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This Month in the Middle (February 2010)

Each month this entry provides a categorized listing of the posts from the prior month (actually the month before last by the time this gets posted, but who’s counting?). Make sure you check out our Index Page as well for listing of all posts to Dad in the Middle.

Tips For Large Group Teaching

Children’s Ministry / Kid’s Stuff

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Kidmin Blog Madness – We Made It to Round 2 – Now Go Vote!

We did it! Dad in the Middle actually made it through the first round of Kidmin Blog Madness.  Coming out of the Eastern Division as a fifth seed, we squeaked by into the second round with fewer votes than anybody else who progressed past the first round.  Only the top vote getter in each division will move on to the next round.  The competition is stiff, and if I’m being realistic, I don’t see any way Dad in the Middle can make it to final round – which is not to discourage you for voting!  Go HERE now and vote Dad in the Middle.  A win in this round would be akin to Northern Iowa taking out Kansas.

Instead of stumping for votes this week, I thought a better use of this space would be to highlight the other fifteen blogs that made the second round.  I am familiar with all of them as every single one has been featured in the Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol.  A number of them were also featured in:

·        Top Ten Non Children’s Ministry Blogs That Those in Children’s Ministry Should Follow
·        Next Ten Children’s Ministry Blogs (#11-20)
·        Children’s Ministry Blogs – Up and Comers and Consistent Contributors

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Kidmin Blog Madness – A DAD IN THE MIDDLE Call to Action!

Five days ago, I started a grueling week of shameless self-promotion with this post:  Dad in the Middle Needs YOUR VOTE Today!.  That post encouraged you to vote for DAD IN THE MIDDLE in’s  new  Kidmin Blog Madness Competition.  As of the writing of this post, we were still barely hanging on to the fourth spot in the Eastern Division which (if the results hold out until Sunday) will advance us into the next round for our ultimate annihilation.

So, this post is a call to action!  Head on over to the Kidmin Blog Madness Competition today and vote for DAD IN THE MIDDLE!

This is a trend-setting blog – especially when it comes to self-promotion.  Since our initial post last Sunday, a number of other blogs have jumped on the bandwagon with their own shameless self-promotion.  In order to be true to our loyal followers, I felt like it was my job to take advantage of everyone else’s self-promotion to promote DAD IN THE MIDDLE.  As soon as the posts started to show up, I started hijacking other people’s blogs making comments encouraging people to vote for DAD IN THE MIDDLE – that D-A-D I-N T-H-E M-I-D-D-L-E (5th Seed – Eastern Division).

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Wordle Challenge – January 2010

Last month I started the Wordle challenge. is a site that allows you to create word pictures of your blog / site based on the frequency with which you use certain words. Each month I run Dad in the Middle through Wordle to get a visual image of what the blog has been focused on recently. Previous Wordle graphics can be found at the bottom of this post.

Here is my for January 2010 created on January 31, 2010:

“Know” and “Kids” were prominent in the past month. This is likely because of the new series I started on Tips for Large Group Teaching. That also explains why “large” and “groups” were also prominently featured. It always worries me a little bit when “God” is not prominently featured in my blog. I could blame it on the series on teaching, but given that the first post in February in this series was #13 – It’s All About Jesus (Tips For Large Group Teaching), we’ll have to work on that!

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Dad in the Middle Finally Has a Permanent Home

After much debating and consternation, I finally decided to move Dad in the Middle to its own domain.  When I changed the name of the blog several months ago, I purchased the domain name to go along with it, but in the end, I decided to move everything to instead.  If I’ve done it right, all links should still work, but you might want to update your rss feeds and links going forward to make sure there is no interruption.  Also, let me know what you think of the new layout.  I’m not set on it yet, but I had throw something together!  No housewarming gifts needed!

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