The Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol (October 2009)

Childrens Ministry Blog Patrol

The NEW AND IMPROVED Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol seems to have been a success. I hope that you will find this month’s equally as useful. There are a lot of people out there dedicated to Children and Children’s Ministry publishing great and useful stuff on the internet. This is my attempt to try to compile some of the best of that information into one place for your perusal.


I’ve added a new feature last month to accentuate those articles which I feel are “must reads.” Well, frankly, I think they’re all must-reads, but for the best-of-the best, I’ve added this graphic to the right of the title. If you’re running low on time, make sure that you check out these articles at a minimum!

This Blog Patrol seems to get longer every month, so I thought I would add a quick little section index right up front:


Finally, I resisted it for months, but last month I finally gave in and started to include my own articles related to Children’s Ministry in this blog. In case you want to skip over those and get to the stuff that really excites me, I’ve marked articles from this blog with the graphic to the left.

With that introduction, let’s have a look at some articles you might have missed this month:

Practical Teaching Tips & Advice

These articles offer tips and advice of teaching, working with kids, running your ministry and basically anything else that involves dealing with a group of kids.

Blog Series – How Do You Prepare A Message

This Series from Perry Noble examines the process for preparing a message. Although this series is not directly related to Children’s Ministry, we should put as much effort and skill into preparing messages for kids as we do for adults.

Blog Series – Kids and Behavior Issues

In this series, Kendra Flemming asks the question “What do you do with the Karate Chopping, Paper Eating, Won’t Sit Still kind of kid?”

Teaching Children to be Peacemakers

  • CapCity Kidz links to a Focus on the Family resource that includes 12 ways to help kids become peacemakers.


Small Group Idea | “My Top 5″

  • Dan Scott offers a fun way to introduce yourself to the kids in your small group and/or have them introduce themselves to you.

Illustration for Children: Why Faith Glorifies God

  • Justin Taylor recounts an illustration given by John Piper in a sermon in 1999 on Why Faith Glorifies God. It is classic John Piper and a great illustration for kids.

Child Dedication Class

  • Jonathan Cliff offers useful advice on teaching a class about Child Dedication.

Child Dedication Service and Follow-up

  • This is a follow up to Jonathan Cliff’s earlier article on Child Dedications.

Small Talk With Children

  • Ragsstudio offers some practical suggestions for making small talk with children.

Dynamics of Sharing A Kids Sermon

  • Three stories that should be in every lesson for kids’ church.


The Gospel for Children: The Importance of Jesus in Every Kids Church Lesson

  • Charlie Wallace on why the gospel should be included in every lesson you prepare regardless of the curriculum you are losing. This one is near and dear to my heart!

Creative Bible Teaching

  • Karen Wingate examines the need for creativity in teaching children.


Fact or Fiction?

  • This article touches on another topic near and dear to my heart – how do we make sure that when we present Bible stories to kids they understand that it is fact and not fiction!

Kid Appropriate

  • Are there parts of the Bible which are not appropriate for kids?

Noah’s Ark Revisited

  • A fun look at what happens when you stretch a little too far to find the application for a particular Bible story.


Four Storytelling Tips for Children’s Ministry

  • Kristin Charles from provides four pieces of advice on effective storytelling based on the model of Jesus.

Ministry Issues

This category is a bit of a catch all for everything that doesn’t fit under another category. These articles deal with all kinds of different issues relevant to Children’s Ministry and those who work in that ministry.


Blog Series – Reaching the Next Generation

Kevin DeYoung writes this series on How to Reach the Next Generation

Children’s Ministry Think Tank #6 – Teaching Kids How To Pray

  • This installment of the Children’s Ministry Think Tank asks how do you teach kids how to pray. This is the second Think Tank I’ve contributed to, so I think I’ll start calling myself a regular contributor!

Counting The Cost

  • Jim Wideman asks what a lack of attention to detail may be costing your church.

