Wordle Challenge – January 2010

Last month I started the Wordle challenge. Wordle.net is a site that allows you to create word pictures of your blog / site based on the frequency with which you use certain words. Each month I run Dad in the Middle through Wordle to get a visual image of what the blog has been focused on recently. Previous Wordle graphics can be found at the bottom of this post.

Here is my Wordle.net for January 2010 created on January 31, 2010:

“Know” and “Kids” were prominent in the past month. This is likely because of the new series I started on Tips for Large Group Teaching. That also explains why “large” and “groups” were also prominently featured. It always worries me a little bit when “God” is not prominently featured in my blog. I could blame it on the series on teaching, but given that the first post in February in this series was #13 – It’s All About Jesus (Tips For Large Group Teaching), we’ll have to work on that!

If you have a blog, I challenge you to run Wordle.net on it and see where your focus is! If you do take the challenge, post it on your site, and leave a comment here so we can all come see your Wordle!

Previous Wordle Challenges:

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  1. Great idea! Here's ours, Wayne. I don't know how accurate it is, Pizza seems overly prominent!!