The Children's Ministry Blog Patrol (July 2009)

Childrens Ministry Blog PatrolWelcome to the unveiling of the new format for the Blog Patrol. What started as a weekly feature summarizing some of the best articles from the Christian Blogosphere has morphed into a monthly feature focused on Children’s Ministry. Thus, you will note the new name (The Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol) and the new graphic.

I haven’t worked out all of the particulars about how this might look each month, but I hope you will find the articles linked to in this feature useful. In addition to articles directly related to Children’s Ministry, this blog will also feature more general articles on children and parenting from a Christian perspective. I haven’t set a schedule in stone yet, but I’m hoping to publish each month’s blog patrol on the first Tuesday of the month.

With that introduction, let’s have a look at some articles you might have missed this month:

Blog Series

Many articles are published as series. This sections of the Blog Patrol is dedicated to such series from the prior month.

Group Review of Too Small To Ignore

In a significant group blogging project over at Elemental Children’s Ministry, a series of authors offered a chapter-by-chapter review of the book Too Small To Ignore by Wess Stafford. I haven’t had a chance to read the book yet, but I appreciate these summaries. Enjoy

More Drama Please

In this series from Orange Leaders, Carey Nieuwhof looks at how drama plays itself out in the Christian life.


Jots and Tittles offers this two part series from Chuck Swindoll that looks at insensitivity in our lives and particularly the impact of that insensitivity in the home.

Pebbles to Ponder

This series from Jots & Titles includes a variety of kids devotionals. I am looking forward to reading this one as it continues.

Don’t Be Stupid

In response to recent moral failures on the part of several leaders in the church, Kenney Conley offers this impassioned series of advice on how to avoid the temptation that can destroy your ministry.

Now for the non-series blog posts. I’ve grouped them into broad categories of interest.

Practical Teaching Advice

Who is Your Target?

  • This articles looks at who in the room you should target your teaching at to make it most effective.

When the Kids take over Kids Church

  • The Kidologist looks at what happened when he let the kids take of the service for a weekend.

“That Wasn’t Really Nice of God”

  • This article from Elemental Children’s Ministry discusses teaching children to ask questions about God.

10 Ways to Make a New Kid Welcome

  • Mimi Bullock offers ten suggestions on how to make a new kid in your class feel welcome.

Answering Children’s Theological Questions

  • Jeri Tanner looks at what we should do when faced with tough theological questions from kids.

Recognizing Spiritual Gifts in Your Kids

  • Mimi Bullock looks at way to discern the spiritual gifts given to kids.

Simple as ABC’s

  • Gina McClain looks at a simple and memorable way to teach the gospel to kids.

Resources (Music, Curriculum, Conferences, Internet, Books)

New Kids CD: To Be Like Jesus

  • A great new CD available from Sovereign Grace for kids.

Recommended Sermons and Lectures

  • This article offers links to some powerful sermons. One of them is a sermons called “The Gospel, the Core of Our Children’s Ministry. It’s worth listening to.

The “Big 3″ of Children’s Ministry

  • This articles examines the three big components of Children’s Ministry – Parents, Teachers and Children!

Free Curriculum

  • The Free CM Stuff blog offers a link to free children’s curriculum called “Fishers of Kids.”

Top Ten Conferences for Children’s & Family Ministry Leaders

  • CM Buzz reviews the top ten conferences for Children’s Ministries. If you are trying to figure out which conferences to attend in the next year, this article is a must!

Top Ten Internet Sites for Children’s & Family Ministry Leaders

  • In this article, CM Buzz looks at ten internet sites that should be in the bookmarks of anyone working in Children’s Ministry.

Max 7–Free Media and Curriculum

  • Free CM Stuff has a look at the free Max-7 curriculum.

Top Ten No Prep/Low Prep Games

  • CM Buzz was on a top-ten binge this month. In this list they offer 10 games you can use in Children’s Ministry with little or no prep. These are great in a pinch.

Five Creative Time Fillers Using Post-It Notes

  • This article from Kristin Charles at offers five cool ideas for Children’s Ministry using only a stack of post-it notes.

Internet Resources I Use In Children’s Ministry Every Week

  • Another list of useful web sites for anyone involved in Children’s Ministry. This list is from CM Monthly.

