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Why the Worship Music You Use With Kids is Critical!

Music Here is another article I published over on The article titled The Importance of Worship Music for Kids was originally published on July 13, 2010.

Brief Synopsis: Even though I am officially and unequivocally tone deaf, I feel like music is an integral part of how we worship God, and therefore important to children’s ministry as well. As I wrote in this article:

Singing to God and worshipping him in song is prescribed by the Bible.  There is no age limit on this commandment, and part of our job as children’s ministers is to make sure that we are equipping kids to progress in their spiritual journey in all areas – including worshipping through song.

I share additional thoughts on the topic in this article.

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GOD’S KIDS WORSHIP DVDs (A Dad in the Middle Review)

GodsKidsWorshipDVDs Earlier this summer on Dad in the Middle, I reviewed a series of CDs from God’s Kids Worship and gave away a set of the CDs to one lucky reader (GOD’S KIDS WORSHIP MODERN CD 3-PACK (A Dad in the Middle Review).  Since that time, I have had a chance to meet Bob Singleton (founder and president of God’s Kids Worship® at the CM Expo, and I am grateful that God’s Kids Worship® became the very first sponsor of Dad in the Middle.  In order to celebrate, I am giving away a set of DVDs from God’s Kids Worship this week – but more on that later.  First I want to tell you a little bit about the DVDs.  These DVDs contain 14 songs each and feature the music of God’s Kids Worship.  I wrote extensively about the music itself in my last review of the modern worship CDs, so I won’t reiterate all that here, but as I explained in my last review:

The songs are engaging and fun to listen to and make for a great worship experience.  They are also perfect for parents to listen to with their kids in the car or at home as both are sure to enjoy the music.

What I do want to tell you about is some of the awesome features included on the DVDs themselves.  For this review, I watch the 3 DVDs which are part of the June/July/August Modern Worship Summer DVD set.  Down to the packaging, which is pretty cool, the attention to detail on these DVDs is amazing.  Everything is designed to help you use the DVD’s in your children’s worship services as easily and effectively as possible.  Each DVD loads quickly as there are no FBI Warnings or company logos to wait through in order to get to the music you need.  This might not seem like a big deal until you are standing in front of 30 5 & 6 year olds waiting for you to get the DVD player working.  The songs can be selected individually, or you can choose from one of four ready-to-go worship sets (containing four songs each) on each DVD.

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GOD’S KIDS WORSHIP MODERN CD 3-PACK (A Dad in the Middle Review)

3ModernCDBundleI was recently given the opportunity to review some modern worship CDs put out by God’s Kids Worship®.

God’s Kids Worship® was created by Bob Singleton, a musical award-winning Christian dad as well as Grammy® nominated, and 4 time Dove nominated producer of music for kids. He wanted to make it easy for kids to worship God, and for grown-ups to lead them.

God’s Kids Worship® songs are produced for kids to enjoy singing, and adults to enjoy leading. The songs are sung by kids for kids, match the attention spans of kids, don’t have long introductions or guitar solos, and contain only the best, most singable parts of songs. The award-winning arrangements are all kid-friendly, with an emphasis on energy and fun.

The three CD’s are part of the set of Modern Worship Worship CDs.  The three CDs are:

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Jesus Came to Save Sinners (Free Worship Music for Kids)

Folder The Village Church is a great church in the Dallas, Texas area where Matt Chandler is the lead pastor.  I have listened to the podcast of his sermons for the last couple of years and have a great deal of respect for him and his work for God’s Kingdom.  They also have some solid blogs related to their Children’s Ministries at their different campuses.  Recently, I discovered that they have made a worship album for kids called “Jesus Came to Save Sinners.”  The entire CD is available for download at:

The album features five songs including:

  1. Jesus Came to Save Sinners
  2. God is Good
  3. God is in Charge of Everything
  4. God Wants to Talk to Us
  5. God Made Everything
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CM TeleSummit – Praise and Worship That Rocks – Yancy

cmtelesummit Here is my next installment of notes from the CMTelesummit.

  • Been around children’s ministry her entire life.
  • Praise and Worship
  • What is the purpose of worship leaders?
    • Worship is communication
      • Communication with God
      • As leaders, worship time is also communication to kids or families
      • Everything we do communicates something to our audience
  • “Leading Worship is more about your leadership ability than your musical ability.”
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