The Best Friends of a Leader – Jonathan Cliff (CM Leaders)

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What makes a great friend?

1. Identify Strongly
2. Trusted
3. Shared History

Time is a great friend of a leader

1. Leaders have a great grasp of time.
2. Leaders control the margin in their lives. Margin is the thing you do between the things you do.
3. Leaders have learned to say no.

Wisdom is a great friend of a leader

1. Knowing Christ
2. Knowing Others
3. Just Knowing

Courage is a great friend of a leader

Courage and fear come together.

Great leaders embrace the opportunity to show courage.

Maybe it’s courage just to be patient.

Jonathan Cliff is the Director of Family Ministries at Athens Church, a North Point strategic partner, in Athens, GA. At Athens church, Jonathan leads a great team of leaders reaching preschoolers, children, and students. He is a huge advocate for families and believes that the family can be God’s primary way of reaching the world that they live in. Jonathan and his wife Starr have a full house with two sons, Ryan and Dylan, and one daughter, Lauryn. They have also served as foster parents for many kids over the years.

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