My 2010 Reading List

Inspired by Kenny Conley (as always), and his post “My 2010 Reading List,” I thought I would put together my own reading list for 2010.  I love to read, but I tend to go through stages throughout the year.  There are months where all I read is my Bible, and there are period where I read insatiably.  I usually have many books going at the same time. I hope to accomplish two things by posting it here:

  1. It will help me to organize my thoughts and have a plan for what I intend to read; and
  2. I hope it will help to ease my wife’s concern that I continue to buy tons and tons of books and never read them.  See, honey, I have a plan!

So, here is what I plan to be reading in 2010:

Books Written to or for Children

Books Related to Children’s and Family Ministry

Books About Teaching






I don’t read a lot of fiction as a general rule, but this year I’ve already started reading the Chronicles of Narnia series to my kids.

So, there we have it – my planned reading list for 2010, and its only 30 books.  We’ll see how it goes!  For the record, and for my wife’s peace of mind, I only need to buy one of the books on this list.  That book is Me, Myself & Bob which I haven’t gotten around to buying yet.  If you have one laying around, feel free to mail it to me!  I already have all the others.  What are you reading this year?

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  1. I forgot one on my list:

    Rock Solid Teacher: Discover the Joy of Teaching Like Jesus…by Gregory C. Carlson. I guess that makes 31 books for my list this year!