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I almost titled this post…”Tony Kummer Strikes Again!”  Tony is a Children’s Minister from Indiana (a neighbor I guess since I’m here in Ohio).  Like myself, Tony is also the father of four kids.  I first came across Tony through his site because of my work in that area.    The subtitle to that site is “practical help for children’s ministry” which is exactly what it is.

In addition to that site, Tony has started numerous other blogs which I follow, if you will pardon the pun, religiously.  They include:

  • SBC Voices which is described as “a web portal designed to track just about everything Southern Baptists are talking about online. The core content of SBC Voices is the growing number of RSS feeds we aggregate by source, state location and a few other factors.”  I first came across this one during Blog Madness – an annual “tournament” of SBC blogs and the principal reason my blog reader is as full as it is on any given day.
  • Devotional Christian which I blogged about a little while back….here’s the link!
  • Kummeropolis which is “an internet publishing and consulting company that manages several fast growing Christian websites.”
  • Said at Southern which features bloggers from Southern Seminary.

Today, though, I am writing to inform you of one of Tony’s newest sites founded April 3, 2009 called My Christian Blogs.  It describes itself as “My name is Tony Kummer. Welcome to MY CHRISTIAN BLOGS, a new way to track all the best blogs for Christians in one place. This project will create a categorized blog aggregator similar to Alltop and Popurls – except the focus will be on niche topics popular among Christian blogs.”  That being rather technical, it can best be described as all the best Christian blogs in a given category all on one page.

It curently includes pages for the following categories:

If Tony’s past work is any indication, I am sure there will be more soon!  I’ve already suggested a category for Children’s Ministry related blogs.

This blog is well worth your time to check it out.


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