Dad in the Middle: Plans for the Immediate Future

DITM Thumbnail 125x125 Every once in a while, I like to step back and let the readers of this blog into my mind.  I know it can be a very scary place, but I’ll do my best to keep the lights on and keep this trip shorter than usual!  Relax, this is not another retrospective on this blog or a grand announcement of where we’re heading, but I did take some time during my Dark Week to reflect on blogging – what I do – and why I do it.

I have always said, and still do, that I blog principally as a means of processing my own thoughts and recording my own walk with Jesus.  I find that writing things out helps me to process them in a way that nothing else does.  However, something strange happened along the way, a God thing if you will, people started to read what I was writing and give feedback on the site.  You can imagine my surprise!   Suddenly, I felt God calling me (tugging me really) in a whole new direction to share my thoughts and experiences through blogging and allow him to use it to edify others.  I try not to say “No” to God as much as possible, so I went ahead writing and trusted Him to use it however he wished.

Through blogging though, and other online endeavors, I’ve met a slew of wonderful people who work in kidmin.  Not the least of those was Tony Kummer from quickly became one of my favorite sites, and I was flabbergasted when Tony asked me to start writing for his site several months back.  Given that Tony’s site would allow me to reach more people with the thoughts and ideas that God was laying on my heart, I quickly accepted and have published a number of articles on that site over the last several months.

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500 And Still Counting!

image Well, today is officially my 500th post on Dad in the Middle, and it seemed like an appropriate time to take a stroll down memory lane, and what better way to do that than by hosting the official Dad in the Middle Awards show.  Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome our not-so-esteemed host….Me.  So, let’s get started by category:

1. The award for Oldest post on Dad in the Middle goes to What Does God Hate?

You heard right.  My very first post was about hate.  Even more it was about things God hates – not a very popular topic in our “God is Love” culture.  Originally published on Facebook on 7/28/2008, this post was inspired Proverbs 6:16-19.

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Ads or No Ads – What I Decided

ForSaleinClouds Dad in the Middle has become a bit of a labor of love for me.  Sometimes I think I should give it all up, and I wonder whether it is all really worth the time.  What I started as an outlet for me has become something that other people read.  Every time I think about that, I am extremely humbled and somewhat astounded.  That coupled with some very encouraging words from people I have met online and several that I spoke with last week at the CM Expo really encouraged me to persevere.  I write what I write and publish what I publish not because I feel like I have anything special to offer but because people have expressed to me that it has been edifying to them.

With that introduction, the purposes of this post is to explain why I have decided to offer advertising space on this blog.  I feel like this site has a loyal group of readers, and I felt like I owed you some explanation for the change.  That said, I have some idea who those readers are, and I don’t think the advertising is going to be a put-off to them, but an explanation still seem warranted.  When I started this blog, the thought of including advertising was the furthest thing from my mind.  I never imagined that enough people would read it that anyone would even want to advertise (maybe they still won’t).  Don’t get me wrong, the site doesn’t get massive numbers these days, but it does get enough that some people may want to advertise their products on the site.

As the site has grown, I’ve spent more and more time and more and more money on it, and if some of that money can be recouped from advertising, it seems like a win-win situation.  Secondly, and more importantly, one of the purposes I have for this site is to be a source of information for people in children’s ministry.  My hope is that the ads on the sight may expose you to products and services which you are not aware of but which would be beneficial to your ministry.

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Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

Today, I have big news to share with the readers of this blog!  It’s been a little over a year now since I started earnestly writing this blog here at Dad in the Middle.  In that time, I have made a number of online acquaintances within the children’s ministry community who are also bloggers.  I have learned a lot from them and have enjoyed sharing my own thoughts here on Dad in the Middle.

For those of you who are consistent readers of this blog, you know that one of my favorite sites for children’s ministry tips and ideas is  Over the last year, I have participated a number of times in their Children’s Ministry Think Tanks, promoted their forums, participated in their Kidmin Blog Madness Tournament, and included their articles in the monthly Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol more than any other single blog. is one of the largest and fastest growing children’s ministry sites on the internet today.

So, when Tony Kummer asked me to join the talented team of writers he has assembled for Ministry-to-Children, it was an opportunity which I had to jump at.  So, I am pleased to announce that, starting today, I will be publishing several articles a month on that site as well.

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Dad in the Middle Finally Has a Permanent Home

After much debating and consternation, I finally decided to move Dad in the Middle to its own domain.  When I changed the name of the blog several months ago, I purchased the domain name to go along with it, but in the end, I decided to move everything to instead.  If I’ve done it right, all links should still work, but you might want to update your rss feeds and links going forward to make sure there is no interruption.  Also, let me know what you think of the new layout.  I’m not set on it yet, but I had throw something together!  No housewarming gifts needed!

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Dad in the Middle – The Year in Review

In a couple of days, I intend to post on some New Year’s Resolutions and look forward to the coming year, but today I thought it made sense to look back at the past.  Specifically, I thought it might be interesting to look back at the past year of this blog.  As any of you who read these posts have probably surmised, I am a list person, and will get to some lists of best and most popular in a little bit.  Before we do that though, I want to take just a bit to reflect.

It has been an exciting year for me here at Dad in the Middle.  I started this blog back in the Summer of 2008 with a series on the Biblical Definition of Love.  Not many people read it back then – which was OK.  I mainly started the blog because I like to write out what I am studying, and I decided a blog might be an interesting way to do that and if a dozen people or so read it or got anything out those posts, that would have been fine!  I continued along that way for a while and even wrote about a few other things.  I took a couple of month break from writing anything at the beginning of the year, and the first post was not until February 21 when I posted I’m sorry…an open letter to my family and friends a combination of confession and testimony.  After another month of two or three posts, something happened towards the end of March.  I started to feel more and more called to try to use this blog more for the glory of God and less as my personal note taking site.

On March 29, I summarized an interesting Nightline Debate on the topic of “Is Satan Real?” After that, the posts became more and more frequent.  On April 7 I started The Blog Patrol which has morphed several times during the year and become a popular feature on the sight.  It is now a monthly feature called The Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol.  Over the course of the year, my focus has also shifted from general issues related to Christianity to a greater focus on issues related to Children’s Ministry.

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