Where Did You Say He Was From (Children's Ministry Moment #4)

Childrens_Ministry_Moments This past weekend in the Kindergarten and First Grade Room, we learned the story of Epaphroditus from the Philippians 2 and 4.  We talked about how Epaphroditus helped Paul and how Paul helped the church in Philippi by sending Epaphroditus back to them after he got sick.  We learned about how you can make a difference when you take care of other people.

Well, following the large group lesson, I was going over some review questions with the kids during their small group time.

  • Who did we learn about today? Epaphroditus
  • What did Epaphroditus do? Brought a message to Paul
  • Who did Paul and Epaphroditus tell people about? Jesus
  • What happened to Epaphroditus while he was with Paul? He got sick

Then, I asked one last question:


I should have seen it coming!  While most of the class was singing a chorus of “uhms” and “oh, what was its,” one little boy chimed in:

The Philippines!

It still makes me smile to picture Paul and Epaphroditus sitting in a grass hut on a beach enjoying some authentic Filipino cuisine.

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