Announcement: Plans for the future of “Wayne’s Random Thoughts” Blog

To those of you who frequent this site, I wanted to update you on my plans – at least as they now stand.  I never really had a plan when I started the blog other than sharing my thoughts about God, the Bible, Children’s Ministry, etc.  Since sometime in March, I have posted a new article every day (with a couple of exceptions), and I have really enjoyed it.  Unfortunately, I am now at the point where keeping up that schedule takes up too much of my time.  So, for the near future at least, I plan to cut back a little.  Here is what I am thinking:

1. I have been posting my chapter-by-chapter synopsis of Tedd’s Tripp’s book Shepherding A Child’s Heart on both Sunday and Thursday.  I think I am going to cut out the Sunday post and just post a new entry each Thursday.  That will leave Sunday as a day off for church and spending more time with the old family – seems appropriate.  I may occasionally post on Sundays, but as of right now, I’m not planning on it.  I have other books for which I am planning similar series once we’re done with Shepherding a Child’s Heart.

2. I still intend to post an entry in the Monday Morning Prophecy each Monday.  I may go to en every-other-Monday schedule at some point, but I’m not planning on that for right now.

3. Tuesday is still ogoing to be reserved for The Blog Patrol a weekly round up of the best blog entries from the blogs I review. This is a popular feature on the blog which I’m not intending on changing it anytime in the near future.

4. I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but Saturday has become a day mostly for video posts of fun stuff I find from around the web related to Christianity, Children’s Ministry, the Bible, etc.  So long as I keep finding stuff, I plan to continue this, but I may take the occaisional Saturday off.

So, that leaved me weekly “series” for Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.   Sunday is a day off.  So, that leaves Wednesday and Friday.  My plan, for the near term anyhow, is to post an entry on one of these two days.   That entry may be a continuation of one of the other series: I BelieveA Love That Surpasses All Knowledge, or Questions Kids Ask. Or, it may be some other issue based on the sciptures I am studying, my work in Children’s Ministry, or some other issue.

I have found that this blog, and recording my study and thoughts, has deepened my walk with God, and I hope that in some small way God may use it to influence others for his glory.  I hope that this post helps to bring you up-to-date on what I am planning for it going forward.

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