Kidmin Blog Madness – We Made It to Round 2 – Now Go Vote!

We did it! Dad in the Middle actually made it through the first round of Kidmin Blog Madness.  Coming out of the Eastern Division as a fifth seed, we squeaked by into the second round with fewer votes than anybody else who progressed past the first round.  Only the top vote getter in each division will move on to the next round.  The competition is stiff, and if I’m being realistic, I don’t see any way Dad in the Middle can make it to final round – which is not to discourage you for voting!  Go HERE now and vote Dad in the Middle.  A win in this round would be akin to Northern Iowa taking out Kansas.

Instead of stumping for votes this week, I thought a better use of this space would be to highlight the other fifteen blogs that made the second round.  I am familiar with all of them as every single one has been featured in the Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol.  A number of them were also featured in:

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For those, I was able to borrow much of the description from those posts.  I like all of these blogs, I am not just saying that. I skim through and review every article posted to each of them in compiling the Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol.  That said, I do have some blogs which are my personal favorites, either because of content or writing style or both.  With those blogs, I attempt to thoroughly read EVERY article that is posted.  I have made a point to note those blogs below.

I am honored to be counted amongst the following blogs and bloggers.  Make sure you go check out their blogs and then go vote in the Kidmin Blog Madness.


1. Lemon Lime Kids

Amy Dolan is the founder and leader of Lemon Lime Kids which is an organization dedicated to seeing God “do a fresh work in the lives of children.”  Amy previously worked at Willow Creek Community Church.  Her blog offers insightful and practical articles on working in children’s ministry and clearly demonstrates her passion for kids.

2. Matt Mckee live

Matt McKee is the Pastor of Students and Children at Horizon Community Church in Cincinnati, Ohio.  His blog frequently demonstrates his creative talents as well as a fresh perspective on children’s ministry.  Many of his posts also reflect a lighter side.


Jonathan Cliff is the Children’s Ministry Pastor at Trinity Church in Lubbock, TX. He describes himself as “an Abnormal Children’s Pastor in many circles, as I’m not a big fan of puppets or magic tricks that cause things to spontaneously burst into flames.” And, to that, I say Amen! His articles cover issues of theology, kids in general and children’s ministry.

4. Children’s Ministry Blog

I am still on a quest to figure out who is behind this blog.  Why, you ask?  I love the articles posted on the site and frequently feature them on the Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol.  But, for the life of me, I cannot figure out who is behind this blog.  If you know, please tell me!  Even if you don’t know, make sure you check out the blog.


1. Children’s Ministry Online (Kenny Conley)

Children’s Ministry Online is the Blog of Kenney Conley who is the Next Generation Pastor at Gateway Community Church in Austin, Texas. He started his blog to fill a void in quality Children’s Ministry blogs, and he has accomplished that. The stated purpose of his blog is to be “about the proliferation of ideas, strategies and solutions for today’s children’s ministry.”  Kenny is a prolific writer, and his article will challenge you to really think about how you do Children’s Ministry.  Kenny’s blog is the first in this list that I would label as one of my personal favorites, and at the risk of swaying others’ votes (as if), Kenny got my vote in this division.

2. Orange Leaders

“Orange” is the newest trend in Children’s Ministry spearheaded by Reggie Joiner and the ReThink group.  Orange envisions the church as yellow (shining the light of Christ) and the family as read (showing the Love of Jesus).  When these two entities join forces they create Orange.  This movement calls for a shift from a program based view of Children’s Ministry to a view focused on empowering and working with families to change kids’ lives.  Orange Leaders is their blog with contributions from a variety of authors.

3. apPARENTly blogging

apPARENTly blogging is a blog from Awana.  In addition to issue specific from Awana, one of my favorite features of this blog is Just the Facts Monday which offers statistics and facts about kids which should interest anyone involved in Children’s Ministry.

4. Revival Fire For Kids Blog

The Revival Fire 4 Kids Blog is written by Tamara Kraft who is the leader of the Revival Fire 4 Kids Ministry based in Akron, Ohio. Having worked for a long time as a children’s pastor before starting this ministry, Tamara’s articles deal with all aspects of Children’s Ministry.


1. Sam Luce

Sam Luce is the Children’s Pastor at Mt. Zion Ministries Church in Utica N.Y. – a position he has held for the last 12 years.  Sam’s articles run the gamut from practical advice to insightful pieces on current children’s ministry trends and issues.  Sam also serves as an editor for K! Magazine.  Finally, as one of the lesser distinctions he has ever received, Sam’s blog is one of my personal favorites, and I would certainly have voted for it had it not been in the same division as the woefully overmatched DAD IN THE MIDDLE.

2. Justyn Smith

Justyn Smith’s blog offers excellent articles on various aspects of Children’s Ministry. Justyn Smith is the Children’s Pastor at The Church at South Las Vegas in Las Vegas, Nevada and chief coordinator of the Napkin Conference.


Gina McClain is currently Children’s Ministry Director at Faithpromise Church in Knoxville, Tennessee.  She previously served as the LIFEKids Pastor at the Oklahoma City, OK campus of (their largest campus). Gina is a frequent speaker at children’s ministry conferences and great resource to those involved in Children’s Ministries.  Her blog deals with practical issues in Children’s Ministry with a focus on having a vision.  Gina’s blogs is another of personal favorites which, like Sam’s blog, I would have loved to have voted for if it were not in the same division as the perennial underdog – DAD IN THE MIDDLE.

4. Dad In The Middle

Really, what more can I say about this blog other than – VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!? J


1. A Heart After Children – Brittany Sky

Recently revamped, A Heart After Children is the blog of Brittany Sky.  Brittany is the Children’s Ministry Director of a church in Oklahoma.  This blog is based on the philosophy that when you teach children to love themselves as amazing creations of God, then they will “grow up with a love for the world” and then take that love out into the world to bring people closer to the kingdom of God.

2. Jim Wideman

Anyone involved in Children’s Ministry won’t be surprised that Jim Wideman’s blog made it through! Brother Jim is a well known and respected leader in the Children’s Ministry community dedicated to helping younger leaders excel in working with kids. The articles on his sight are insightful and valuable for anyone working with kids! No surprise that Brother Jim’s blog is one of my personal favorites and, though it was close with Kid Inspiration, got my vote in this round.

3. Childrens Ministry 1234

Children’s Ministry 1234 is the blog of Rob Bradbury who is the Children’s Pastor at Planetshakers City Church in Melbourne, Australia and his team at PlanetKids. The topics covered on this blog run the gamut of Children’s Ministry.

4. [Kid Inspiration] – Dave Wakerley

Kid Inspiration is the blog of David Wakerly. Ever since he gave me grief about the name of my blog (which by the way led me to changing it to the even more confusing “Dad in the Middle”) I have followed David’s blog. His articles are not as frequent as some blogs, but every time he writes I walk away with new knowledge or insight. For that reason alone, this blog ranks as one of my personal favorites. David Wakerly is a Children’s Pastor at Hillsong Church in Sydney, Australia.


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