used in children’s ministry.

Rev Up the 40

  • Roger Fields examines how to make the 40 hours we get with kids each year as effective as possible.

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How I Prepare a Speech, or How to Guide Somebody Toward an Epiphany

  • Donald Miller shares his technique for preparing speeches and public addresses.

Discovering a Child’s Capacity to Learn

  • If I could teach everyone who works with children one thing it would be, “Don’t underestimate kids because of their age or size.” This article is a great example of that.

The value of Lists

  • Lin Pearson of Effective Children’s Ministry looks at the value of lists. As a list person myself, I loved reading this article.

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Effective Teaching

  • Karen Wingate explores the importance of knowing God’s Word in being an effective teacher.


  • Here’s a fun idea to spice up your announcement time.

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Incredible Resource for Teachers!

  • Check out this chart from Dr. Daniel Ray of the various teaching methods employed by Jesus in dealing with others.


Anyone who knows me or follows this blog probably knows that I feel storytelling is an essential element in conveying the meaning and veracity of the Bible to kids. I’m hoping to find enough posts to have a separate section for posts related to storytelling. So, let’s see how it goes.

Is Storytelling Really That Important?

  • This article from some guy named Wayne Stocks, on, looks at why storytelling is important to kids and critical in conveying the Bible to kids.

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The Power of Story to Cast Vision

  • I loved this recruitment video for children’s workers from Northpoint. Powerful stuff!

Story put to bed

  • This interesting little tidbit from Children’s Minister Blog looks at an alarming trend in the U.K. when it comes to parents reading to children.

Writing a Storyline, An Alternative to the Mission Statement

  • Donald Miller explores the idea of replacing mission statements with storylines.

Children’s Ministry Issues

This category is a bit of a catch all for everything that doesn’t fit under another category. These articles deal with all kinds of different issues relevant to Children’s Ministry and those who work in that ministry.

Blog Series – How to Make VBS the Biggest Thing All Year

Ryan Frank continues his series on making your VBS extraordinary.

Blog Series – Undercover Boss

Last month, Sam Luce started a series on what children’s ministers and other leaders can learn from the show Undercover Boss. The final post spilled over into this month.

Blog Series – Frustrations in Children’s Ministry

Tamera Kraft, from Revival Fire for Kids, offers up this series on things that can be frustrating in children’s ministry.

Blog Series – How to Connect with Kids

On the CMConnect blog this month, Greg Baird published a series of articles offering practical advice on connecting with kids.

  • Part 1
  • Part 3
  • Part 4
  • Part 5
  • Part 6
  • Part 7

Blog Series – Initiating Difficult Parent Conversations

The Inclusive Church blog offers some advice on having those difficult but sometimes necessary conversations with parents.

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Blog Series – Ministry For Kids By Kids

In this series, the One Way Street blog looks at the benefits of allowing kids to serve in children’s ministry.

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Blog Series – 101 Ways to Get Your Children’s Ministry Off the Ground (Without the Hot Air)

Ryan Frank starts a year-long series of useful techniques and advice on children’s ministry. Check back in the months to come for the remaining installments in this series that is bound to bless children’s pastors and ministers from around the world!

Secrets to Longevity

  • Christina Yount Jones reflects on her secrets to longevity.

5 People to Meet in Twenty10: Meeting CYJ

  • Anthony Prince reflects on his meeting with Christina Yount Jones.

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List of 25 Ways to Affirm A Child

  • Rags Studio offers a list of 25 unique ways to encourage a child.

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Giving Your Best Each Week

  • Children’s Ministry Blog reflects on why we should give our best each week in children’s ministry.

Give Courage.

  • In working with kids, it’s important that we are a source of encouragement for them.

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Cats, Babies, and Bible Study

  • This article explores the importance of both the large group and small group format for teaching kids.

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OH stop blaming everyone else will you!

  • This article offers a very insightful looks into what our goals should be in children’s ministry.

Just Say No: Why I Have Not Blogged Lately

  • Pastor Jared offers up his personal experience with working two jobs and still trying to find time to share his thoughts.

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Where Am I Leading Him?

  • Pastor Jared shares this story about the importance of paying attention to what we do and say.

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So you wanna work for me?

  • David Wakerley shares his list of what he looks for in people who work for him. I think all of us could use this list as a goal for how we lead our Christian lives and ministries.

Get out the way

  • This article is a great reminder that God wants more and has bigger plans for the kids in our ministry than even we do.