What If Series: Kids Church Museum

  • What if Children’s Ministry were more interactive? This article doesn’t have all the answers, but it will definitely get you thinking!

You Know You’ve Been in Awana for a Long Time If …

  • In enjoy working with the kids in AWANA each and every week. This list was compiled by T&T kids at Bethany Romanian Baptist Church in California to let you gauge just how long you’ve been in Awana.


  • On the flip side of the last articles, this one includes ten things that AWANA leaders wish parents would understand.

4 Things Youth Want in Youth Ministry

  • This article bucks the notion that bigger is better and focuses on four keys to successful youth ministry.

Children’s Church: Should it be Super Fun or Super Serious?

  • Children’s Ministry Monthly looks at the debate over how “fun” Children’s Church should be and concludes that in the end – it depends!

Why Ministry???

  • Jerry Moyer from the Jubilee Gang looks at the proper motivation for doing ministry.

Spiritual Burnout In Children’s Ministry

  • Based on the life of the prophet Elijah, this article from Tamera Kraft looks at practical steps to avoid burnout in Children’s Ministry.

A Brief History of Sunday School

  • Jeri Tanner from provides this fascinating history of Sunday School.

Children’s Ministry…It’s Not Just Ministry to Children

  • Dale Hudson explains that effective Children’s Ministry ministers to a whole lot more than just children!

Who’s Vision Do I Have?

  • Jamie Doyle reminds us that we need to make sure that we are following God’s vision for us and not the one he has given to someone else – even if we like it better!

Reggie’s talk at Catalyst

  • The Orange Leaders blog offers links to five sites with summaries of Reggie Joiner’s talk at Catalyst 09.

Branch Out From Children’s Ministry On Purpose.

  • Justyn Smith explains why you need to intentionally branch out from Children’s Ministry.


Prioritize Fun

  • Clayton King expounds on the health benefits of having fun!

Children’s Ministry Is Changing.

  • Robert Gentry examines how Children’s Ministry is changing.

Children’s Ministry Budget: 8 Tips for Doing More with Less

  • A practical article on extending your budget in these down times.


  • Orange Families discusses the appropriate way of dealing with frustration.

Is Your Church Hospitable to Families with Children?

  • This article asks some practical questions about how friendly your church is towards children.

Leaders and Leadership

Running a ministry takes leadership at all kinds of different levels. This section is for articles about and for leaders.


Blog Series – Delegate or Die

In addition to a great title, this series from Jim Wideman offers tips on the why and how of delegation.


Blog Series – Four Dangers

Perry Noble reflects on the dangers associated with leadership in this must-read series for any leader.


Blog Series – A fresh look: 9 new trends in children’s ministry leadership

This series from Ryan Frank will extend into next month, but we’ll get started with it here in this month’s Blog Patrol. This article was written by Mr. Frank for the November/December issue of K! Magazine and examines nine current trends in children’s ministry.

Blog Series – Becoming an authentic leader

Jim Wideman offers his thoughts on becoming an authentic leader.


October Leadership Nugget

  • The October leadership nugget from Free CM Stuff is a link to a resource called “No Other Ministry” which extols the positives of working in children’s ministry. I would encourage you to check this one out and print it for anyone you know who works in Children’s Ministry.

4 things we should know

  • Pudge Huckaby offers four things we should keep in mind at all time.

Six Things That Leaders Should ALWAYS Apologize For

  • Last months, Perry Noble offers seven things a leader should never apologize for. This month he gives us six things a leader SHOULD apologize for.

A Stop Doing List

  • We all have To-Do lists. This article looks at the flip side of the To-Do list and asks what should you put on your Stop-Doing list. This article is sure to get you thinking.


Advice For New Children’s Pastors

  • Tamara Kraft solicited advice from Children’s Pastors for those just starting out in Children’s Ministry. This article summarizes that advice from 12 veteran Children’s Pastors.

