The Blog Patrol (May 5, 2009)

“The Blog Patrol” enters its second month of existence with this week’s post. I hope that everyone is finding it a useful summary of relevant blog articles. The response I’m getting is overwhelmingly positive, so I plan to continue “The Blog Patrol” indefinitely. There were two big conferences on Children’s Ministry this past week (Orange and Children Desiring God), which may explain the heavy Children’s Ministry content this week.

Wednesday (April 29, 2009)

Living a Life of Prayer

  • Terry Delaney provides insight into how to get your children to pray – both your own children and children you interact with in ministry.

Does God Love Everyone?

  • This article from Geoff Ashley looks at God’s love under the light of sovereign election.

#532. Arguing about why bad things happen to good people.

  • From Stuff Christians Like, this article looks at the age old question of why God allows suffering and what our response to it should be.

Your Child’s Profession of Faith

  • This article looks at Dennis Gundersen’s booklet “Your Child’s Profession of Faith” which deals with the issue of knowing whether or not your children are truly saved.

Thursday (April 30, 2009)

Childhood Bullies: Part Two

  • In part two of this continuing series, Karen Wingate looks at what parents can do to ascertain whether or not their child is a victim of bullying.

Can’t Take “Nice” to the Bank

  • Christine Yount asks the question, is the road to hell paved with niceness (my words, not hers).

Earth Is Not G-Rated

  • The always insightful Dr. Russell Moore takes a look at Disney’s newest file “Earth” from a biblical perspective.

Friday (May 1, 2009)

Shepherd or Sheepherder?

  • Karl Bastian, the Kidologist, ask whether you are still the Shepherd you set out to be in Children’s Ministry or if you have become simply a Sheepherder.

Spiritual Gifts: Knowledge

  • Mark Driscoll continues his series on spiritual gifts. This time, he looks at the gift of Knowledge – what it is and how to know if you have it.

A Mother’s Work

  • Os Hillman looks at the rare breed of women today who stay at home and raise their kids.

Ouch! Honesty Hurts!

  • This article challenges to take the log out of our own eye before looking at “those Christians.”

5 Distortions of the Gospel in Our Day

  • James MacDonald looks at five modern-day distortions of the Gospel.

Saturday (May 2, 2009)

‘The God of More Than Enough’?

  • Matt Blake offers this well timed article on the modern definition of success compared to a Biblical definition.

Athanasius: Battle on Ten Fronts

  • This article looks at the theological battles fought by Anthanasius of Alexandria (who lived from 293 A.D. to 373 A.D.). Among other things, he was the first to document the New Testament Canon. Anyone interested in Christian history will appreciate this article.

Sunday (May 3, 2009)

Children’s Pastors: What Traits Influence Your Ministry?

  • From Glen Woods, this article looks at various characteristics of the Children’s Pastor including Sage, Trendwatcher, Manager, Entreprenuer, Leader and Shepherd and asks what people are really looking for in a Children’s Pastor.

The Spiritual Discipline of Blogging

  • OK, since this is my blog, and this post is “The Blog Patrol,” I couldn’t help but include this article.

Monday (May 4, 2009)

Opinion: Calvin saw this coming

  • An interesting excerpt from Calvin in light of the recent financial downturn.

Divine Immutability and the Doctrines of Grace (pt. 1)

  • An article from John MacArthur on the immutability of God.

Something to Bear in Mind While Choosing What to Watch on TV

  • Continuing excerpts from our past brethren, this Pyromaniacs post includes an excerpt from a Spurgeon sermon titled “Holiness Demanded.”

Psalm 73: To Good to be True?

  • We are currently working through a synopsis of Mr. Tripp’s book “Shepherding Your Child’s Heart” on this blog. This post is all about recapturing the awe of God.

Sermons on Wordle

  • Tom in the Box offers this post based on word charts from It’s interesting, but the most fun I had was creating one for my blog. I was glad to see what was at the center of my word chart. It means I am achieving my goal. Here it is:Wordle:

Tuesday (May 5, 2009)

Spiritual Gifts: Faith

  • Mark Driscoll continues his look at spiritual gifts with the gift of faith. I think many Christians today don’t view faith as a spiritual gift, and this article is helpful in that regard.

Leading by Example in Children’s Ministry

  • This article from Glen Woods reveals the importance of endurance in leading by example.

Does Rhetoric Reduce the Number of Abortions?

  • This article calls for those in the pro-life movement to quit beating around the bush and work towards making abortions less available.

Profile of the Lukewarm

  • This article from Matt Svoboda looks at a profile of a lukewarm Christian.

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  1. Love the “Blog Patrol” concept. There’s so much to see online, so it’s helpful when someone does the searching — and discerning — for you!