Collaborate: Family + Church – Pre-order Your Copy Today!

Starting today, a great new resources is available for pre-order on  The book, call Collaborate: Family + Church brings together Michael Chanley and 34 other writers from the field of Children’s Ministry to share their views on connecting parents and the church in the spiritual development of children.  The noted list of authors includes the “Who’s who” of Children’s Ministry today including:

I was familiar with many of these contributors prior to this book, and I have linked their blogs / pages in the list above where I could find. This group brings a wealth of knowledge on the subject together in one place which I think is unparalleled in any prior publication. I can not wait to get my copy and learn from them as well as the other contributors!

Several others have posted articles regarding this upcoming book. Check out the following articles from:

A Blog Tour is coming up for this book sometime next month. I am excited to have been selected to participate in that review. In the interest of full disclosure, I will be provided a copy of the book as part of that process. I have not yet received the book, and I am posting this article because I am genuinely excited about this coming resource and hope all those involved in children’s ministry will check it out.

The following is a video about the book:


For more information, check out Collaborate’s Facebook page.

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  1. Hey, this is a really great blog post. I love how you linked everyone's names. THANKS!
    I hope you the book is a blessing to your ministry, brother.