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I wanted to post an article today to make you aware of an invaluable resource from one of my favorite Children’s Ministry websites on the internet today –  Today’s article will focus on the Forums but first I wanted to tell you a little more about website itself.  I have featured the page in several posts I’ve done of the best of best when it comes to Children’s Ministry including:

I am also a huge fan of the Children’s Ministry Think Tank featured on the site which I have posted about wand written for in the past: is a website created by Tony Kummer to “help you make a difference in the lives of children!”  The entire content of the site is free to anyone and includes all kinds of information for all levels of Children’s Ministry.  I first “met” Tony last Spring when he linked to a post I had published on the Children Desiring God conference (Children Desiring God – A Summary of the 2009 National Conference).  Since then, we have corresponded a number of times, and as indicated above, I regularly participate in the Children’s Ministry Think Tank.

The website is based on five core values.  They are:

  • Children’s Ministry must be God-Centered
  • Children’s Ministry must be Bible-saturated
  • Children’s Ministry must be Gospel-driven
  • Children’s Ministry must minister to the whole family
  • Children’s Ministry is about serving kids

I couldn’t agree more with these principals, and the articles and resources included on the site reflect these values.  The website includes over 500 articles and posts with resources ranging from lesson plans to crafts to vacation bible school themes to review of resources to general articles on Children’s Ministry.  However, one of the most underused, but most useful features of the site, is the Forums.  These forums are a place for people involved in Children’s Ministry to come to ask questions, share ideas and resources and sharpen one another for work in Children’s Ministry.  I have used the forums since Tony first added them to the site sometime last year, and I find them an invaluable resource.  I have met a number of people on the forums that I now correspond with directly on a variety of issues related to Children’s Ministry.

The goal of the forums is to provide a place for people in Children’s Ministry to gather to discuss concerns, talk about issues, and ask for help.  The more people who we can get to participate in the forums, the more useful they will be for everyone.  I have had a couple of conversations with Tony over the last several months to offer some suggestions for making the forums more useful for everyone and for attracting new visitors.  A couple of months back, Tony asked me to facilitate the use of the forums.

In the interest of full disclosure, I should tell you Tony offered to “pay” me for my help with forums in the form of books he receives from WTSbooks.  Don’t tell Tony, but I would have done it for free!  The books are just icing on the cake.  My real passion is in helping to create a place for collaboration amongst people who love working with kids.  Tony did not ask me to write this post about the forums, but I am posting it here because I truly believe that collaboration amongst those of us who work in Children’s Ministry is vital to our continuing to grow in our ability to reach more children for the kingdom of Christ.  The help I have received and the resources people have pointed me towards since I started using these forums is invaluable, and as the forums continue to grow that will only increase.  Given the wide readership of use of the resources on these forums should only continue to grow and become one of the premier sites for kidmin folks to get together to discuss their work with kids.  The purpose of this post is to encourage you to check out these forums and become an active participant yourself.

We are still working on reformatting some of the groupings and other components of the forums, but I hope that you will stop by and check them out.  If you do, leave a post so we’ll know you’ve been there.  I look forward to seeing you there.

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  1. I second everything you have said about the whole of Ministry-to-children website. And as for the forums, they are easy to use, cover a wealth of topics and I have found them very helpful indeed. I was made to feel at home right away. And the atmosphere is warm, respectful, humorous and caring.

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