We’re Out, But the Tournament Marches On

It’s official.  As of last Thursday, Dad in the Middle is officially out of the Kidmin Blog Madness competition, and that is no April Fool’s joke! We squeaked through in Round 1, but the stiff competition in Round 2 just turned out to be too much for this little blog. While we actually garnered more votes in round two than round one, and even almost snuck into second place, we ultimately succumbed to the great final round are part of the cream of the crop of children’s ministry blogs.

The four blogs that made the final are frequently featured in the The Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol. I am in the final stages of putting together March’s installment of the Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol, and I thought in honor of these four blogs I would feature some of my favorite posts from each blog over the course of the last month. If you are not familiar with these blogs, you should be! Perhaps these posts will help you make your decision, then go ahead on over to Kidmin Blog Madness and cast your vote!

Children’s Ministry 1234 (Rob Bradbury)


  • Rob Bradbury, of Planet Shakers and Children’s Ministry 1234, offers a seven step plan for family ministry to help kids grow up in God. He’s got a great graphic to go with a great plan too!

Children’s Ministry Online (Kenny Conley)

Blog Series – Confusing terminolgy and spiritual concepts for kids

In this series, Kenny Conley examines various terminology that is used in Christian circles and churches which can be confusing to children.

Site of the week: Nintendo8.com

  • Kenny Conley linked to this site which has nothing to do with Children’s Ministry but did manage to take up a couple hours of my day. This site includes links to play various games from the original Nintendo system online. As a child of the 80’s and 90’s, I had a blast!

Speaking of revolutions

  • Last week I watched Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, and it opened my eyes to a lot of different things. As he often does, Kenny Conley sees parallels between this show and children’s ministry.

Book review: Revolutionary Parenting

  • Kenny Conley offers his review of this revolutionary (pun intended) book from George Barna.

Lemon Lime Kids (Amy Dolan)

Blog Series – Build A Better Meeting

Last month Amy Dolan from Lemon Lime Kids started a series offering tips for having a better and more productive meeting. She continued that series this month

Sam Luce

Blog Series – Undercover Boss

One of the shows I have started watching recently is Undercover Boss. One of the things I like best about Sam Luce is his keen eye for learning opportunities in secular culture (I don’t care for that phrase by the way, but it fits here). In this series, Sam looks at various leadership lessons to be learned from Undercover Boss.

What I learned from Infuse

  • Sam Luce reflects on his first year in Jim Wideman’s Infuse program and shares some of the insights he picked up.

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