Kidmin Blog Madness – A DAD IN THE MIDDLE Call to Action!

Five days ago, I started a grueling week of shameless self-promotion with this post:  Dad in the Middle Needs YOUR VOTE Today!.  That post encouraged you to vote for DAD IN THE MIDDLE in’s  new  Kidmin Blog Madness Competition.  As of the writing of this post, we were still barely hanging on to the fourth spot in the Eastern Division which (if the results hold out until Sunday) will advance us into the next round for our ultimate annihilation.

So, this post is a call to action!  Head on over to the Kidmin Blog Madness Competition today and vote for DAD IN THE MIDDLE!

This is a trend-setting blog – especially when it comes to self-promotion.  Since our initial post last Sunday, a number of other blogs have jumped on the bandwagon with their own shameless self-promotion.  In order to be true to our loyal followers, I felt like it was my job to take advantage of everyone else’s self-promotion to promote DAD IN THE MIDDLE.  As soon as the posts started to show up, I started hijacking other people’s blogs making comments encouraging people to vote for DAD IN THE MIDDLE – that D-A-D I-N T-H-E M-I-D-D-L-E (5th Seed – Eastern Division).

Without further adieu, here are some of the other shameless promotions from the week along with my comments on each:

Vote for Me |

Continued my tour of shameless promotion for DAD IN THE MIDDLE, I wanted to compliment you on your blog and encourage people to vote for you in the Kidmin Blog Madness competition.

While they’re there, I would encourage them to also vote for DAD IN THE MIDDLE (5th Seed Eastern Division). 🙂

That’s right, Justyn and I are in direct competition. I don’t hold out any hopes of winning this thing, but I’m working hard to get out the first round, even if it means shameless promoting myself on other people’s blogs. 🙂

In all seriousness though, I love Justyn’s blog and all that he has done for the kidmin community.

He, just noticed I referred to Jonathan as Justyn twice in my comment. This self-promotion thing has got my head all twisted up! Doh! Anyhow, what I said applies to Jonathan and Justyn’s blogs. They are both so awesome, I get them easily confused!

Also just noticed that I typed “He” when I meant to type “Ha” I give up! 🙂

Top Ten Reasons you should vote for – JC is ONLINE

I love it. It takes shameless self-promotion to a whole new level! You definitely have my vote! Though, technically as a 4th seed with the top four going through from each division, I’m not sure you’re an underdog. You do have some stiff competition from the 3 seeds above you though! Not like those of us who are fifth seeds (read DAD IN THE MIDDLE) in, say, the Eastern Division. Now, that is an underdog position! So, to piggy-back on your on your shameless act of self-promotion, I want to encourage people to go vote for your blog and take a second to vote for DAD IN THE MIDDLE (that’s 5th seed – Eastern Division) while they’re there. I, too, am not from Texas – though I did experiment with Texas while I was in High School. Now, I think I’ve taken shameless self-promotion to a new level myself!

In all seriousness though, good luck to you! I love your blog!

March Madness of CM Blogs « Smalltownkidmin Blog

Continuing my trend of shameless self promotion and commenting on the blogs of everyone in the Kidmin Blog Madness competition, I have two things to say:

#1 – Vote for DAD IN THE MIDDLE (5th seed Easter Division) while you’re voting for Smalltownkidmin Blog, and

#2 – In all seriousness, I love your blog. I have learned a lot from it since Kenny Conley turned me on to it several weeks ago.

Keep up the good work, and remember Vote DAD IN THE MIDDLE – It’s a vote for the future!

Vote for me! | Sam Luce

Yes, go vote for Sam Luce – the Duke, Kentucky, or North Carolina (well, not this year) of the Kidmin Blog Madness tournament this year. He certainly deserves it.

And, as a special bonus, when you’re voting for Sam, scroll four easy blogs down the list and vote for Dad in the Middle as well. Remember, a vote for Dad in the Middle is a vote for world peace, all the ice cream you can eat, and puppies!

