You've Got To Love An Honest Kid (Children’s Ministry Moment #3)

Childrens_Ministry_MomentsYou’ve got to love an honest kid!  This morning was my first weekend teaching the kindergarten and first grade room, and I had a blast.  We were studying the story of Solomon and the time when God asked Solomon to tell him anything he wanted God to give him. I explained to the kids how cool that would be to have the creator of the whole universe, the living God who made you and me, tell them to ask for whatever they wanted.  I proceeded to ask them what they would ask for in that situation.  The answers were predictable at first.  Several of the kids wanted more toys.  Some wanted money. A handful even expressed that they would want to know more about Jesus.  Then one little boy spoke up with what I thought may have been the best all around request.  He said:

I would ask God to give me better attention so that I could listen in class on Sundays and pay better attention.

Talk about self-awareness! You go God!

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