The Children's Ministry Blog Patrol (December 2009)

Childrens Ministry Blog Patrol

The NEW AND IMPROVED Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol seems to have been a success. I hope that you will find this month’s equally as useful. There are a lot of people out there dedicated to Children and Children’s Ministry publishing great and useful stuff on the internet. This is my attempt to try to compile some of the best of that information into one place for your perusal. As you might suspect, there were a lot, and I mean A LOT, of articles about Christmas this past month. I tried to limit the number in the Blog Patrol (seeing as how you won’t read it until January), but there were a couple I could not resist including.


I’ve decided I like the “must read” feature, so I am going to stick with it for now. As I’ve said before, I think they’re all must-reads, but for the best-of-the best, I’ve added this little graphic to the right of the title. If you’re running low on time, make sure that you check out these articles at a minimum!

This Blog Patrol seems to get longer every month, so I thought I would add a quick little section index right up front:


There weren’t a lot of Children’s Ministry posts on Dad in the Middle last month as we spent most of the month doing the Christmas Carol Advent.

With that introduction, let’s have a look at some articles you might have missed this month:

Practical Teaching Tips & Advice

These articles offer tips and advice of teaching, working with kids, running your ministry and basically anything else that involves dealing with a group of kids.

Classic Teaching Principles for Children’s Ministry

  • Kristin Charles, from looks at the seven laws of teaching. How do you apply these laws to your Children’s Ministry?


Curriculum Essentials – Teaching the Bible

  • Mike Johnson looks at the importance of the Bible and his method for getting kids involved in the stories of the Bible.


  • aPARENTly Blogging offers 8 practical tips for engaging your tween in conversation.

Ministry Issues

This category is a bit of a catch all for everything that doesn’t fit under another category. These articles deal with all kinds of different issues relevant to Children’s Ministry and those who work in that ministry.

Blog Series – Keep Your Focus

This is the continuation of a series started last month on the Free CM Stuff blog dedicated to resources to help in your spiritual growth.

Blog Series – Five People to Meet in Twenty10

Anthony Prince concludes a series started last month listing people he would like to make contact with in the coming year.


Blog Series – 5 Things I Hate About Children’s Ministry

Jonathan Cliff looks at five negative directions and roles that Children’s Pastors often take on.


Blog Series – Staying Dynamic in Children’s Ministry

In this series, Elemental Children’s Ministry looks at eight things a Children’s Ministry needs to do in order to remain dynamic. He tackled four of them this month.

Children’s Ministries Produce Spiritually Active Adults Study Confirms

  • Take 2.0 links to a Barna study that reveals the importance of Children’s Ministries in the spiritual formation of adults.


  • The article from the Awana blog reminds us that kids, and not just our own kids, are always watching us. We should make sure that we are showing them Christ in our actions not just our words.

Ministry Is Spending

  • Jim Wideman reminds us that ministry is draining, and it is important that you invest in your relationship with God before you actually need it.


10 Secrets To Stay Renewed

  • Jim Wideman offers 10 practical ideas for helping you stay renewed in ministry.

Things I’m Big On In Children’s Church

  • James Kennison lists six things about Children’s Church that are important to him in his ministry.


A well oiled machine or a plateau?

  • Spencer Click reminds us that it isn’t always a good sign when things are running smoothly.


Why Require Unregenerate Children to Act Like They’re Good?

  • A great article from John Piper on requiring kids to behave in ways which conform to God’s will.

I Want to be in Ministry Full Time

  • Chad Swanzy examines a list of things you should contemplate to see if you are ready to go into Children’s or Youth Ministry on a full-time basis.

“This Sh_t Is Awesome!”

  • Perry Noble relates a story from their Children’s Ministry and examines how we approach unsaved kids.

Redefining Worship

  • This article looks at what worship truly is and the relationship between kids and worship.

Kid Devotions

  • J.C. examines the components of a devotional for kids.

Leaders and Leadership

Running a ministry takes leadership at all kinds of different levels. This section is for articles about and for leaders.

Blog Series – Casting Vision to Your Church Staff

Kenny Conley had an opportunity to spend ninety minutes talking to the leadership of his church about the Children’s Ministry. This series captures what he said.

Blog Series – Leading With Help

In this series, Jim Wideman looks at the importance of including others in your Children’s Ministry efforts.

Dealing with Criticism Without Becoming Critical

  • Jim Wideman discusses coming to the realization that everyone will not like you and your decisions in ministry.

Getting your team on the same page

  • Orange leaders looks at some practical tips for getting your team on the same page.


Seven Leadership Questions Teams Should Be Asking

  • Perry Noble offers up seven questions that any leadership team, in Children’s Ministry or otherwise, should ask on a consistent basis.

The Art of Change

  • Rags Studio looks at the four “A’s” of change.


Most Children’s Ministries are made up principally, or entirely, of volunteers. I am amongst that number. This section includes articles related to volunteers both for volunteers and about volunteers.

Kidmin | Small Group Leader Expectations | Unconditional Love

  • This article examines the need for small group leaders to be invested in the lives of the kids they lead and what that means in terms of what should be expected of small group leaders.


What we ask our Children’s Ministry workers to commit.

  • Jared Kennedy, from Sojourn Kids, shares their Children’s Ministry Servant Covenant. What do you ask your volunteers to agree to before you let them volunteer?

