The Blog Patrol (April 14, 2009)

Here is the second installment of our new weekly feature – The Blog Patrol.  In the Blog Patrol, I include some of the best blog posts from the prior week from the blogs that I monitor. We’ll see how it works out, and if it’s worth continuing. The first week’s entry seemed to be a hit.  On that note, welcome to the second weekly installment of “The Blog Patrol.”


These are the stragglers from the prior week which I either didn’t receive or find in time to add to last weeks Blog Patrol.  Enjoy!

Why is the Lord’s Supper so Rare?

  • Russel Moore has a look at why celebrating the Lord’s Supper is such a rare occurrence in some churches today.

Children and Bibles

  • This post looks at the value of having kids bring their Bibles to church.  This is something that has been weighing on me very heavily recently – how do we find age appropriate ways to familiarize young children with the Bible?

If Jesus Led Children’s Church

  • This is an older post, but it includes an interesting perspective on Children’s Ministry.

Volunteer Story: Walking Kids Through Grief

  • For those of us who work in Children’s Ministry, this one needed to be included.  This article includes an insightful look at how to help kids deal with grief.

5 Nuggets that lit me up

  • From Jabberfrog, this series of posts examines 5 skills for dealing with kids that were picked up from Sue Miller.  They are interesting and insightful enough, that I intend to post all of the entries in the series here on Blog Patrol.

Wednesday (April 8, 2009)

The Word of God in the Hands of Men

  • R.C. Sproul looks at the history and perspicuity of Scripture and its availability to the common man.  He concludes “Anyone who presumes to interpret the Bible for himself must assume with that right the awesome responsibility of interpreting it correctly.”

Forgetting How Exponential God Is

  • This post reminds us both how personal and how big our God is.  This testimony is a good reminder of why we should not view our own worth through the opinion of others.

How did you do family devotions when your kids were real little?

  • This article includes advice from John Piper for family and personal devotions for really young kids based on his family experience.

When I am Weak: Why we must embrace our brokenness and never be good Chrisitans

  • A powerful look at why we, as Christians, must embrace our brokenness and an examination of the Evangelical tendency to ignore the problems in our lives which continue after salvation.

You Cannot Read Too Much in Scripture

  • This short post from Josh Harris includes a quote from Luther on the value and necessity of reading and studying scripture.

The Posture of Prayer

  • OK, so lots of entries for today, but I found this article by Tim Challies very informative.  In it he looks at the various physical postures of praying reflected in the Scriptures.

Parenting Skill #1: Imagine the End

  • This is the first entry from the Jabberfrog series started yesterday.

Thursday (April 9, 2009)

Well, I Wonder if You Know Him

  • I’ve heard this a couple of times on Walk in the Word and I loved it.  I always wondered where it was from.  Thanks to Justin Taylor for posting the video and the transcript.  It’s worth a listen and a read!

Parenting Skill #2: Keep it Personal

  • This is the third entry from the Jabberfrog series on Parenting Skills.

Christian Views on the Return of Christ

  • This article posted on the Pew Forum provides some interesting insights into how Christians view the return of Christ.

Boys More Prone to Trouble After Family Upheaval

  • Here’s another interesting article that explains that boys are more likely to act out and get in trouble in the wake of family upheaval than girls.  As the father of three boys and one girl, I have to say this one doesn’t really shock me!

I Like M&Ms

  • This article from Matt McKee has an interesting analogy for why people choose a certain church.

From the mouth of babes…

  • I don’t usually include my own blog posts in the blog patrol, but I was so floored by the working of God in my kids that I thought you might enjoy reading this post.

Friday (April 10, 2009)

Beyhold the Man Upon A Cross

  • This article from Tim Challies looks at the Hymn “How Deep the Father’s Love for Us” and provide a scriptural exegesis of it.

The Sheep Gate

  • A look at sheep and shepherds in the Bible.

Can You Believe that Reporting, Wolf?

  • I not one to jump on the bandwagon when it come to media bias, and I wouldn’t normally include a post like this in the blog patrol, but when you get past the main point of the article (the media’s love affair with President Obama), I think there is an interesting glimpse into our culture and the changing view of Christian activities in our culture.

Pet-ernity Leave

  • I think this article demonstrates that people’s fascination with their pets is reaching the level of insanity.  Interestingly, I was listening to a sermon from Mark Driscoll on the way home tonight that specifically addressed the issue of people setting their dogs up as idols (i.e., planning their whole lives around their dog(s)).  It’s part of the Doctrine Sermon series.

The Challenge of Islam — A Christian Perspective

  • Albert Mohler has a look at the Christian perspective on Islam in light of recent comments made by our President during his visit to Turkey.  I think Mr. Mohler has some very helpful comments on whether or not the United States is a Christian Nation.