  • Rob Bradbury looks at the steps you should go through with your team after an event.

Adapting Your Bible Lesson for Children with Special Needs

  • This guest post for offers five ways to take exisiting curriculum and adapt it for special needs kids.

Your underwear

  • Beyond the great title, David Wakerley offers some advice on how to communicate change.

Why is the church losing its youth?

  • Acacia in the Dessert asks if the reason we are losing the youth of our churches is because our messages are not gospel-centered.

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Connect with Kids

  • The bottom line of this article is, “Building relationships is a key principle for reaching today’s generation of young families.” You definitely want to check this one out.

Fun Ideas to Keep Connected with Kids

  • This articles includes ten awesome ideas for staying connected with kids outside of the church setting.

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Are We Too Cool to Care?

  • In this thought provoking article, Karl Bastian tackles the question of whether or not those of us in children’s ministry sometimes strive so hard to be “relevant” to kids that we lose sight of what they really need.


  • This thorough and fairly comprehensive guide is great for anyone thinking about or planning a vacation bible school.

(non) traditional families

  • Amy Dolan ponders whether our programs need to change to account for the changing definition of family in our culture.

Don’t Be Afraid of Technology

  • JC encourages you to get connected online.

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Does Teaching Babies and Toddlers at Church Matter?

  • Lauren Foster from reminds us of the importance of teaching God’s word to even the smallest of his creation.

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Bad Language

  • David Wakerley explores some of the dirty language which has become common place in Children’s Ministry today.

5 Questions to Ask about the Kids in your Ministry

  • This articles includes five great questions to start a conversation with kids.

Special Needs Ministry Resource

  • JC looks at special needs kids and links to a great new blog dedicated to the issue of special needs ministry.

Mother’s Day & Kids Who Have Lost Their Mom

  • Kristin Charles offers some advice on dealing with motherless children on this coming Mother’s Day.

Practically Improving Preschool.

  • Sam Luce shares his thoughts on improving preschool ministry.

Who Is Wayne Stocks?

  • This wasn’t my original title for my first article on, but it will work. This article is really about the importance of mission statements and developing our own personal mission statement for ministry.


How to discipline in Children’s Ministry is an oft discussed question, and this section is dedicated to all things related to discipline.

Classroom Management: Discipline or Redirection?

  • Karen Wingate offers advice on keeping your classroom under control from the viewpoint of a seasoned professional.

What About Negative Behaviors?

  • The Children’s Ministry Blog offers practical advice on dealing with negative classroom behavior.

Leaders and Leadership

Running a ministry takes leadership at all kinds of different levels. This section is for articles about and for leaders.

Blog Series – Build A Better Meeting

Amy Dolan, from Lemon Lime Kids, continues her Monday series with tips on having better meetings.

Blog Series – A Kidmin Leader Is

Greg Baird at looks at the elements of a good children’s misnitry leader.

  • A Kidmin Leader Is…
  • A Kidmin Leader Is… (2)
  • A Kidmin Leader Is… (3)
  • A Kidmin Leader Is… (4)

Blog Series – Pain

Perry Noble offers advice on what we can learn through Pain.

Blog Series – Vision Casting

Jim Wideman examines the importance of vision to a leader.

Blog Series – Outsourcing the Children’s Pastor – Knowing What & When to Delegate

Jim Wideman looks at the importance and art of delegation.

Blog Series – One on One Meetings

The inside North Pointkids blog offers up this series on the importance and technique for conducting one-on-one meetings.

Blog Series – What Does Your Office Say About You?

Mike Johnson takes a look at what the state of your office says about youyou’re your ministry.

Jump in There

  • Roger Fields offers up an article on the importance of trying something.


  • Sometimes, especially in ministry, it is hard to step away. This article looks at the importance of taking a little time off.

One Leader’s Influence

  • This is another great story about why we do what we do!

Leadership Versus Management: two distinctions?

  • Chuck Bomar explores the difference between being a manager and a leader.

Do you ask these 3 questions?

  • Orange Leaders poses three questions that leaders should be asking as much as possible.

Time to really become S.M.A.R.T.

  • Tood McKeever applies the SMART principle (and acronym) from Ken Blanchard to goal setting.

What’s In Your Sphere?

  • Roger Fields provides a biblical basis for sticking to your SPHERE of influence when it comes to ministry.

