Wayne’s Random Thoughts Is Now “Dad in the Middle”

So, I got a little bit a grief about the name of blog today from Dave Wakerly over on his blog [Kid Inspiration]. Here is what he had to say:

Love this post from Wayne Stocks brilliant random thoughts blog, which is what you call your blog before you realise there are approx. 18.7 million with the same title. :) (Man, I really know how to build up and tear down in one sentence)

I appreciated the link to my post and also the good natured ribbing about the name of my blog.  I have been meaning to come up with something for a while, and his post inspired me to try something new today.  So, I am pleased to announce that I am changing the name of this blog (for the time being) to:

Dad In The Middle

Why Dad in the Middle?  Well, one of my favorite Casting Crowns songs is Somewhere In The Middle about how we live torn between our old self and our new seld in Christ.  I like it so much, I did a little expository post on it several months back.  You can find it here if you\’re interested! I was thinking about just going with the song title for the title of my blog, but someone already owns the rights to Somewhereinthemiddle.com, and I wanted to pick a name where I can migrate to a unique URL in the future if I like it.  So, I needed something else.  Dad just seemed like a natural fit.  One of the many things God has blessed me with is four wonderful kids and the privilege of being their Dad.  The little about me blurb on my blog has always read “I am a devoted follower of Christ, a husband, a father and a dedicated Children’s Ministry Worker” and Children’s Ministry Worker in the Middle just seemed too long!

Anyhow, please leave a comment and let me know what you think of the new name.  I’m not set on it, and if you can think of something better, I might just steal it! 🙂

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  1. He He!

    Love it! Way better than my idea of ‘Stocking Fillers’.