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Bible Book Bop

Here’s another great song from the group Go Fish. I use this one all the time in Children’s Ministry to help the kids remember the books of the Old Testament and New Testament.

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The Mom Song

I was looking for something special for Mother’s Day tomorrow when I remembered this song from Go Fish. So, this one is for all you Mother’s out there who do one of the hardest jobs on this planet tirelessly and without complaining, and especially for my wife. I love you.

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December 25 – It’s About the Cross (A Christmas Carol Advent)




This song was written and performed by Go Fish and appears on their Christmas album called Snow which was released in 2006.  We actually kicked off our Christmas Song Advent with a Go Fish song (Christmas With A Capital “C”) and it seems appropriate to end with this one which reminds us that Christmas may be about the birth of Christ, but in the end we must never lose sight of the cross!

Commentary & Analysis

This song isn’t as well known, but I couldn’t think of a better way to finish off this Christmas Carol Advent than with this song from Go Fish.  This song reminds us, on Christmas Day, that this holiday is actually quite secondary to the death and resurrection of Christ.  Over the last 25 days, we have looked at a number of songs celebrating the manger, the angels, the shepherds and the wise men.  Those are an integral part of Christmas celebration, but we should never lose sight of the cross of Christ where God paid the penalty for our sins so that we could be reconciled to him forever.  It’s about accepting him as our Lord and savior so that we can, through his death, be born again into the kingdom of God.  While we celebrate a babe born in the straw, we must remember the stone that was rolled away to find an empty tomb “so we can have real life someday.”  The second set of verses turns from the traditional, and biblical facets of Christmas, to remind us that the current trimmings (family, presents, snow, decorations and the feelings they all elicit), while nice are also not what Christmas is really about.  No matter how much we enjoy Christmas, and we should, we have to remember that it is only the beginning of Christ’s time on earth, and it was the end of his time here that gives us the opportunity at eternal life.

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