The Restful Practice of Play

  • This article examines the importance of play and having fun in our spiritual walk.


Most Children’s Ministries are made up principally, or entirely, of volunteers. I am amongst that number. This section includes articles related to volunteers both for volunteers and about volunteers.

4 Qualities Every Kids Minister Ought to Have

  • Here is a little article I wrote over on laying out four characteristics which I view as critical to anyone working in children’s ministry.

Family Ministry / Orange

Family Ministry is a growing trend in the field of Children’s Ministry wherein worship services and teaching are not segregated by age. Instead, the whole family is the core. This section includes articles specifically related to Family Ministry.

Blog Series – History of Family Ministry

Jared Kennedy from Sojourn Kids looks at the history of family ministry.

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What bugs me about family ministry

  • Ryan Frank offers some insightful thoughts on the current trend of family ministry.

Children’s Pastor (not family pastor) at Heart!

  • Justyn Smith shares way he is happy to be known as a Children’s Pastor.

Children’s Pastor or Family Pastor?

  • Greg Baird from Kidmin360 gives his interpretation of family ministry and how it related to children’s ministry.

Kids & The Bible

Jesus should be at the center of any Children’s Ministry. That means teaching kids about Jesus, about the BIble and about theology. This section is for articles that discuss and assist with teaching kids about the Bible, theology and theological concepts.


  • apPARENTly blogging looks at the confusion that different bible translations can have for kids.

Choosing a Child’s Bible

  • If you’re looking for a Bible for your kids (and it’s one of the greatest gifts you can give them), this article will help you decide which one to get.

Does Your Personality Influence Your Theology?

  • Donald Miller explores whether or not our personality impacts our view of God.

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Don’t Ever Read a Bible Verse

  • Justin Taylor offers some sage advice from Greg Koukul on interpreting Biblical passages.

Kids & Christ

In all about Christ! This section is for articles about bringing kids to Christ, bringing kids back to Christ, salvation and children, and anything along those lines. I’ll warn you that I love stories about kids being saved. So, don’t be surprised if you see quite a few of those hear too.

Out of the mouths of babes

  • I love stories about kids and their view of the world. I loved this one and thought I would share it.

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The Love Factor

  • JC compares the love of a son for his father with our own spiritual journey.

Kids & Culture

Kid are multi-million dollar target market. Is it any wonder that kids these days have their own culture? This section looks various cultural trends and issues with kids and that affect kids.

EQ and IQ in Students

  • Tim Elmore looks at the difference between Emotional Intelligence and Intellectual Intelligence.

We need to kick infidelity in the face

  • Nick Blevins offers some sobering facts about infidelity.

digital learning & children in the church

  • Amy Dolan looks at the effect of electronics on kids today.

Nine Things Parents Can Do To Raise Drug Free Children

  • Dad’s 4 Life offers up some practical advice for parents on how to help keep their kids drug free.

Learning from Video Games: Impatience

  • Matthew Guevara looks at engaging kids in our culture who have become more and more impatient as a result of the digital revolution.

Guard Your Heart: Teaching Kids to Be Pure in a Promiscuous World

  • This article includes some practical ideas about how to teach kids the value of purity in today’s culture.

How You Can Minister to Children of Divorce

  • Kids Ministry 101 looks at the importance and methods of ministering to kids of divorce.


  • Here’s some information on a new trend which has come to roost in my house as well as thousands of others.


  • This amazing statistic compares the time kids spend watching T.V. to the time they spend with their parents.

“Cyberbullying: Not My Kid!”

  • Donna Perugini looks at the recent phenomena of Cyber-Bullying and what you should do about it.


One of the fun things about working in Children’s Ministry is playing games with kids. As Games Leader in AWANA each week, this is near and dear to my heart. In this section, I have accumulated articles about and links to various games.


  • Here’s a fun game that only needs a beach ball and a role of tape to play.


  • Here’s a fun game in which kids try to bust balloons tied by a string to other kids’ legs.

Act Like an Animal Game

  • Check out this great game for preschoolers that teaches that God made the world and everything in it.


  • This game from Youth Leader Stash requires very little set up and can be played with a large group of kids.

Bible Baseball

  • Children’s Minister Blog describes this great review game which combines baseball with trivia type questions.

Five Scripture Memory Games for Children

  • Amy Brown introduces five simple games to help kids memorize scripture.

3 Short Games for Children

  • Children’s Minister Blog explains three short and easy review type games to play with kids.