Come on now, all I ask is that you give Dad in the Middle a chance to lose to Sam by an even more embarrassing margin in the next round!

-Shameless self-promotion, check
– Encourage votes for Dad in the Middle, check
– Hijack another well-meaning kidmin blog in the interest of friendly competition, check!

VOTE! « Observations From the 2nd Floor

Ladies and gentlemen of the kidmin world, I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to my constituents. For days now, I have been traveling from blog post to blog post about the Kidmin Blog Challenge shamelessly promoting DAD IN THE MIDDLE (5th seed, Eastern Division). By the way, we still need your vote, so while your voting for ApPARENTly blogging, hop on over and vote for DAD IN THE MIDDLE as well.

Anyhow, I feel like I have slighted this blog for well over a day by failing to promote DAD IN THE MIDDLE here, an oversight I will have to live with the rest of my life.

So, to make me feel better about myself, please head immediately to the Kidmin Blog Madness Challenge and vote for apPARENTLY blogging and DAD IN THE MIDDLE – two great tastes that taste great together!

Thank you for your support!

Blog Madness « [Kid Inspiration]

It’s time. It’s time. It’s time for me to take my shameless self promotion tour international!

Everyone should go on over to the tournament and vote for Dave, he deserves it, but I don’t think he’s going to have any problem making it through to the next round.

That is more than I can say for some of us underdogs in the competition. So, while you’re voting for Dave, hope on over to the Easter Division and vote for DAD IN THE MIDDLE as well (we’re the fifth seed).

It is time for Australians and Americans to unite (after all, both of our nationalities start with the letter “A”). And, what better cause to unite behind than a push for DAD IN THE MIDDLE in the Kidmin Blog Madness Tournament?

You have my guaranty, a vote for DAD IN THE MIDDLE ensures that I will never use the phrase “Put another shrimp on the barbie” on my blog.

God Bless!

Thus concludes this installment in the world tour of me committing shameless acts of self-promotion on other people’s blogs.

Thank you for your support!

Vote for “Justyn Smith” «

Good Luck to you. I see you have zoomed past Dad in the Middle overnight. I enjoy your blog and encourage people to go vote for you! And, I would never think of using a comment to your post to encourage people to also VOTE FOR DAD IN THE MIDDLE while they are voting for your blog. That seems way to much like a shameless act of self-promotion.

Keep up the great work, and vote DAD IN THE MIDDLE…errr, I mean Justyn Smith.

Elemental Children’s Ministry » Blog Archive » March Madness Hits Kidmin Blogs!

Just when I thought my shameless tour of other people’s blogs was over, Henry goes and posts another article about the Kidmin Blog Madness.

So, yes, yes, yes, go vote for Henry and Elemental Children’s Ministry in the internationally flavored Midwest Division, but while you’re there, make sure to stop by the Eastern Division and vote for everyone’s favorite underdog – DAD IN THE MIDDLE.

And, remember, a vote for DAD IN THE MIDDLE helps to unite the world (and not in a Revelation kind of way). 🙂

March Madness for Children’s Ministry — SojournKids


I love your blog. I always enjoy reading what you have to say on Tony’s Children’s Ministry Think Tank articles as well. Glad to see you in the tournament.

Continuing my theme of shameless self-promotion this week (which is starting to make even me feel a little bit slimy), I have been traveling the blogosphere taking advantage of the comments on other people’s blogs to encourage people to also cast a vote for DAD IN THE MIDDLE (5th seed Eastern Division).

Remember, a vote for DAD IN THE MIDDLE is a vote for grandma and apple pie (or any other sort of pie or dessert in the event you do not like apple pie, but if you don’t like apple pie maybe I don’t want your vote – wait! wait! Yes, I do, I want your vote no matter what kind of pie you like!).

In all seriousness though, keep up the great work on this blog. I look forward to continuing to read and learn from you.

There was one more blog that posted an article about the competition, but I just couldn’t bring myself to self-promote on hallowed ground.  That was Jim Wideman’s blog post:

Looking For Some Great Children’s Ministry Blogs

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