Kids and Theology

Jesus should be at the center of any Children’s Ministry. That means teaching kids about Jesus and about theology. This section is for articles that discuss and assist with teaching kids about theology and theological concepts.

Blog Series – A Christmas Story: From the Beginning to the Beginning of the End

Kevin DeYoung looks at the Christmas story in its context from the beginning og recorded history to the end. I tried not to include too much Christmas stuff in this Blog Patrol, but this series is worth checking out!


The χ in Xmas

  • Justin Taylor links to an article from R.C. Sproul which explains the origins of using X to symbolize Christ. I tried not include a lot of articles about Christmas, but this one was interesting and dispels some myths popular in Christian circles.

Kids and Christ

In all about Christ! This section is for articles about bringing kids to Christ, bringing kids back to Christ, salvation and children, and anything along those lines. I’ll warn you that I love stories about kids being saved. So, don’t be surprised if you see quite a few of those hear too.

The Email That Made My Year

  • I’ve said it on here before, and I’ll say it again, I love reading stories about kids coming to Christ. This story from Kidologist Karl Bastian is one such story.

Kids and Cultural Trends

Kid are multi-million dollar target market. Is it any wonder that kids these days have their own culture? This section looks various cultural trends and issues with kids and that affect kids.


Top 100 Kids’ Online Search Words for 2009

  • This article from Church Relevance looks at the top words searched by kids in 2009. WARNING – some of the words in this list are offensive. WARNING – That’s the point!

Resources (Music, Conferences, Internet Sites, Books, Games)

One thing I have learned since getting involved in Children’s Ministry is that those who work in Children’s Ministry are generous to a fault. This section is full of useful resources for those working with kids.

Free Printable Christmas Book: The 12 Symbols of Christmas

  • I tried not to include too much Christmas stuff in this month’s installment since it will be published in January, but this is a great resource that you might want to hang on to until next year.

Crazy Church Resources

  • Free CM Stuff links to this site with various free materials for children’s ministry.

12 Clues for Guessing Who’s Who in the Bible: A Fun Bible Activity for Sunday School

  • Scripture Lady offers up this 20-Questions type game for guessing Bible characters.

Curriculum and Object Lessons

Curriculum was part of the Resources section before I started to see more and more object lessons as blog posts. I don’t put them all here do to time constraints, but I will link to some of my favorite every month. If you’re looking for more, trying searching the blogs that show up under this section. Many of them frequently post object lessons.

Daniel Stands Firm

  • A lesson on depending on God based on Daniel chapter 1.

Esther Bible Lessons for Children: Part 1

  • This lesson geared towards kids in kindergarten through the fifth grade teaches kids how anger can affect their decisions based on the book of Esther.

Lesson: God Saves from the Fiery Furnace

  • offers this lesson for 9 to 12 year olds based on Shadrach, Meshach, & Abednego in the Fiery Furnace.

Family Ministry

Family Ministry is a growing trend in the field of Children’s Ministry wherein worship services and teaching are not segregated by age. Instead, the whole family is the core. This section includes articles specifically related to Family Ministry.


Family ministry musings

  • Kenny Conley wonders “family ministry” is really the solution or just another trend. I think articles like this are important in that they force you to step back from the “hype” and really give some thought to issues important to Children’s Ministry.

Worshiping With Kids

  • Anchor Children’s Ministry looks at a trend in churches to go back to having kids worship with their parents.

Parenting and Marriage Issues

The Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol would not be complete if we did not pay attention to family issues that affect the kids we minister to. This section includes various articles and parenting and marriage.

Children’s Ministry Think Tank: Santa Claus and Children’s Ministry: How Do You Respond?

  • I tried not to include too many articles in this edition of the The Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol, but last month’s installment of the Children’s

Christmas is Supposed to Be Magical

  • Lot’s of people offered their take on Santa last month. I thought this article was definitely worth reading.


When Is Enough Enough?

  • Children’s examines an article from Time Magazine on overprotective parents. If you know this type of helicopter parents, deal with them, or are one, you’ll definitely want to check out this article.

Seven Ways to Teach Kindness to Your Children

  • This blog from the AWANA programs offers seven practical things you can do as a parent to help teach your kids how to be kind. Not surprisingly, all of them involve modeling the behavior for our kids!

Seven Reasons Why Marriages Fail

  • Perry Noble offers up seven reasons why marriages fail and, consequently, seven things you should be on the watch out for in your own marriage.

10 Ways to Be a Better Dad

  • Pastor George Pearson offers ten practical tips for being a better Dad based on Biblical standards.

“Spankings don’t save children”

  • Sojourn Kids offers a short video from John Piper on spanking.

Permission to parent…

  • Chad Swanzy offers from advice to parents from a youth minister.

Just For Fun

This section includes posts from various Children’s Ministry blogs from the last month that were lighthearted or just made me chuckle.


Parenting Instructions 101

  • From the Human Error Blog, this post looks at diagrams of good and bad methods of parenting.

Rich Daddy God

  • Tim Challies offers a write-up of a “Christian” board game that you’ll have to read to believe.

Dads, the Old Testament ends with a message for you. God wants your kids. So, God wants you.

  • A message for fathers from the Old Testament.

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think of “The Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol.”

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