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What Matters Now in Children’s Ministry – Us by David Wakerley

image image In the book What Matters Now in Children’s Ministry, David Wakerley chose the word “Us.”

He begins the article with a brief want through history.  Despite the influence that one person can have, Dave reminds us that even people like Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King, Jr. did not accomplish their ultimate objectives on their own.  We live in a day and age, influenced by electronic media and the potential for public exposure, where the ability to be heard and potential influence of an individual far exceeds any other point in history.  That said, true change happens when people unite and come together behind a cause.  Whether it is a cause or a revival, it requires cooperation and working together.  It requires far more than an “I.”  It requires an “US.”  David explains what this means:

Our children need to realize that their individual voices have the potential to be louder than ever before… but volume has never guaranteed influence. When enough voices unite together, a moment happens, a tipping point occurs and a movement emerges. The conversation turns from a lone voice in the wilderness to a crowd in the town square.

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What Matters Now in Children’s Ministry – The End by Kenny Conley

image image In the book What Matters Now in Children’s Ministry, Kenny Conley chose the phrase “The End.”

Kenny’s basic premise is that in order to succeed in children’s ministry we must focus, not on the here and now, but on the end.  What are our goals?  What is it that we want our children’s ministries to accomplish?  In Kenny’s words we, “must be laser-focused on the end.” He argues that for years we have focused on and relied upon curriculum to result in life-long followers of Christ with little success.  He explains:

In the end, we want the children who populate our children’s ministries to be fully devoted followers of Christ, able to feed themselves and spiritually multiply. Although we often get too busy and overwhelmed with the here and now, this end is our greatest desire. If this end result is what matters most, then everything we do must be evaluated in light of the end.

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What Are You Excited About This Summer?

image Summer is here, and if you ask my kids this is the most exciting time of the year.  This year, they are off at the beach for several weeks while dear old Dad is left behind to work and continue the normal routine.  That said, there are a number of things coming up soon which I am very excited about this coming summer.  I’ve written about many of them here before, but I thought I would list them out again here in chronological order.  God willing, these are the things I am looking forward to this weekend:

1. June 13 is promotion weekend. This weekend at New Life Church Gahanna, I get a whole new set of Kindergartners in my K-1 room, and I can’t wait.  We celebrated our new 2nd graders moving up last weekend, and we get a whole new crop to sow this weekend.  It’s always a fun time of the year!

2. June 14 is a significant day in the kidmin world.  That the day the free e-book What Matters Now in Children’s Ministry? is available in hard copy form.

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What Matters Now in Children’s Ministry – Ingenuity by Henry Zonio

image image In the book What Matters Now in Children’s Ministry, Henry Zonio chose the word “Ingenuity.” 

Aside from making me hungry with his references to recipes, short order cooks, and mouth-watering masterpieces, Henry taps into something critical for finding continued success in children’s ministry.  Henry cuts right to the motives of why we do what we do:

Why is it that you attend conferences, read books, network with others, and buy curriculum? Is it simply to gather and trade recipes for ministry? Or is it to gather inspiration, taste something different and discover ingredients you’ve never tried before?

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What Matters Now in Children’s Ministry – Sufficiency Dr. Rob Rienow

image image In the book What Matters Now in Children’s Ministry, Dr. Rob Rienow chose the Word “Sufficiency.”

He begins his chapter by asking two questions.  The first is:

Will we use the Bible as an all-sufficient guide for our ministry strategy?

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