Chuck Swindoll: 10 Leadership Lessons Learned in 50 Years of Leadership

  • Chuck Swindoll offered 10 lessons he has learned about leadership over the last 50 years at the Catalyst 09 conference.

Don’t Make Permanent Changes For Temporary Situations

  • From Children’s Ministry Monthly, I think the title of this one says it all!

Every face tells a story

  • From Orange Leaders, this article reminds us of the importance of interpersonal communication.

Staff Retreat: Brutal Honesty

  • Larry Shallenberger offers five questions that you should ask those you lead. Brace yourself for the answers!

Good Questions

  • Glen Woods offers some advice on how to ask thought provoking questions.

5 Signs You Don’t Know Who You Are

  • Anna Light offers a five point assessment for discovering whether or not you know who you are.

You Contribute Nothing to the Plan of God

  • Jonathan Cliff examines the problems with assuming that we contribute to God’s plan.


Most Children’s Ministries are made up principally, or entirely, of volunteers. I am amongst that number. This section includes articles related to volunteers both for volunteers and about volunteers.

I’ll Bet You Don’t Do This!

  • Free CM Stuff offers a free form for evaluating your volunteers.

Job, Ministry or Both

  • Eric Griffin from B A offers encouragement to those who hold down a full time non-church job and also lead a ministry.

Where the Wild Things Aren’t

  • According to Russell Moore, it turns out children are quite in tune with the concept of evil.

What If Series: Teens Teaching (Teen “Pastors”)

  • Justyn Smith asks what would happen if we had teens leading children’s church each week.

10 Ways To Build An Effective Children’s Ministry Team

  • This article includes ten practical tips on building a Children’s Ministry team.

Kids and Theology

Jesus should be at the center of any Children’s Ministry. That means teaching kids about Jesus and about theology. This section is for articles that discuss and assist with teaching kids about theology and theological concepts.

How Much Do You Have to Hate Somebody to Not Proselytize?

  • This article from Kevin DeYoung has nothing to do with Children’s Ministry (at least not directly). That said, it is one of the most convicting articles I read this month so I thought I would include it here!

Why do we do baby dedication?

  • Jared Kennedy from Sojourn Kids looks at the meaning behind child dedications.

  • J. D. Greer on why you might not always have the answer and why that’s OK!

Kids Fear Factor: How to Help Children Overcome Fear

  • Mimi Bullock from offers advice on how to help kids overcome fear.

OMG! The Third Commandment? What?

  • This article on the phrase “Oh My God!” really struck a chord with me. I notice this phrase more and more, and when I hear it it makes me cringe. It was interesting that the author mentions a certain home makeover show as I watch every week with my kids and we have talked about this particular phrase.

Kids and Christ

In all about Christ! This section is for articles about bringing kids to Christ, bringing kids back to Christ, salvation and children, and anything along those lines. I’ll warn you that I love stories about kids being saved. So, don’t be surprised if you see quite a few of those hear too.

Does Youth Group Hurt Your Kids’ Future Walk With God?

  • Despite the catchy title, the focus of this article is really on building inter-generational relationships in the Church.



  • This is actually just a short quote from D.L. Moody on the importance of kids in God’s Kingdom.

Kids and Cultural Trends

Kid are multi-million dollar target market. Is it any wonder that kids these days have their own culture? This section looks various cultural trends and issues with kids and that affect kids.

Talk, Talk, Talk

  • It seems parents just aren’t talking to their kids enough these days.

How do you view children?

  • This article offers an interesting take on how we view kids in our society today.

Dinners Make the Difference- A Step Toward a Healthy Family

  • A family that eats together, stays together!

“Smarty Pants” reveals kids brand preferences

  • This article examines the firm of Smarty Pant’s listing of the Top 100 Most Loved Brands of 2009.

It’s ok to play games

  • Brenna Phillips writes about the findings of a study that actually shows that video games, in moderation, could actually be good for you. No comment!

