My Favorite Tweets from Orange 2010

A least a two of my favorite bloggers posted articles from the Orange 2010 Conference this past week which referred to the Orange Conference this year as “drinking from a fire hydrant” because of the overwhelming amount of information they received.  As someone who was not able to attend the conference, I was left to follow people on twitter and their blogs to pick up some of the wisdom second hand.  I suppose that mean in my case, Orange 2010 was more like a fender bender than a collision, but I still lapped it up.  I have been retweeting like crazy, and I thought I would accumulate my favorite 140 character or less nuggets of wisdom in this post.  Here they are, in the reverse order I how found them (i.e., newest tweet listed first):

1. RT @kbitter: Sometimes I fear that I respond to fancy lights and great music more than the Spirit of God. #orange10

2. RT @Coachshef: “Sometimes we have a hard time believing that we are interesting to God.” @reggiejoiner #orange10. (via @cnieuwhof)

3. RT @jonwellman: “What if life isn’t meaningless. What if just YOUR life is meaningless?” -Donald Miller #orange10

4. RT @SavedSister7: If I’m not preachin the Gospel, what am I doing! @lecrae #orange10 // Words to live by!

5. RT @SavedSister7: If we put it all on parents, we arent doing our job. They need backup. #orange10

6. RT @samluce: Every family has some level of disfunction. Jesus’ family lost him for 3 days. #orange10 // who hasn’t done that? 🙂

7. RT @samluce: Raising kids: Imagine the end – What do I want them to do but Who do I want them to become. #orange10

8. RT @chadswanzy: ask yourself & your student’s as well, “If following Jesus never included Heaven, would you still follow him?” #orange10

9. RT @henryjz: I’m live blogging Orange 2010 Breakout – How a Small Church Can Make a Big Difference #orange10

10.  RT @jaysonjohn: If you think church shouldn’t be fun you’re going to hate Heaven. Perry Noble #Orange10

11.  RT @SavedSister7: It’s not about behavior modification. It’s about introducing kids to Jesus! @perrynoble #orange10

12.  RT @anthony_prince: Maturity is putting aside what I want for what someone else needs. #orange10 @perrynoble

13.  RT @johnnyatthebod: @perrynoble Do you want to reach kids or just take care of your own? #orange10

14.  RT @joybowen: RT @JoshColdren: Only 5 percent of parents list strong biblical teaching as something expected of the church #orange10

15.  RT @jonathancliff: “All change does not represent progress, but all progress is the result of CHANGE.” #orange10

16.  RT @anthony_prince: We don’t give parents what they want. We give parents what they need. – Todd Clark #orange10

17.  RT @anthony_prince: What if we celebrated spiritual milestones like we celebrate a wedding… I bet it would stick #orange10

18.  RT @OrangeLeaders: When I collide with the world, it changes the way I see God. – Reggie #orange10

19.  RT @OrangeLeaders: When I collide with God, it changes the way I see the world. – Reggie #orange10 10:20 PM Apr 29th via web

20.  RT @OrangeLeaders: We are called, as a generation, to love people because that’s what God did. – Reggie #orange10 10:20 PM Apr 29th via web

21.  RT @OrangeLeaders: Our culture is waiting for the death of our rhetoric – Chris Weirsma #orange10 10:19 PM Apr 29th via web

22.  RT @OrangeLeaders: We don’t need to just help kids…we need to be amazed by them. – Chris Weirsma #orange10 10:19 PM Apr 29th via web

23.  RT @henryjz: Since I know I don’t know, then I want to know the One who knows! @revrunwisdom #orange10

24.  RT @chadswanzy: Building a ministry is much easier than building a healthy family #orange10

25.  RT @chadswanzy: if you don’t live it out it’s empty theory #orange10

26.  RT @chadswanzy: the only ministry that can only be shepherded by you is your family @dougfields #orange10

27.  RT @chadswanzy: how are you leading your family so that your kids friends envy them for what they have in you… #orange10 @dougfields

28.  RT @jimwideman: We are educated far over our level of commitment now #orange10

29.  RT @samluce: To become who God wants you to be you’ll have to dissappoint some people. -John Ortberg #fb

30.  RT @samluce: Todays kids will not believe in the transformation power of God from untransformed leaders. #kidmin #orange10

31.  RT @samluce: Other people can lead the church when it comes to my family there is only one dad and one father. #orange10

32.  RT @samluce: Hold your kids more than your cell phone. (ouch) @dougfields #orange10

33.  RT @jimwideman: Want my #orange10 notes? … the password is orange10 #jimwideman #kidmin // Thanks! These are great!

34.  RT @samluce: It’s a sin to bore people with the Gospel. @thebigdealguys #orange10

35.  RT @jonathancliff: “It’s ok to be stupid, but it’s NOT ok to sit in it.” @sherrysurratt #orange10

36.  @henryjz is live blogging #Orange10 PreConf #2 -Develop a Successful Social Media Strategy // Chk it out! Gr8 stuff!

37.  RT @anthony_prince: @stocksohio you Should be here! // I wish! Just not in the cards this year. I will live vicariously thru all of you!

38.  People I’m following @ #Orange10 @samluce @kennyconley @anthony_prince @adolan @jimwideman @mattmckee @gina_mcclain It’s like being there.

There were many more, but I did need to find some time to sleep.  By the way, if you aren’t following these people in Twitter, you will definitely want to.  The wisdom they shared from Orange is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the wisdom to be had from this amazing group of  people who love God and love kids!

Check back Monday for my compilation of blog posts related to the Orange Conference.  Whether you attended and want to see other people’s perspectives, or you weren’t able to go and you want to learn from what others experienced, make sure to check out Monday’s compilation of Orange Conference Blog Posts brought to you by the Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol.

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