Children's Ministry Moment #1 – Outdoor Guy


Anyone who works in Children’s Ministry knows that there are moments.  There are moments of clarity, moments of frustration, moments of humor and moments that just take you aback.  I’ve decided to start a new series on this blog to remember some of those moment.

This past Sunday, the lesson had to do with a parable told by Jesus.  In order to teach them what a parable was, we were having the kids draw a picture of their favorite story.  Some of the kids were struggling to come up with something to draw, and I was trying to help out.  I asked one little boy (age 4), do you like books?  Do your parents read to you before you go to bed?  His response qualified as a Children’s Ministry Moment and prompted me to start this series.  He told me:

“I’m not really a book person.  I’m more of an outdoors kind of guy!”

You got to love kids.  You  never know what they’re going to say!

If you go to the index page, I’ve included some earlier posts which discuss some moments that were posted before this series started.

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