There are lots of great books out there about Children’s Ministry and lots of great books for kids. In this section, we accumulated reviews and recommendations to such books.

Blog Series – Collaborate Book Blog Tour

This series of videos looks at four biblical stories through the eyes of a couple of flies.

Blog Series – Collaborate Book Blog Tour

The new book Collaborate: Family + Church went on a book blog tour this month to mark its release. At Dad in the Middle, we were happy to participate in that tour (see the separate entry in this month’s Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol for our series on this book). Though this is technically not a series, I thought it would be useful to accumulate the reviews for the Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol this month.

Check It Out

Blog Series – Dear Michael Chanley + Group of 34

Anthony Prince, from West Coast CM, took an interesting approach to reviewing collaborate. Through a series of posts he “responds” to the authors of Collaborate.

Check It Out

How I Read a Book

  • Tim Challies reflects on how he reviews a book.

Fifty Dangerous Things (You Should Let Your Children Do)

  • In this age of overprotective parents, Matthew Guevara reviews a book from Gever Tulley and Julie Spiegler called Fifty Dangerous Things (You Should Let Your Children Do).

You need to read these books!

  • Sam Luce offers his picks for five books you need to read. He is the umpteen gazzillionth person to recommend A Tale of Three Kings, so I am going to have to check that one out!

Dinosaurs for Kids by Ken Ham

  • Terry Delaney reviews the book Dinosaurs for Kids by Ken Ham.

First Impressions: Book Review

  • This post is a review of the book First Impressions by Mark Waltz which explores the importance of that first impression that your ministry gives to visitors.

Check It Out

Ultimate Parent Resource List (in the works)

  • A while back there was a Google Wave in which a number of people in the kidmin community exchanged ideas and thoughts on books to recommend to parents. For me, that wave meant a whole new stack of books I needed to go out and buy. Now, Kenny Conley has taken that wave, deleted all the extra chatter, and shared the list. I hope you find it as useful as I did.

Internet Sites and Resources

The goal of the Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol is to bring together useful resources for those involved in Children’s Ministry. Many bloggers out there write about their favorite web sites. This section is for those types of articles.

Blog milestone: Post 1000!

  • Here at the Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol, we salute the fact that Kenny Conley and met a significant goal in their blogging history.

Happy 3rd Birthday!

  • Earlier in the month we celebrated the blog birthday of Kenny Conley’s Children’s Ministry Online blog. With this entry, we say Happy 3rd Birthday to Sam Luce’s blog!

  • Arise and Eat offers a link to this valuable resource for married couples and parents.

Free YM Stuff?

  • Free CM Stuff links to a similar site with free Youth Ministry resources.

Youth Ministry Resources are Good For You!

  • Free CM Stuff links to a site that includes Youth Ministry resources that can be easily adapted for children’s ministry.

Other Resources (Music, Conferences, Etc.)

One thing I have learned since getting involved in Children’s Ministry is that those who work in Children’s Ministry are generous to a fault. This section is full of useful resources for those working with kids.

Blog Series – Why Go To A Conference?

Jim Wideman looks at all the reasons to attend conferences.

Record Whatever Comes Through Your CPU Speakers

  • Here is a great resources linked from Free CM Stuff that will allow you to record anything that plays through your computer speakers.

Do You Know What’s In The Bible? (Is it true? Is it reliable?)

  • Jared Massey from SmallTownKidmin blog reviews Phil Vischer’s new endeavor What’s In the Bible? I particularly enjoyed this line from his review, “Here is what I love about WITB. First, it is nothing like VT….While I have already admitted my love for VT, the time has come for something new.”


  • I haven’t checked out this resource from Free CM Stuff yet, but this post had added it to my to do list (yes, I get the irony of that ).

It’s going to get noisy over the next few days.

  • Sam Luce shares an application that allows you to “mute” tweets from selected individuals. That said, I’m not sure why you want to mute Sam’s tweets, but I guess that’s up to you.

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16 Hours of Free…Yes Free Top Notch Training

  • Free CM Stuff writes about a free Children’s Ministry Telesummit coming up this weekend. Great speakers, and it’s free – that’s a great combination! I’ve already registered. You should make sure you register today!

Curriculum and Object Lessons

Curriculum was part of the Resources section before I started to see more and more object lessons as blog posts. I don’t put them all here do to time constraints, but I will link to some of my favorite every month. If you’re looking for more, trying searching the blogs that show up under this section. Many of them frequently post object lessons.

