#8 – My First Study Bible (Top Ten Christian Books for Kids)

Top Ten #8My First Study Bible is subtitled “Exploring God’s Word on My Own!” and it’s great for exactly that.  This book gives kids a chance to really study the Bible like they (hopefully) see their parents doing.  My First Study Bible retells biblical stories in a kid-friendly first person style with words and sentences meant for early readers.

Each book includes an introduction written as though it is coming from the author.  Mixed in with the stories are kid-friendly facts similar to those you might find in an adult study Bible.  The text also includes cross references to other related stories to get your little ones used to the idea of flipping within their Bibles to allow the Bible to interpret itself.  Each story ends with a “Think About This” section which gives kids questions and thoughts to ponder about what they’ve just read.

My First Study BibleHere’s what Christianbook.com has to say about  My First Study Bible:

“Now 4- to 7-year-olds can have a study Bible all their own, just like Mom and Dad! Biblical characters like Joshua, Rahab, David, Esther, Mary, and many more share their exciting stories. Children will learn all about God’s Word in a fun and exciting way. Each Bible story has an introduction, background information, special notes with lots of details, and a summary at the end. Each page also has colorful and entertaining illustrations. It also includes: Detailed sidebars; Character sketches; “Think About This” sections; and so much more! This hardcover book measures 7.75″ x 6.5″, and has 528 pages.”

Christianbook.com indicates this work is meant for kids aged 4 to 7, and I think younger kids will benefit from hearing this book read to them.  There are better books out there for children just learning to read, but this book is superb for kids in the 1st – 3rd grades.  It is easy enough to strengthen a child’s reading skills, and as they grow more comfortable in reading and comprehension, the added notes and cross references will help give them a foundation for using a youth or adult study Bible later in life.

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