Blog Patrol (June 23, 2009)

police-fish Welcome to a special post-Father’s Day installment of the Blog Patrol! In honor of Father’s Day, all articles linked in this week’s blog patrol have to do with parenting, kids and Children’s Ministry.


These are the stragglers from the prior week which I either didn’t receive or find in time to add to last weeks Blog Patrol. Enjoy!

Growing Up Without Dad

  • Keith M. Jowers offers this moving personal testimony about growing up without a Dad.

Tuesday (June 16, 2009)

How Fatherhood Is Changing

  • John Fuller offers a link to a Voice of America report on the changing views of fatherhood in America.

Family Time vs. Computer Time???

  • This article from CM Buzz looks at the growing trend of computer time being used to replace what was formerly family time and the negative impact of that trend.

Fathers, Your Attitude Should Be Like Christ’s

  • This article from John Younts reminds fathers that their attitude in parenting should mirror that of Christ.

Helping Kids Use Their Powers For Good

  • This article examines how to draw the best out of each child based on the unique gifts God has given him.

Leading a child to faith

  • Kenny Conley starts a new series on leading a child to faith with some background information.

Wednesday (June 17, 2009)

Leading a child to faith: A is for Admit

  • In this installment of his Leading A Child to Faith Series, Kevin Conley looks at the “A” in the ABC system. A stands for admitting that you’re a sinner.

In Pursuit of What Matters

  • From, Kristin Charles helps us to not lose sight of what really matters and offers four ways to model Jesus and serve others to teach kids about what really matters.

Father’s Day & Kids Who Have Lost Their Dad

  • Tony Kummer discusses the sensitive subject of how to address Father’s Day with kids who have recently lost their father.

The Meaning and Demise of Fatherhood

  • From Between Two Worlds, this post looks at the meaning of Fatherhood. This is a powerful article and any fathers out there should read it!

Thursday (June 18, 2009)

The Devil Senses Potential Why Don’t We?

  • This article offers practical advice on how to discern the potential of the kids in your Children’s Ministry.

Leading a child to faith: B is for Believe

  • In this third part of his Leading A Child to Faith Series, Kevin Conley looks at the “B” in the ABC system (Believe).

Practical Ways To Redirect A Child’s “Super Powers”

  • In another continuing series, this article offers practical advice on how to learn a child’s strengths so that they can be harnessed.

10 Things That’ll Ruin Your Children’s Ministry

  • This article looks at 10 sure-fire ways to minimize the impact of your Children’s Ministry.

Dads…Listen to your children

  • David Burchett encourages dads in how to leave a good legacy with their kids.

Three Laws of Vacation Bible School (VBS According to Twitter)

  • Tony Kummer looks at three facts about Vacation Bible School based on responses to a Twitter inquiry. Our is coming up in August. I’m looking forward to running the games this year!

Friday (June 19, 2009)

Twenty Summer Activities for Families

  • This article offers 20 potential summertime activities for families along with associated links.

Leading a child to faith: C is for Confess

  • In this fourth part of his Leading A Child to Faith Series, Kevin Conley looks at the “C” in the ABC system (Confess).<!–

Top Ten Fun & Free (or almost free) Things to Do This Weekend

  • CM Buzz offers ten free (or really cheap) things to do this weekend (or any weekend) with your family.

3 models of family ministry

  • Dan Green looks at the three predominant models for family ministry in the church today.

Watch Out for Myths About Fatherhood

  • In anticipation of Father’s Day, Dr. Albert Mohler warns us to avoid the myths about fatherhood. If you’re a Dad, or have a Dad, or know a Dad you should read this article!

Everything Matters More When You Become a Father

  • Motte Brown rights about the fundamental change that a man goes through when he becomes a father. In my humble opinion, next to the transformation we go through when we accept Christ into our lives, the change that happens when a man becomes a father is probably the second greatest change he will ever undergo. It is hard to truly understand the fatherhood of God until you become a father yourself.

Three Father’s Day Reminders

  • John Fuller offers link to three great sites in honor of Father’s Day.

Saturday (June 20, 2009)

A Letter to My Daddy on Father’s Day

  • Clayton King offers this heartfelt letter to his Dad.

Thoughts and Questions for Parents On Father’s Day

  • Michael Spenser offers questions for parents of teenagers based on his years in youth ministry. If you have a teenager, this article should get you thinking.

Sunday (June 21, 2009)

A Fathers’ Day Reflection

  • For Father’s Day, Dr. Moore takes a critical look at a study that says parents are more susceptible to depression.

Free Father’s Day Gift

  • For Father’s Day, Pastor Mark Driscoll offers dads a free online version of his book Pastor Dad. I haven’t had a chance to read the book yet, but I’ve downloaded it, and intend to. Thanks for the gift!

Fatherhood: Appreciation, Humility, Ministry, Reflections

  • In light of his dad, his role as father, and our heavenly father, Mark from HereIBlog offers his thoughts on fatherhood.

Do Fathers Know Their Place As Set by The Father?

  • This article asks whether or not fathers understand their role as defined by our Heavenly Father.

Monday (June 22, 2009)

The Key to Making Devotions Fun

  • This article offers suggestions on how to make family devotionals fun for kids.

Why Do Children’s Ministers Struggle?

  • This articles offers insight and practical advice for Children’s Pastors. As parents, volunteers, and church goers, this article helps us all to understand the pressures associated with being a children’s Pastor.

#564. The 11 people every youth group needs.

  • It just wouldn’t be the blog patrol without at least one entry from Stuff Christians Like, and I was worried this week that there wouldn’t be an article that met our criteria. They pulled it out at the last second with this articles about stereotypical youth group members.

Research Can Help You Connect With Kids

  • The Free Children’s Ministry Stuff Blog offers this link to a newsletter with research on connecting with your kids.

Why are Young People Leaving the Church?

  • This article reviews a Ken Ham book which offers another potential reason why kids are leaving the church.

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