Excellent Source for Sound FX

  • Free CM Stuff offers up a website with free sound effects you can use in your Sunday teaching.

Introducing Praise Factory

  • This article offers a link to the free Praise Factory curriculum from Capitol Hill Baptist Church. I haven’t had time to go through all of it, but what I’ve seen looks solid!

5 Reasons Why Our Church Loves Praise Factory

  • This follow up post gives five reasons Michael Mckinley loves the Praise Factory curriculum.

Leaders and Leadership

Leader + Team = Impact

  • From CM Buzz, this article looks at what it takes to be a good leader.

Five Questions We Should Ask Ourselves

  • This article from Perry Noble isn’t specific to Children’s Ministry but offers five thought provoking questions anyone in ministry should continually ask themselves in order to stay grounded.

9 Principles of wise decision making

  • Rick Smith looks at nine principals for making godly decisions. The questions posed by Rick will help you when faced with any decision.

Reasons We Don’t Delegate

  • This articles looks at the art and benefits of delegating. It also examines why some people are adverse to it.

I am a follower of Jesus, not a ministry leader.

  • Glen Woods looks at what our first priority should be in any ministry.

Leadership is Tough

  • CM Buzz looks at characteristics needed to be a leader.

Sticks and Stones

  • This articles looks at five different communication styles and how to deal with them.

Ministry Issues

Stuff I’m thinking about children’s ministry

  • Glen Woods offers some random thoughts that he has been pondering related to Children’s Ministry. These will get you thinking as well.

Why is Family Ministry Important?

  • Anchor Childrens’ Ministry looks at the importance of Family Ministry.

Kid Issues (Kids Salvation)

How Can I Know If My Child Is Really Saved?

  • In this awesome article, Tony Kummer offers a practical gauge to discern whether or not a child is truly saved. I was so struck by this article that I wrote an entry dedicated to it earlier this month at Do You Know Whether Your Child is Saved?

Testimony of A Five Year Old

  • The testimony of a five-year-old convert. This testimony is encouraging for Children’s Ministry workers.


Questions People Asked Jesus

  • Orange Families offers this interesting article that examines the questions people in the Bible asked Jesus. There’s not much application in the article, but it is interesting to see them all listed out in one place.

Just For Fun / Humor

What the little ones are up to

  • This video of a commercial for Evian made me smile!

Different Types of Clowns and Children’s Ministers

  • This article from CMMonthly offers a humorous view of different types of Children’s Pastors by comparison to clowns. 

Funny or Memorable Things To Say To Kids

  • From CM Monthly, this light-hearted articles offers some “one liners” for joking around with kids.

The Wrong Way

  • Orange Leaders offers this link to a funny video about how not to be a small group leader.


#572: Getting Kids Ready for Sunday School

  • From Stuff Christians Like, one of my favorite blogs, this article looks at the sport of getting kids ready for church.

Top Ten Parenting Resources

  • In this top ten list, CM Buzz looks at ten parenting resources that are must haves for any parent. This list is definitely worth working your way through.

How to Raise Kids in a Pornified Culture

  • Zach Nielsen offers practical advice on how to raise sane, healthy kids in a pornified culture.

Heart vs. Behavior

  • Carl Brower looks at difference between teaching a child’s heart and teaching them behavior.

#583. Feeling guilty for not homeschooling your kids or sending them to a Christian school.

  • Stuff Christians Like looks at school options for your kids.

#591. The things your kid brings home from Sunday School.

  • Ahhh, the age old question of what to do with all those Sunday School crafts!

Cultural Trends

Move Over Wii

  • In the interest of keeping up with current trends, this video looks at the next generation in video games.

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think of “The Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol.”

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  2. Anthony,

    It is rather long. I used to put it together weekly, but I couldn’t keep up with that pace, so now I’ve gone to a monthly format. Some of it isn’t as timely as it used to be, but I hope it’s a good recap of the prior the month’s blogosphere related to Children’s Ministry. I’m not sure how your blog didn’t make it on here last month. It’s definitely one of the ones I follow. I’m sure you’ll be in there next month with articles like this one:

    Thanks for what you do! Keep up the great work.