My 30 Favorite Children's Ministry Blogs (Presented by The Blog Patrol)

police-fishIn yesterday’s installment of the Blog Patrol I made a major announcement regarding the future of the Patrol.  In short, it is going to a monthly format and the articles featured will focus primarily on Children’s Ministry and kids related issues.  Tuesday, I published a listing of the 25 Best Christian Blogs based on their inclusion in The Blog Patrol.  Today, we feature the 30 best Children’s Ministry Blogs on the internet based on their inclusion in The Blog Patrol.

I ranked each Children’s Ministry related blog that has ever been included in the Blog Patrol based on three criteria:

  1. Total number of articles included.
  2. Total weeks included.
  3. A weighted average based on number of posts and timing of posts (most recent getting more points)

I then combined these ranking by category and came up with my 30 Favorite Children’s Ministry Blogs:

  1. Ministry-To-Children
  2. Childrens Ministry Online
  3. Gina McClain (fka Jabberfrog)
  4. Free Children’s Ministry Stuff
  5. Children’s Ministry Monthly
  6. My Krazy Kidmin Life
  7. Elemental Children’s Ministry
  8. Cory Center
  9. CM Buzz
  10. Jots and Tittles
  11. Sam Luce
  12. Children’s Ministry Blog
  13. Inside the Classroom
  14. Sojourn Kids
  15. Brenna Phillips
  16. Coffee With Chris
  17. Orange Leaders
  18. The Village Church Denton – Preschool Blog
  19. Kid Inspiration [David Wakerly]
  20. Cap City Kidz
  21. Orange Families
  22. Phil Vischer
  23. Children’s
  24. Kidologist
  25. Anchor Children’s Ministry
  26. CM 1234 Blog
  27. Dads 4 Life
  28. Off The Air
  29. Ryan Frank
  30. Glen Woods


  1. Wayne,
    Thanks for the mention!

  2. Thanks for including Anchor on the list. It’s great to be partnering together to help kids become fully, committed Disciples of Him. God bless you and your ministry.

  3. Thanks for helping me to be more aware of a couple I had no idea about. Some day my blog will make it on one of these list as well.

  4. These are some interesting links! Thanks for sharing. I’ve found a few more obscure #kidmin sites, and I’m always looking for new thoughts.


  5. DUDE! Thanks for the mention!! Thanks for sharing these as well, I’m always looking for some good #kidmin reads!

  6. Thanks for the mention.

  7. This is such a great list!
    A bunch that I’ve heard of and consider friends… but some gems that are brand new to me.
    Thanks for sharing!

  8. We have a Photoblog ( where we post pictures of children’s ministry spaces that have added themes and/or play attractions. It’s a great place to see some other facilities and get ideas for your ministry. Thanks!