#36 – The Power of the Remote Video (Tips For Large Group Teaching)

Welcome to a continuing series of tips on working with large groups of children. I hope that you will find these tips useful and be able to implement them in your dealings with large groups of kids. If you do, please leave a comment and let us know. For a complete list of posts in this series, please see the index page. So, without further introduction, here is today’s installment.

Here’s a fun idea that is easy to pull off with a camcorder and a computer.  Shoot a “remote” shot of yourself, or a character from some other location.  Either interact live with the remote shot in terms of an interview with a character (this takes some timing) or do the whole thing by video and show it to the class.  For a weekend when I planning on being out of town, I shot a remote video conference call from my destination to be shown to the kids.  That call was inexplicably interrupted by Professor Knows-A-Lot.  I shot both parts and spliced them together.  Unfortunately, my trip got canceled, and I didn’t get a chance to use it, but I plan to use the idea again in the near future.  It’s a great way to fill a weekend when you might be out of town.  Remember, it’s all about trying new things and keeping the kids guessing what might come next.

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