Parents, Obey Your Children?

  • Albert Mohler examines how the roles of parent and child are being turned upside down in our culture.

The History of Halloween

  • Charlie Wallace offers this interesting post on the history of Halloween.

Resources (Music, Conferences, Internet Sites, Books, Games)

One thing I have learned since getting involved in Children’s Ministry is that those who work in Children’s Ministry are generous to a fault. This section is full of useful resources for those working with kids.


Blog Series – Top Ten Christian Books for Kids

In this series I looked at and reviewed the top ten Christian books for kids that I have come across as a parent and Children’s Ministry worker.

Blog Series – Review of the Book Shift

This series is just a little bit different as each entry comes from a different blog as several Children’s Ministry professional review the book. The review and the book are definitely worth checking out!

Blog Series
Top Ten Ministry Resources According to Me

Over the last couple of months, we have featured a couple of series of top ten lists from some prominent Children’s Ministry bloggers. This month, the Take 2.0 blog got into the mix with their own listing of top ten resources.

Blog Series – 21 Days to a “Freed Up” Ministry

The last entry in this series that was profiled in last month’s Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol actually fell into this month. Instead of making you go back and find September’s Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol, I thought I would list them all again this month along with the additional entry. Enjoy!

Blog Series – PB & J Top Ten

It seems everyone is doing a top ten list these days. Here are the top ten resources for those in Children’s Ministry according to the PB&J blog.

Ask Uncle Noah

  • Don Stott offers a link to a site where you can ask for help with a Bible lesson and Uncle Noah will link to the appropriate resource.

Spill the beans

  • Who doesn’t love beans? Don Stott offers up two icebreaker game ideas involving beans.

Children’s Books That Engage The Young Hero

  • Kristin Charles offers three book suggestions that will engage your child’s inner-hero.

Some Free Loops

  • The Free CM Stuff blog offers a link and advice on how to build free loops and countdowns for your service.

Resources to help your kids read their bibles.

  • Sam Luce offers up five great resources for getting kids to read their Bibles. One of these made my Top Ten List of Christian Books for kids and two were in the honorable mention list.

You Be The Leader

  • CapCity Kidz writes about a great game for you and your family to learn about leading and following.

Get Muddy…with Free Media!

  • Free CM Stuff offers yet another link to a great source for looping videos and countdowns from Muddy River Media.

New Resource for CM Media!

  • Elemental Children’s Ministry offers up this link to Worship House Kids from Worship House Media.

Kids Ministry Game: Captain Midnight

  • Charlie Wallace explains this game for a large group of kids with very little preparation.

Zoho Forms Creator

  • From Free CM Stuff, Zoho Forms is a free WISIWYG forms and database creator.


  • CM 1234 offers this link to a website that provides free logos for Children’s Ministries.


What Resources do I use? Kids Ministry 101

  • Sam Luce offers his list of the resources he uses in Children’s Ministry, and as hurt as I was that I wasn’t included in the list (just kidding), it is still definitely worth reading!

Cool Kids

  • Free CM Stuff links to a similar site which provides resources for those working in Children’s Ministry.

Bible Teaching Helps

  • Free CM stuff offers a link to a site with a variety of free lessons.

Curriculum and Object Lessons

Curriculum was part of the Resources section before I started to see more and more object lessons as blog posts. I don’t put them all here do to time constraints, but I will link to some of my favorite every month. If you’re looking for more, trying searching the blogs that show up under this section. Many of them frequently post object lessons.

Blog Series – Days of Creation (Preschool Lessons)

Designed for children aged two to five, this lesson series works through the days of creation.<

Blog Series – Creation Day Children’s Church Lessons

In addition to the preschool lesson on creation, Felicia Mollohan from is doing this series on creation targeted to Kindergarten-5th Graders.

Pride and Humility

  • offers this lesson on pride versus humility based on the story of King Nebuchadnezzar.

