The Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol (August 2009)

Childrens Ministry Blog Patrol

Last month’s unveiling of the NEW AND IMPROVED Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol seems to have been a success. I hope that you will find this month’s equally as useful. There are a lot of people out there dedicated to Children and Children’s Ministry publishing great and useful stuff on the internet. This is my attempt to try to compile some of the best of that information into one place for your perusal.

With that introduction, let’s have a look at some articles you might have missed this month:

Blog Series

Many articles are published as series. This sections of the Blog Patrol is dedicated to such series from the prior month.

Top 10 Children’s Ministry Resources: The Other 10

Anthony Prince, from West Coast CM, examines 10 resources that have changed the way he ministers to kids. This is a great list. I have used some of the resources and found some others that I want to check out.

How Pastors (and everyone) Can Build A Marriage That Will Last

One key to being a good parent is having a good marriage. Bad marriage and adultery destroy kids whether their parents will ever admit it or not. In this series, Perry Noble examines how to “affair proof” your marriage.

Interview with Andrew Petersen

I just recently discovered the music of Andrew Petersen (about six months ago), but he has quickly become one of my favorite Christian artists. In addition to catchy music and a style that I enjoy, his songs are deeply thought provoking. In this series, Robert Sagers interviews Mr. Petersen.

Help, How Do I Read the Bible?

In this series, Adam Flynt offers practical tip on how to get the most out of reading your Bible and how to teach your kids how to read the Bible.

8 Traits of Digital Kids

This series which started with two posts then fizzled out this month looks at common traits of today’s digital kids. I’m hoping they pick the series back up next month and finish it. It is an interesting article.

Values of a Team

In this series, the Orange Leaders blog looks at four things a successful leader should instill in his team.

Is Brett Favre on your team?

In this series, Anthony Prince examines what to do when you have a volunteer who is less than fully committed to your ministry.

Eight Things To Keep In Mind When Leading A Team

In this short two part series, Perry Noble looks at eight things you should keep in mind as you try to lead your team.

Qualities of an amazing small group leader

This series of posts from Orange Leaders looks at qualities you will find in an amazing small group leader!

Practical Teaching Advice

The Two Ways Kids Interpret Their World

  • Jamie Doyle explains that kids interpret things as either fun or boring and asks how your ministry is doing in that regard.

Including Children in Worship

  • Lynda Freeman looks at how to get kids engaged in worshipping God.

Kids ministering to kids

  • Brenna Phillips offers a couple of suggestions on how to get kids ministering to other kids.

Teaching children about salvation

  • Jerry Moyer looks at teaching kids what it really means to be born again.

Resources (Music, Curriculum, Conferences, Internet, Books, Games)

Sunday School Resources for Your Class or Home
How to Play Bible Concentration: A Super Duper Bible Review Game

  • A scripture review game based on the old game show Concentration.

5 MORE Great Games To Teach Your Kids the Books of the Bible

  • This article offers five different games for helping your kids learn the books of the Bible.

Bible Jobs Scripture Game: How to Teach Your Kids About Occupations in the Bible

  • The Scripture Lady continues her useful posts with this one including a game for helping teach your kids about different occupations found in the scriptures.

Pop-Up Stories: Bible Storytelling Idea Number Three

  • This article examines how to incorporate the natural fidgetiness of a pre-school aged child into your storytelling.

Free Game Show Controls

  • A link to an internet site that offers free downloadable Game Show apps that you can use in your ministry.

Leaders and Leadership

5 Simple Relationship Builders

  • Kristin Charles, from offers five ultra-practical tips for building relationship with your students.

Don’t Hoard Ministry

  • From CMBuzz, this article looks at the art of giving away leadership to raise up new leaders.

Developing a Vision for Your Children’s Ministry

  • Mimi Bullock writes over at about how to cast a vision for your Children’s Ministry.

7 Tips For Better Communication In Children’s Ministry

  • Tony Kummer offers seven practical tips for effective communication in Children’s Ministry.

