Top Ten Christian Children’s Books

Over the last month or two there have been a rash (perhaps not the best word) of top ten lists of resources in Children’s Ministry that I have really enjoyed following. Those have included:

Top Ten Books USED

So, starting tomorrow, and over the course of the next couple of weeks, I am going to take a break from our normal series and offer up my own top ten! I’ve scoured through my personal book shelf of Christian children’s books gather over the course of raising four kids now ages 2 through 16 to find the top ten books for teaching kids about God. The focus of the list is on books that directly teach about God and Christianity and are targeted at preschool through elementary age kids. Finally, I limited my list to those books which I personally own and have read. Since my wife reigns in my spending on books (thankfully), I am sure that there are plenty of additional great resources out there for kids. I hope if you have a personal favorite, or even a list, of items not included in my list that you will share it in the comments.

In case you’re wondering, I do not receive anything for offering any of these reviews.  I should really look into that!  But, as a parent and a worker in Children’s Ministry I think it is important to share those resources that we come across that are exceptional!

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