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Repost: 8 Reasons to Get Involved in Children’s Ministry from Psalm 78

In Psalm 78 we read:

1 Give ear, O my people, to my teaching;
incline your ears to the words of my mouth!
2 I will open my mouth in a parable;
I will utter dark sayings from of old,
3 things that we have heard and known,
that our fathers have told us.

4 We will not hide them from their children,
but tell to the coming generation
the glorious deeds of the Lord, and his might,
and the wonders that he has done.
5 He established a testimony in Jacob
and appointed a law in Israel,
which he commanded our fathers
to teach to their children,
6 that the next generation might know them,
the children yet unborn,
and arise and tell them to their children,
7 so that they should set their hope in God
and not forget the works of God,
but keep his commandments;
8 and that they should not be like their fathers,
a stubborn and rebellious generation,
a generation whose heart was not steadfast,
whose spirit was not faithful to God. [Psalms 78:1-8 ESV]

The first eight verses of Psalm 78 highlight the importance of passing God’s Word and the memory of His grace on from generation to generation.  While the principal place for this work is within the family structure, as made clear elsewhere in the Old Testament, modern Children’s Ministry also plays a part in the process.  A close exposition of this Psalm reveals the importance of such an exercise:

1. Children’s Ministry is of the Utmost Importance

The Psalmist calls attention to what he is about to say with the words, “Give ear, O my people, to my teaching; incline your ears to the words of my mouth!”  Charles Spurgeon explains the import of this introductory phrase,

“When God gives his truth a tongue, and sends forth his messengers trained to declare his word with power, it is the least we can do to give them our ears and the earnest obedience of our hearts. Shall God speak, and his children refuse to hear? His teaching has the force of law, let us yield both ear and heart to it.”

In many churches today, Children’s Ministry is an afterthought.  Volunteers are hard to come by, and funds are not directed to Children’s Ministry.  In many churches, not all by any means, the importance of passing biblical truth to children in overlooked in favor of a mere babysitting service.

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Why I Believe the Bible #12 (The Hardships of Its Authors)


It’s been way too long since I did an installment in this series, and we’re not even half way through yet.  I am passionate about the Bible because I am passionate about the God that it tells me about.  Since it has been so long, it makes some since to have a look back at what we’ve covered thus far:

With that brief recap, it’s time to move on to reason #12 that I believe the Bible is true and that is the hardships that found its authors and their unwillingness to renounce anything that they had written.

Church history tells us that 11 of the 12 disciples dies a martyr’s death because they refused to renounce the story they were spreading of Jesus Christ. James, Bartholomew, Andrew, Phillip and Simon were crucified.  Peter requested that he be crucified upside down because he did not feel worthy of dying the same way as his Lord.  James and Mathias were stoned to death.  Matthew, James and Thomas died by the sword.  Even Paul was beheaded for his believe in Christ.  John was the only disciple to escape martyrdom, and it wasn’t for lack of trying.  Church tradition tells us the he was boiled in hot oil before being exiled to Patmos.  Many of these disciples penned much of the New Testament, but rather than denounce what they had preached and avoid persecution, they chose to die for what they believed.  In and of itself the martyrdom of these men does not prove the Bible to be true.  However, while it is possible that one man may choose to die for a lie, it is hard to believe that so many would die and none would recount their story if it were not true.

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This is one of the most powerful descriptions of my lord and savior that I have ever heard.

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Logan, The Sky Angel Cowboy

I saw this video a couple of years ago in church. A child’s comprehension of the truths of God always touches my heart, and this video was no exception.

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The Motions

Since my birthday is coming up this week, I thought I would post a song which has become very special to me in my spiritual journey. Matthew West’s “The Motions” constantly reminds me the a should strive for God and his kingdom with all that I have. Whenever I start to feel comfortable with where I am spiritually, this song reminds me that I can always be doing more to bring glory to God’s name.


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