Post 500: My thoughts on Curriculum…

  • Lot’s of celebrating this month! J.C. celebrates his 500th post with some thoughts on curriculum.

Sharing Jesus’ Stories: Road to Emmaus

  • Here is a simple object lesson based on Jesus on the road to Emmaus.

Lesson: Jesus Changes Saul to Paul

  • This lesson for seven to twelve year olds uses the story of Saul’s conversion to teach kids that Jesus can change their lives.

“Jesus Knows Me” Sunday School Lesson

  • For ages 7-12, this lesson based on John 10:1-18 teaches children that God loves them and knows them

Talking to God in Prayer

  • Make sure to check out this lesson from Children’s Ministry Blog that uses a wheel to teach kids about prayer.

Tell the Creation Story with 12 Familiar Objects

  • Acacia in the Dessert offers up a great object lesson using 12 objects to teach children the story of creation.

Parenting and Marriage Issues

The Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol would not be complete if we did not pay attention to family issues that affect the kids we minister to. This section includes various articles and parenting and marriage.

CSI-ing where your kids learned bad stuff.

  • From Stuff Christian Like, are you the kind of parents who drops immediately into “where did they learn that mode?”

Check It Out

Dads Set the Temperature in the Home

  • Doug Wolter offers this challenge to Dad’s to be the thermostat in their families.

Check It Out

Wrestling with an Angel

  • This heartfelt letter from a father to his 17 year old son is a great example of what biblical manhood and fatherhood should look like.

The fictional family your family compared you to.

  • Stuff Christians Like looks at the Christian equivalent of “They say…”

How I Pastor My Family

  • Justin Hide shares how he fills the role as pastor of his family. If you are a husband and/or Dad, you need to read this article!

This Mom Can Wrap!

  • This is a fun little rap from a mom about the preeminence of God over everything else.

How to Get Kids Ready

  • Pastor Steve offers advice on how to utilize the time you spend getting your kids ready.

Devotions for Kids & Families

There are great sites out there with devotions for families and kids. These are great resources which we can point families too.

Getting Started With Family Devotions

  • This post offers a little primer on starting family devotions.


  • This devotion for kids helps them to understand that everyone is afraid of something but God protects us.

Check It Out

Magna Doodle Devotions

  • Here is a great idea for family devotionals using a magna doodle.

Cool Stuff About Creation

  • This is a great devotion for kids on the marvel of God’s creation.

Just For Fun

This section includes posts from various Children’s Ministry blogs from the last month that were lighthearted, useful or just made me chuckle.

Check It Out

5 suggestions in case PETA ever wants a new name….

  • This one is creative and funny…no picketing my house though!

YouTube Friday: Don’t Commit Adultery Kids!

  • There are some times when cartoons are just not the appropriate delivery vehicles. Kudos to them for trying, but this one misses the mark. Thanks to Sam Luce for sharing this one.

Wondering how youthtastic your youth minister is.

  • Here’s a fun one from Stuff Christians Like to help you gauge just how youthtastic your youth minister really is. Articles

This section includes a listing of my posts on Dad in the Middle alerting readers to new articles which I have published on

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

  • This article announces my first post over at all about the importance of a personal mission statement.

A Plethora of P’s for Children’s Ministry

  • This link to my article on deals with four important characteristics of anyone working in children’s ministry.

The Importance of Storytelling With Children

  • This link to my article on discusses the importance of storytelling in children’s ministry.

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think of “The Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol.”

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  1. Wow! This is a massive piece of work, Wayne. And thanks for the shout out about the article on lists. I can tell you, your "bumper bundle blog patrol" is always top of my list. It's so full of goodies that it takes me a month to squeeze all the juice out of it! These lists are real keepers and Catherine and I feel honoured that you have included our wee site.
    Thanks for thgis service you are doing for the kidmin community.
    My recent post Mother’s day and kids with no mum

  2. Wow! This is a massive piece of work, Wayne. And thanks for the shout out about the article on lists. I can tell you, your "bumper bundle blog patrol" is always top of my list. It's so full of goodies that it takes me a month to squeeze all the juice out of it! These lists are real keepers and Catherine and I feel honoured that you have included our wee site.
    Thanks for thgis service you are doing for the kidmin community.
    My recent post Mother’s day and kids with no mum