CM TeleSummit – How to Create an Engaging Message by Jeremy White

cmtelesummit I can’t tune in for the entire CMTeleSummit, but I intend to listed to as much as I can.  The first session I caught this morning was on creating an engaging message by Jeremy White.  Here are my notes.  I apologize that they are sparse in places, but I am multi-tasking.  I hope these help those who are not able, for one reason or another, to tune into the conference.

Jeremy White – How to Create an Engaging Message

  • Based on his work on observation
  • All about stories
  • Everybody has something they’re good at
  • Adults being ministered to
  • Why use?
    • Help us understand spiritual truth?
    • Jesus used them
    • Stories are easier for people to remember
  • Content and presentation are equally important
  • “Doesn’t matter how great your content is if you’re doing it in a dull manner.”
  • Prepare each week like it’s a map – take listeners on an adventure through a story
    • First, grab their attention – usually uses a video to intro topic
    • Then tells a story (about himself or something else) that he can really get into. 6-8 minutes – something you can get passionate about
      • Kids can play video games forever. If your content is engaging, they can pay attention
      • If they aren’t paying attention, you need to look at yourself to see why they aren’t engaged
    • Then goes to scripture to see what it has to say about the topic
  • Bible always need to be the main source of our content
  • Types of stories
    • Personal
    • Biblical
    • Made up stories
  • Things you can do to ensure you have an engaging conversation
    • Eye contact
      • Make it with everyone in the room.
      • Look directly into their eyes.
    • Change levels.
      • Vocal levels
      • Physically
    • Walk around the room
    • Set the stage
      • Use lots of adjectives
      • Describe people and settings
    • Don’t be predictable
      • Find stories they haven’t heard
      • When you repeat stories, you’re missing an opportunity
    • Don’t just read a story
    • Practice your story
  • Planning
    • Brainstorm ideas
    • What are things I want kids to come away knowing this week?
    • Figure out main point
    • Research what other people have written
      • Adult sermons are a great source
    • Lay message out.
    • How can I relate this to the kids? How do I make it relevant to them?
  • All parts of the message must be bathed in prayer

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