Elijah Confronts Ahab

  • Check out this lesson for 3rd – 5th graders from the book of 1 Kings.

God provides For Elijah And Widow

  • Another lesson for 3rd to 5th graders, this lesson is based on God’s providing for Elijah and the Widow in 1 Kings 17.

Lesson: Jesus and the Samaritan Woman

  • For third to fifth graders, this lesson is based on the story of Jesus and the Samaritan Woman at the well.

Children’s Bible Lesson: Breakfast on the Beach

  • For kids aged 5 to 12, this lesson examines how Jesus reminds us of his power and love even when we forget about him.

Lesson: Elijah Versus The False Prophets On Mt. Carmel

  • For kids in the 3rd to 5th grade, this lesson covers one of my favorite stories in the entire Bible.

Lesson: Jesus Feeds 5,000

  • Beckie Stewart provides this lesson for Kindergarten-5th Graders based on Jesus’ feeding of the 5,000.

Jesus and the Adulterous Woman (Children’s Church Lesson)

  • An interesting lesson for Kindergarteners to Fifth graders on the adulterous woman and Jesus.

Children’s Bible Lesson: The Passover

  • A lesson on the Passover for kids aged five to 12.

Elisha Helps a Widow

  • A lesson on Elisha and the widow from 2 Kings 4. This lesson is meant for third to fifth graders.

Family Ministry

Family Ministry is a growing trend in the field of Children’s Ministry wherein worship services and teaching are not segregated by age. Instead, the whole family is the core. This section includes articles specifically related to Family Ministry.

How Do We Make Worship Truly Intergenerational?

  • This article looks at the debate over whether or not children should be included in the worship service.

Family worship or children’s worship?

  • Brenna Phillips examines whether children should worship as a group or with their families.

Parenting and Marriage Issues

The Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol would not be complete if we did not pay attention to family issues that affect the kids we minister to. This section includes various articles and parenting and marriage.

Parenting Tip: Three Ideas for Good Communication

  • This article from CapCity Kidz offers three pieces of advice taken from the book Say Goodbye to Whining, Complaining, and Bad Attitudes, In You and Your Kids.

Taking Aim at the Bull’s-Eye

  • This article looks at the importance of having a clear plan in raising kids.

Mark Batterson on Children and Innocence

  • Elemental Children’s Ministry tackles the issue of how much you should shelter your kids.

Parenting Tip: When Giving Instructions, Consider the Timing

  • Cap City Kidz asks you to consider to timing of instruction and training when it comes to your kids.


  • This article includes ten practical tips for helping your children to make new friends at church.

Biblical Basis for Parental Responsibility: A Dissertation Excerpt

  • Glen Woods offers an excerpt from his dissertation related to parental responsibility.

Parenting Tip: When Children Resist Instructions

  • Cap City Kidz offers practical instructions on dealing with kids who won’t deal with practical instructions.

Just For Fun

This section includes posts from various Children’s Ministry blogs from the last month that were lighthearted or just made me chuckle.

A Brief Survey of Biblical Laughter

  • This one could have gone up under Theology, but since it has to do with laughter (something near and dear to my heart) I put it down here under the Just For Fun section. In this article Mike Gilbart-Smith surveys biblical passages dealing with laughter.

Biblical Survey of Laughter 2) The laughter of fools that will be silenced

  • The continuation of the look at what the Bible has to say about laughter.

22 posts about words and grammar in celebration of English Language Day

  • Call me a grammar nerd, but I love this kind of stuff!

quite the contronym

  • If the last post didn’t seal my identity as a grammar nerd, the fact that I love this one most certainly will!

Children’s Ministry Rules I Wish I Could Use

  • Ahhh, If only…..!

Normal Like Me

  • Sheri Mueller reminisces about that moment when you realize that your spouse isn’t normal like you are.

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think of “The Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol.”

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