Blog Patrol (May 26, 2009)


Welcome to the Memorial Day week edition of the Blog Patrol. I must have seen 50 or so blog posts on Monday about Memorial Day. I’ve only included one here in this week’s Blog Patrol. That said, I would like to take a moment to thank all the brave men and women who are currently protecting our country or have in the past. Your service is invaluable, and we should remember it and offer you thanks more than one day a year!


These are the stragglers from the prior week which I either didn’t receive or find in time to add to last weeks Blog Patrol. Enjoy!

Are You Open Minded?

  • In this article, Barry Wallace looks at the interplay between arrogance and supposed open-mindedness that has become such a popular notion in our society.

In Love with Being in Love with God

  • From Elemental Children’s Ministry, this post looks at the issue of putting high value an emotional reactions in Children’s Ministry.

Tuesday (May 19, 2009)

Talking About Talking About Abortion

  • This article includes Dr. Albert Mohler’s take on President Obama’s recent commencement speech at Notre Dame University.

Can I Know God’s Will?

  • Tim Challies steps away from reviewing books for a moment and offers this exceprt from R.C. Sproul examining the age old question of whether or not we can know the will of God.

The problem with Sunday School

  • Kenny Conley offers his observations on problems with the Sunday School model for teaching children as opposed to a small group format.


  • For any parents of sons out there, this article looks at the fact that many of the things we see a negative characteristics in our sons are reflected of our attitude towards God.

Out of the Mouths of Babes …

  • Thomas Jefferies offers yet another verification that God talks to us through our kids. In reading about his reaction, I was reminded of the time I had a similar experience with my seven year old. I wrote about it here in a similarly titled post: From the mouth of babes….

Wednesday (May 20, 2009)

The problem with Sunday small groups

  • Kevin Conley continues his look at different models for Children’s Ministry. In this post, he looks at the problems with the small group format.

Elementary small groups

  • Kevin Conley writes about his success with elementary age discipleship oriented small groups.

Pseudogamy 101

  • This article looks at the real problem with marriage in our society today.

America’s Unsettled Conscience on Abortion

  • Dr, Albert Mohler looks as some disparate polling information regarding Americans’ views on abortion.

The Meaning of God’s Will (pt. 1)

  • Continued excerpt from R. C. Sproul on knowing God’s will.

Thursday (May 21, 2009)

Early Childhood small groups

  • In his continuing series of posts on the small group format, Kevin Conley looks at early childhood small groups.

Promoting volunteers

  • In this post, Kevin Conley explores the idea of promoting volunteers as well as kids in your ministry.

#545. Pastors that tell you how “hott” their wives are.

  • Stuff Chrisitans Like offers its take on this fad which is all too common amonst preachers.

Christendom, Not Christianity, Is Declining

  • Stand To Reason offers an excerpt from Mark Driscoll which argues that it is not Christianity which is on the decline in this country but Christendom.

Friday (May 22, 2009)

THE BIBLICAL CHURCH THAT GLORIFIES GOD…which one are we known for in America today?

  • SJ Camp looks at three different church models in America today and which ones lead to growth (both physically and spiritually).

Being Flexible

  • Chad Swanzy writes about being rigid and flexible in ministry.

Marriage as Capstone or Foundation?

  • Dr. Russell Moore looks at the changing view of marriage in American culture today and what it means for our society.

Saturday (May 23, 2009)

How do you read the Bible?

  • This short article looks at different ways to read the Bible. It is interesting to read through the comments to see how other brothers and sisters in Christ approach their Bible reading.

Sunday (May 24, 2009)

Think About These Things: First Biblically / Not Culturally

  • SJ Camp answers the question “How does one become discerning?”

Monday (May 25, 2009)

God Does Not Accept Everyone

  • Matt Svoboda takes on the culturally popular notion that a loving God accepts anyone who wants to go to heaven.

Joan or John? My Answer: Part One

  • Dr. Russell Moore begins his answer to a Christian Ethics scenario he presented to his students of Southern Seminary.

The Future of Work

  • Brad Lomenick examines changes in work habits as Generation X comes of age in the corporate world.

Thank You For Your Sacrifice

  • On this day when we remember our military veterans, Kritin Charles offers thanks to veterans of spiritual warfare in Children’s and Youth Ministry.

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