Dad in the Middle – The Year in Review

In a couple of days, I intend to post on some New Year’s Resolutions and look forward to the coming year, but today I thought it made sense to look back at the past.  Specifically, I thought it might be interesting to look back at the past year of this blog.  As any of you who read these posts have probably surmised, I am a list person, and will get to some lists of best and most popular in a little bit.  Before we do that though, I want to take just a bit to reflect.

It has been an exciting year for me here at Dad in the Middle.  I started this blog back in the Summer of 2008 with a series on the Biblical Definition of Love.  Not many people read it back then – which was OK.  I mainly started the blog because I like to write out what I am studying, and I decided a blog might be an interesting way to do that and if a dozen people or so read it or got anything out those posts, that would have been fine!  I continued along that way for a while and even wrote about a few other things.  I took a couple of month break from writing anything at the beginning of the year, and the first post was not until February 21 when I posted I’m sorry…an open letter to my family and friends a combination of confession and testimony.  After another month of two or three posts, something happened towards the end of March.  I started to feel more and more called to try to use this blog more for the glory of God and less as my personal note taking site.

On March 29, I summarized an interesting Nightline Debate on the topic of “Is Satan Real?” After that, the posts became more and more frequent.  On April 7 I started The Blog Patrol which has morphed several times during the year and become a popular feature on the sight.  It is now a monthly feature called The Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol.  Over the course of the year, my focus has also shifted from general issues related to Christianity to a greater focus on issues related to Children’s Ministry.

Another significant moment came following a post I did called 8 Reasons to Get Involved in Children’s Ministry from Psalm 78 in June.  Following that post, David Wakerly was nice enough to link to it from his site Kid Inspiration.  He was also kind enough to take a good natured dig at the unimaginative name of the blog (which at that time was Wayne’s Random Thoughts) which in his words “is what you call your blog before you realise there are approx. 18.7 million with the same title.”  In his defense, there was a smiley face after that text!  In all seriousness though, I had thought about changing the name previously and David’s post was enough to prompt me to come up with something we gave rise to renaming the blog Dad in the Middle.

There have been times throughout the year when I have considered taking a break from the blog or stopping altogether.  Invariably, I get a comment or a kind word from someone who has found the blog useful.  I have been, and continue to be, amazed how God has worked through this simple blog to affect lives.  I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised though – he is a big God!  I am looking forward to the coming year and what it will bring, but the following are some of my favorites from the past year:


These are, very simply, the ten posts and/or pages which received the most traffic during the past year.  The only one that really surprised me was that my About Me page made the cut, but I guess people want to see if what they’re reading was written by some nut job.  I hope they weren’t too disappointed when they found out that is was!

  1. Who Made God? (Questions Kids Ask)
  2. 25 NOT SO Random Things About Me
  3. 25 Reasons I Believe the Bible
  4. Why Did God Make Us? (Questions Kids Ask)
  5. About Me
  6. A Love That Surpasses All Knowledge (A Biblical Definition of Love)
  7. 30 Ways to Get Connected with Your Kids
  8. In the Beginning…God!
  9. I believe…What I believe about sin
  10. Psalm 119 – The Word of God

I should point out that this list was compiled about two weeks ago.  Since that time, The Real Christmas Story propelled itself up to #7 on the list from #12 and almost took over the #6 spot.  Rather than redo the list, I thought I would mention it here!


Some of my favorite posts to write did make it into the most popular list like 30 Ways to Get Connected with Your Kids, but many did not.  The following are some of the stories I enjoyed the most and/or most enjoyed writing about.

  1. I’m sorry…an open letter to my family and friends
  2. From the mouth of babes…
  3. Little Mouth…Deep Truth (Children’s Ministry Moment #2)
  4. Someday
  5. ABC’s of Children’s Ministry
  6. 50 Word Gospel
  7. 30 Ways to Get Connected with Your Kids
  8. 8 Reasons to Get Involved in Children’s Ministry from Psalm 78
  9. 22 Ways to Teach Kids HOW to Think And Not Just WHAT to Think
  10. Best of the Best – Children’s Ministry Internet Resources


Then, there were a number of posts that just never took off, but I thought were worth reading (in my humble opinion).  Feel free to check them out now.

  1. What Do You Want to Be Known For? (Another Jacob Moment)
  2. Isaiah 52:6 – Here I Am!
  3. Top Ten Christian Books for Kids
  4. Happy Birthday to Me!
  5. How Many People Were On That Boat? (Children’s Ministry Moment #5)
  6. 15 Things I Learned from Vacation Bible School
  7. I’m Busy! Do I Have Time To Care for God
  8. Going Dark – The Recap!
  9. Jesus Loves Me – Behind the Music
  10. Spurgeon on Self-Righteousness


It didn’t happen by design, but Saturday morning has become a day where I generally post a video that I’ve come across that interested me.  Here are some of my favorites.

  1. Old Testament…New Ideas (Jelly Telly’s Books of the Bible Series)
  2. Psalm 55:22 (Seeds Family Worship)
  3. You’re Losing Us!
  4. Evidence
  5. Give up Yer Aul Sins
  6. Family Man
  7. Bible Shorts
  8. When God talks Creation Rocks
  9. Teach Your Kids Bad Theology: A How-to Guide –
  10. How Great Thou Art (Carrie Underwood)


Sometime on Saturday mornings, and sometimes on other days throughout the week, I’ve posted videos or other items that are just for fun.  I believe God gave us laughter for a reason.  Here are some of my favorites!

  1. The Porpoise Driven Life
  2. Things You Don’t Say To Your Wife
  3. Motivation
  4. A Tribute To Chick-Fil-A
  5. The Importance of Scripture Memorization Under Pressure!
  6. Esther and Freddie Mercury (aka Purim Will Rock You!)
  7. Praying With Kids
  8. The DaSeussi Code
  9. Parenting By The Book
  10. Baptism by the Water Cooler


Finally, if you didn’t catch on before this recap, you should have by now – I’m a list person.  I keep lists of lists.  Technically, this is a list of lists, and since there were so many of them, I actually made this a Top Ten plus 1!  These are some of my favorite list posts from the prior year.

  1. 8 Reasons to Get Involved in Children’s Ministry from Psalm 78
  2. 30 Ways to Get Connected with Your Kids
  3. 22 Ways to Teach Kids HOW to Think And Not Just WHAT to Think
  4. 15 Things I Learned from Vacation Bible School
  5. 5 Things Kids Must Know About Sin (Children’s Ministry Think Tank)
  6. 213 Things I Learned from Shepherding A Child’s Heart
  7. 25 NOT SO Random Things About Me
  8. 8 Questions to Determine How Proud You Are
  9. 25 Reasons I Believe the Bible
  10. Top Ten Children’s Ministry Blogs
  11. Top Ten Non Children’s Ministry Blogs That Those in Children’s Ministry Should Follow

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