Saturday (April 11, 2009)

It’s All About Ewe Service

  • This parody is funny and a little bit sad – both because there is an element of truth that underlies it.

Series Recap: Money, Morale, and Momentum

  • This post is a summary of a series of blog entries from Mark Driscoll including practical advice on how to deal with the current economic downturn.

Tortured Apostles, a Risen Messiah

  • This post from Russell Moore links to a Justin Taylor post related to a C. Michael Patton resource (a know it’s confusing) on how the martyrdom of the apostles proves the resurrection.  I’ve read the original article and it is fascinating.  I link to Dr. Moore’s post because he offers some interesting insight.

Grudem’s ST Lectures Online

  • This post links to a series of lectures and outlines dating back to 2005 in which Wayne Grudem lectures through his “Systematic Theology” book.  This is a great resource.

What’s Hebrew for Repent?

  • This interesting little post looks at the use of the word repent in the Old Testatement.

Sunday (April 12, 2009)

Jesus the Reveleation of God

  • This article from Adrian Warnock flips the issue of defining the attributes of God by looking at the attributes of Jesus and applying those to God.

He is Risen!

  • A look at Christianity without the resurrection from R. C. Sproul.

See, What a Morning

  • A look at the lyrics of this Christian song from Tim Challies.

The Resurrection of Christ and the Reality of the Gospel

  • The always insightful Albert Mohler offers this Easter blog entry on on a look back, and a look forward, at the resurrection of our Lord.

The most important thing(s)

  • From Abraham Piper’s blog, 22 Words, a succinct look at the resurrection.

Monday (April 13, 2009)

Fighting Word About the Bible

  • Albert Mohler weighs in on a Bible bashing article that appeared in the Monday “On Religion” feature of USA Today.   Mohler’s conviction about the inspiration of the Bible is inspiring.  I am currently working on a lengthy series of blog entries titled “Why I Believe the Bible” which I hope to start posting sometime this summer.  Attacks like the one described by Mohler further my conviction that is important that we, as Christians, stand ready to defend the Bible as the revelation of God.

50 Years of Stupid Grammar Advice

  • This is a link to a critical (and I mean critical) look at the classic Strunk & White’s Elements of Style. As a bit of a grammar nerd, I found this one interesting.

Messy Marriages in the Hands of a Gracious God

  • An interview with Tedd Tripp on marriage.  Mr. Tripp offers some great advice on marriage.  As any readers of my blog know, Mr. Tripp is probably best known for authoring the book “Shepherding a Child’s Heart” of which I am currently in the midst of providing a fairly comprehensive synopsis.  Here is the index which includes links to the available posts.

Luther’s Advice to Preachers: Watch, Study, Attend to Reading

  • A short, and edifying, word from Martin Luther.  Originally meant for preachers, we would all do well to follow this advice as Christians.

Create a Rhythm

  • In this continuing blog from JabberFrog on 5 parenting skills, this entry looks at creating rhythm (i.e., habits).

10 Easy Bible Memory Verses For Kids

  • This entry from looks at the importance of scripture memorization and 10 easy verses to get preschoolers started on.  The article rightly observes that getting children started with easy verses builds their confidence to tackle more difficult scriptures.

Most U.S. Christians Don’t Believe Satan, Holy Spirit Exist

  • An interesting, and scary look, at what self-professed Christian’s believe about Satan and the Holy Spirit based on a Barna survey.  This was particularly interesting to me after watching the recent Nightline debate on the existence of Satan which I write about back in March here.

Tuesday (April 14, 2009)

What Sanctification Is

  • R. A. Torrey takes a look at the biblical definition of Sanctification.

The Devil is Preacher: The High Stakes of Dull Sermons

  • Dr. Russell Moore starts with the statement, “The devil is a preacher. From the third chapter of the Bible onward, he is opening up God’s word to people, seeking to interpret it, to apply it, to offer an invitation.”  He then contrast the boring word of false prophets to the excitement of the revelation of the true Gospel.

The Fight for the Heart

  • This is part 4 of the Jabberfrog series on parenting skills.  It addresses the issue of communication with our kids.

The Rape of Solomon’s Song

  • John MacArthur takes issue with those teachers and preachers who “”employ extremely graphic descriptions of physical intimacy as a way of expounding on the euphemisms in Solomon’s poem.”  Thanks to Tim Challies  A La Carte (4/14) blog post for turning me on to this series.

The Case For Life

  • Tim Challies reviews the book “The Case For Life.”  Challies explains that “The thesis of this book is ‘that a biblically informed pro-life view explains human equality, human rights, and moral obligations better than its secular rivals and that rank-and-file pro-life Christians can make an immediate impact provided they’re equipped to engage the culture with a robust but graciously communicated case for life.’ Making that case is the purpose of the book.”

Talking to Yourself

  • And here all this time, I thought I was just nuts!

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