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Childrens Ministry Blog Patrol

Several months ago I posted I posted a listing of My 30 Favorite Children’s Ministry Blogs based on their inclusion in The Blog Patrol.  Since that time, I’ve reformatted what was The Blog Patrol into The Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol to focus on articles of importance to those involved in Children’s Ministry.  Also since that time, I have discovered additional blogs which should be added to the list, and some blogs from the prior list have inexplicably disappeared.

So, it seemed like a good time to update the list. So, here’s the deal. I have picked the top ten blogs from The Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol based on the frequency of their inclusion in that listing and the timing of their inclusion (with more points for more recent listings). Rather than do one list, I’ve actually decided to do four top ten lists starting today and for the next three days as follows:

Only entries for the last four months since The Blog Patrol became The Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol were considered. During that time, we have featured 488 articles from 93 different blogs. The only other criteria was that blogs that did not appear until the most recent The Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol were not eligible for the first three top ten lists. They are highlighted in the final top ten list along with other substantial Children’s Ministry Blog which did not make the top twenty because they do not publish as many articles but what they do published is frequently included in The Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol.

I have included a brief description for each blog. Let me know what you think!



For anyone who regularly reads the Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol, it should be no surprise that tops my list of Children’s Ministry blogs. I found the site early on, and at least one article from this site has been featured in every single issue of the The Blog Patrol. was created by Tony Kummer, a graduate of Southern Seminary and full time children’s pastor at a “small Southern Baptist church.”  Tony is still a frequent contributor to the site, but he has also added numerous other contributors resulting in a site which is updated frequently and always has something new and interesting to offer.  In addition to general children’s ministry issues, Tony has also gathered together a team of individuals who excel in writing curriculum which is also posted at the site.  Finally, the site includes a series of forums to interact with other users on issues and questions related to Children’s Ministry.

Jim Wideman


Jim Wideman

Anyone involved in Children’s Ministry won’t be surprised to Jim Wideman’s blog high on the list! He is a well known and respected leader in the Children’s Ministry community dedicated to helping younger leaders excel in working with kids. The articles on his sight are insightful and valuable for anyone working with kids!

Free CM Stuff


Free CM Stuff

Andy Johnson has been ministering to kids for the past 13 years and been in full-time Children’s Ministry since 2005.  In that time he has accumulated quite a list of no-cost resources for other people in children’s ministry.  He offers that resources on his blog…Free CM Stuff.  This has quickly become one of my favorite blogs and I keep a watch on it for new resources.  I also find myself searching the archives when I need something for children’s ministry.  After all, he has one of my favorite words – FREE – right in the title of the blog!

Elemental CM


Elemental Children’s Ministry

Henry Zonio is the Children’s Pastor at Redwood Park Church in Ontario Canada.  His blog, Elemental Children’s Ministry, offers unique insights into children’s ministry, a dash of modern technology and good dose of humor.  He posts new articles frequently, so there is always something new to check out.

Orange Leaders


Orange Leaders

“Orange” is newer trend in Children’s Ministry spearheaded by Reggie Joiner and the ReThink group.  Orange envisions the church as yellow (shining the light of Christ) and the family as read (showing the Love of Jesus).  When these two entities join forces they create Orange.  This movement calls for a shift from a program based view of Children’s Ministry to a view focused on empowering and working with families to change kids lives.  Orange Leaders is their blog with contributions from a variety of authors.

CM Monthly


Children’s Ministry Monthly

Children’s Ministry Monthly is the blog of James Kennison.  James serves Suncoast Cathedral in Saint Petersburg, Florida.  This blog is related to the Children’s Ministry monthly podcast and focuses specifically on the children’s ministry needs of smaller to medium sized churches.

Sam Luce


Sam Luce

Sam Luce is the Children’s Pastor at Mt. Zion Ministries Church in Utica N.Y. – a position he has held for the last 12 years.  Sam’s articles run the gamut from practical advice to insightful pieces on current children’s ministry trends and issues.

West Coast


West Coast Children’s Ministry

West Coast Children’s Ministry is the blog of Anthony Prince.  Anthony’s tag line for the site is “Giving a Voice to Children’s Ministers on the Left Coast,” but his articles cover issues of importance to children’s ministries around the globe. Anthony is the Director of Children’s Ministries at Glenkirk Church in Los Angeles, California.

Take 2


Take 2.0

Take 2.0 is the ministry of Pastor Todd McKeever.  Pastor Todd has been in Children’s Ministry for 15 years and currently serves as Children’s Pastor for MacArthur Church in Arkansas.  Pastor Todd draws on the wealth of his experience to offer insightful and helpful articles covering all aspects of Children’s Ministry.

North Point Kids


Inside North Point Kids

North Point Church is a well known church in the Atlanta, Georgia area.  Inside North Point Kids is the blog of their Children’s ministries.  With articles dealing with issues such as budgeting and leadership to practical advice on dealing with difficult kids, you are sure to find something useful to your current situation on this blog!


  1. Wayne,
    Thanks for the mention! I always enjoy the blog patrol and I can never resist top ten lists.

  2. Wayne,
    So glad you enjoy my blog! I hope that it benefits the children’s ministry community in a great way! You are doing a great job, keep it up! I’m so glad to see a man and a dad so pumped about children’s ministry!

  3. Thank you Wayne, I used this post of yours this time as a post for me to hopefully be a benefit for volunteers all around. Check it out and hope you don’t mind.

    Again thanks for the mention.

  4. I came back and read this post again and thought I would let you know that the Take TWO site is no longer due to the church I left did not want to sell me my domain because they were going to keep my name of Take TWO.

    So I have created a site by my name and run everything under that now.