Ministry Issues

We Do It For Him Not Them

  • A simple reminder and encouragement about why we do what we do.

Children’s Workers Need “Big Church!”

  • Jeri Tanner, at, examines the importance of making sure Children’s Ministry workers don’t ignore their own spiritual growth.

What About Promotion Sunday?

  • Different views on when the right time to promote kids in your church is. I’m not sure what the right time is, but I’m certain that continuing to promote kids in the same way you’ve always done it just because that’s the way it’s always been done is not the right answer!

Children’s Ministry Think Tank: Evangelizing Children Without Manipulation

  • This is one of my favorite continuing blog series out there dealing with Children’s Ministry. In this installment, Jared Kennedy, Brenna Phillips, and Glen Woods answer the question “How should children’s ministry offer an urgent Gospel invitation without emotionally manipulating children? When does child evangelism cross the line and become abuse? What principles guide you in this area?” Make sure you check out the comments after the posts. They are always informative as well!

Kidmin | Don’t Tell?

  • Dan Scott offers this articles that asks, what if we didn’t market ourselves? What would happen to our ministries?

Parent Advisory Board

  • This article from Orange Leaders looks at the idea of having a Parent Advisory Board to provide input into your Children’s Ministry.

What can we provide that parents can’t?

  • What is it that Children’s Ministries can provide to children that they can’t get anywhere else during their week?

How To Connect Older Adults and Children in Your Church

  • Jeri Tanner looks at means for getting the older members of your church connected with its youngest members.

If Only Men Worked in Children’s Ministry…

  • David Pearson offers up this call for men to step up and work in Children’s Ministry!

Four Things I Need To Remember About Dealing With Angry, Manipulative Parents

  • I’m not sure I can say much more about this article that the title doesn’t . There is some practical advice in this article.

Is Your Kids Ministry Becoming Spiritually Toxic?

  • Tony Kummer looks at three things that can turn your Children’s Ministry toxic.

Connecting with small group leaders

  • Orange leaders offers a way to get connected with your small group leaders.

What I Wish Parents Knew…

  • A list of what David Pearson wishes parents knew.

Dealing with Complaints

  • CM Buzz offers a six step plan for dealing with complaints.

5 Super Simple Ways To Bless The Socks Off Your Kids

  • 5 great ways to go above and beyond with your kids to be a blessing to them.

How Do You Answer Kids’ Hard Questions at Church?

  • The ABC’s of answering hard questions that kids ask.

Kid Issues (Kids Salvation)

Small Sinners

  • A look at little sinners, and the importance of understanding and realizing that kids sin and need a savior just like the rest of us.

One Of My Favorite Things About Children’s Ministry

  • I love stories about kids and salvation. Check this one out!


Monsters under the Bed (and Other Biblical Doctrines)

  • This article from Robert Sagers offers a couple of quotes from an interview Russel Moore did with Andrew Petersen on the Albert Mohler Radio Show. I wrote about the interview here.

Children’s Ministry: The Training Ground for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood

  • A reminder of the importance of biblical authority in the Sunday School class and a reminder that we should teach kids about their God given roles as boys and girls.

Just For Fun / Humor

#287: Father Abraham had many sons – the VBS Mix Tape

  • From Stuff Christians Like, a look at how to put together a monster VBS mix tape. Have I mentioned that I love this blog?


Quality vs. Quantity

  • Carl Brower examines the lie in our society today that quality time with our kids makes up for a lack of quantity time.

Use Your Imagination

  • Clayton King encourages adults to utilize their imaginations like their kids.

Board Game Families Win

  • This post is an article looks at the scientific evidence that a family who plays board games together stays together.

You Might Be a Bad Dad if…

  • Owen Strachan offers five indications that you might not be the Dad you are called to be.

Cultural Trends

Is Cap and Trade for Babies Next?

  • It seems that our culture is heading towards a dangerous conclusion that having babies is bad for the environment!

Who’s influencing our kids/teens most?

  • This article looks at who is influencing your kids and what you can do about it.


  • This articles offers an interesting take on evangelizing children.

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