#7 – His Little Princess (Top Ten Christian Books for Kids)

Top Ten #7

In a kids’ culture dominated by artificial Disney princesses and shallow role models, this book is a must for the little princess in your life.  His Little Princess…Treasured Letters from Your King by Sheri Rose Shepherd includes 50 reaffirming and empowering letters written in the form from God to his princess.  Each letter is accompanied by a prayer for your princess to offer back to God.  With such encouraging letters as:

  • I Choose You, My Princess
  • My Amazing Love For You
  • I Made You Beautiful
  • Showing Respect
  • Fear Not, My Child
  • Worship Your King
  • When You’re Angry
  • Resist Temptation
  • A Thankful Heart
  • Dress Like Royalty
  • My Word Is True
  • My Patient Princess
  • Telling People About Jesus

And many, many more, this book will teach your little girl solid biblical truths that she can live by.  Written with a real personal touch and beautifully decorated in a style any little girl will appreciate, I absolutely treasure the times I spend reading this book with my six year old daughter.

His Little PrincessHere is what Christianbook.com has to say about this jewel of a book called  His Little Princess:

“Cinderella is a great story, but after the last page is turned, little girls can’t look forward to the tale coming true when they grow up. It’s just “for pretend.” Now girls ages four to nine can unveil the reality of their royal calling! His Little Princess shows them that they are not pretend princesses–God is for real! When a grown-up sits down to read out loud these touching love letters, girls will come to understand and embrace how much they are truly loved and adored by God, the King of kings! Recommended for ages 4 to 9.”

Although recommended for girls age 4 to 9 (and I think that is the appropriate target age), I think even older girls can benefit from this well written and inspiring collection of letters and prayers!

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