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#4 – The Adventurers Bible for Early Readers (Top Ten Christian Books for Kids)

Top Ten #4It’s about time we had a Bible in our top ten list, and this certainly won’t be the last one we see in this list of the Top Ten Christian Books for Kids.  The NIrV Advernturer Bible for Early Readers contains the complete text of The New International Reader’s translation recommended for younger children.  The NIV translation is one of the best selling translations of the Bible ever, and the NIrV is the NIV slightly modified to make it easier for children to read and understand.  As explained in the NIrV for kids to understand:

“We used the words of the NIV when we could.  When the NIV words were long, we used words that were shorter.  We wanted to use words that are easy to understand.  We explained words that might be hard to understand in a dictionary at the back of the Bible.  We also made the NIV sentences much shorter.”

This is the version of the Bible I use for teaching my kindergarten and first grade room at church.  Although I personally prefer other versions of the Bible (you’ll see at least one of those later in this list), this is a great translation for kids – especially younger kids.  The shorter sentences make “repeat after me” much easier for the kids to follow.  Although the NIV and NIrV are phrase-for-phrase translations, they do remain as faithful to the original text as possible.  The Adventurers Bible explains it this way for kids to understand:

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#5 – The Memory Bible (Top Ten Christian Books for Kids)

Top Ten #5I found this book when my son (who is now eight) was four years old.  This book is great for helping kids to memorize scripture.  Each of the 52 chapters is built around one memory verse.  Each chapter includes “Thinkin’ Today” with some kid friendly thoughts on the verse, a “Bible Story” related to the verse, and a section called “for me today” which applies the verse to the child’s life.  The book is beautifully illustrated to keep kids’ attentions.

That said, I think the best feature of this book is the two compact discs which come with it.  For each of the 52 chapters, the CDs contain the complete audio of the text in the books narrated by Kirk Cameron (who does a great job by the way).  In addition, for each memory verse there is an original song to help kids remember the verses.  My son still sings some of these songs four years later when he reads them in his Bible.  As an adult, I enjoyed the songs as well.  By the way, the book includes the complete text of the song lyrics to help you sing along.  The CDs can be used to reinforce what you’ve already read to your child or to allow them to enjoy the book on their own time.

At one point, my son and I were reading about five chapters a week, as well as reviewing prior verses.  By the time we were done, he could recite all 52 memory verses, many of which he still retains today!  This is an invaluable tool for helping kids to write God’s word on their hearts.

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#6 – Big Thoughts For Little Thinkers (Top Ten Christian Books for Kids)

Top Ten #6As a parent, I am always on the lookout for good, solid, biblically based books for my kids.  I don’t recommend anything on this site that I don’t personally believe in.  I wanted to bring to your attention four great little books for teaching kids some o f the deeper truths about God and Christianity.  The Big Thoughts For Little Thinkers series by Joey Allen consists of four different books:

  • The Gospel
  • The Mission
  • The Scripture
  • The Trinity

I started with “The Trinity” book because I was interested to see how that complex topic was dealt with for kids.  I was not disappointed.  These books handle their topics in a doctrinally sound manner but written in such a way that kids can understand.  The illustrations are also superb!  I also appreciated the scripture references on virtually every page to support what is being taught.

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#7 – His Little Princess (Top Ten Christian Books for Kids)

Top Ten #7

In a kids’ culture dominated by artificial Disney princesses and shallow role models, this book is a must for the little princess in your life.  His Little Princess…Treasured Letters from Your King by Sheri Rose Shepherd includes 50 reaffirming and empowering letters written in the form from God to his princess.  Each letter is accompanied by a prayer for your princess to offer back to God.  With such encouraging letters as:

  • I Choose You, My Princess
  • My Amazing Love For You
  • I Made You Beautiful
  • Showing Respect
  • Fear Not, My Child
  • Worship Your King
  • When You’re Angry
  • Resist Temptation
  • A Thankful Heart
  • Dress Like Royalty
  • My Word Is True
  • My Patient Princess
  • Telling People About Jesus

And many, many more, this book will teach your little girl solid biblical truths that she can live by.  Written with a real personal touch and beautifully decorated in a style any little girl will appreciate, I absolutely treasure the times I spend reading this book with my six year old daughter.

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#8 – My First Study Bible (Top Ten Christian Books for Kids)

Top Ten #8My First Study Bible is subtitled “Exploring God’s Word on My Own!” and it’s great for exactly that.  This book gives kids a chance to really study the Bible like they (hopefully) see their parents doing.  My First Study Bible retells biblical stories in a kid-friendly first person style with words and sentences meant for early readers.

Each book includes an introduction written as though it is coming from the author.  Mixed in with the stories are kid-friendly facts similar to those you might find in an adult study Bible.  The text also includes cross references to other related stories to get your little ones used to the idea of flipping within their Bibles to allow the Bible to interpret itself.  Each story ends with a “Think About This” section which gives kids questions and thoughts to ponder about what they’ve just read.

My First Study BibleHere’s what has to say about  My First Study Bible:

“Now 4- to 7-year-olds can have a study Bible all their own, just like Mom and Dad! Biblical characters like Joshua, Rahab, David, Esther, Mary, and many more share their exciting stories. Children will learn all about God’s Word in a fun and exciting way. Each Bible story has an introduction, background information, special notes with lots of details, and a summary at the end. Each page also has colorful and entertaining illustrations. It also includes: Detailed sidebars; Character sketches; “Think About This” sections; and so much more! This hardcover book measures 7.75″ x 6.5″, and has 528 pages.”

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